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Today I’m sharing some of my new books for Summer Reading.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a huge fan of reading. I love magazines. I love the way they create little scenes and little stories in all their pictures. Whether every detail has been carefully planned or if its a little haphazard…I find it inspiring! I suppose I’m a visual learner. I love seeing, doing, feeling and creating things. In school I was a horrible test taker. I couldn’t stand the thought or the process of sitting down and reading a textbook and then taking 100 question test on what I read. I never scored well. Give me a project, something that I can create with my hands, something I can imagine, something that doesn’t have an ‘answer’…then I’ll excel.

I’ve always loved books….not reading books…but having books or looking at books. (again with the picture thing) Sadly, I one of those people that judge a book by its cover. Some books covers are created with the most beautiful pictures or fonts and it draws me to it. Some would say I’m a sucker for good marketing. Anyway, after being inspired by some fellow bloggers, and realizing I haven’t read a book in its entirety in over a year, I decided to craft myself a summer reading list.

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In less than four days, I’m over half way through The Glass Castle (which says a lot for the book if I could read that much that quickly) Next I’m reading Little, Big then The Life of Pi and then I’m not sure. A couple suggestions include Man’s Search for Meaning and The Alchemist.

I suppose I’ll see if I can make it through the first three books and move on from there. If you have suggestions for  books for summer read… please leave a comment below. I love books with ‘heart’ or some inspired meaning. Obviously.

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  • pbrenner at

    Anything by Jane Austen … but especially Pride and Prejudice, Emma, or Sense and Sensibility. The movies are good too … but I love Jane’s writing style and the spunkiness of her heroines. Of course, they might be a little girly …. but still worth checking out 🙂

  • Barbara at

    We read The Glass Castle and Life Of Pi in our book club. I think we all liked The Glass Castle but Life Of Pi was very mixed. In fact one of the members became an ex member because she thought we were all too shallow and took the book too literally which was impossible to do. You’ll see if you read it. I must admit it was full of deep meanings that we didn’t all get. It was an enjoyable book but a little too deep for some of us. Not that we’re simpletons!!! P.S. I enjoy your blog.

  • Amy at

    Although it’s an unusual writing style that does not appeal to everyone, I just read the Cellist of Sarajevo and really liked it.

    Happy reading!

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