i love my house. i do. it was built in 1916. it’s almost 100 years old (we’ll have a big party when it is… watch out 2016!) and it still stands strong. while an older home has it’s disadvantages they are more than outnumbered by it’s character. i don’t think i could ever live in a ‘new’ home.

anyway, unfortunately my backyard is basically non existent. it was small to begin with and the previous owners of the bed and breakfast decided to pave basically every surface. and while this make maintenance a bit easier, for me, it looks a bit hard (and i love having my hands in the dirt). if i had the power/knowledge i would seriously rip up anything that wasn’t needed for parking… i’m sure some day i will. so, last year, i planted about 11 trees/shrubs in the front of the house and so far this year, i planted 8 trees in the back of the house. and while these little guys are still small and have some growing to do… what a difference.


with the leaves just about to bloom, i’ll share some pictures when things look a little more green.


(don’t you love how better homes and gardens magazine used to look in that video!? so cool! i’d love to get like six old magazines and frame them and hang them on the wall! love it!)

anyway the real reason i’m talking about green is that i just purchased a rain barrel! yay. do you have one? mine is probably on a UPS truck somewhere on the way to my humble abode. i love the anticipation of a package arriving in the mail. anyway… this is it. ta-da!

for rain barrels, it’s pretty cute right? you can even plant a flower on the top! genius! and it comes in terra cotta too! to my surprise, according to one of my guests, some people aren’t allowed to collect rain water. which i find shocking and sad and just weird. basically certain cities ‘own’ the rain. how is this even possible!? i don’t get the world sometimes. seriously.

so, i’m sure it won’t make worlds of difference, but with all my new plantings and flowers (coming soon) this should take care of watering all of them, and every little bit helps to make our planet a little better. (and maybe decrease my water bill too… in the summer it takes me at least an hour to water… lots of plants people.)

from the reviews on amazon it seems like a quality barrel and at a nice price (and free shipping – thanks amazon!). i’ll be sure to let you know how it works to create my somewhere that’s green.

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  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    We have a rain barrel, and are planning to get another one or two this summer. We LOVED it last year. Our city has an awesome rain garden program and we got it from there.

    Yours is so pretty!

  • jek-a-go-go at

    that is a lovely rain barrel! fruit trees are the best…mr a-go-go shopped up concrete for friends of ours. it takes a lot of work and you need to rent special equipment. yowza! but i agree, old house are much much better than new. happy friday!

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