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Hey, everyone! Hope you are having a fun weekend! I’m back today with another Something More Saturday. A quick little recap of content I’ve created that doesn’t live here on IBC. This was a fun week, and I was able to put together some really wonderful things, so I’m excited to share them with you.

First up is Better Homes and Gardens. I saw these cheese balls in the October issue of BHG and couldn’t wait to make them. The cheese ball is a delicious combination of cheddar and bacon, but the magic is in the presentation. With a little shaping and a stick with leaves, a basic cheese ball becomes an apple cheese ball! Aren’t they adorable? Get the recipe HERE.

Fall Cheese Balls | Inspired by Charm

Then on Style Spotters, I continue my For the Love of Color series with a look at black. Just in time for Halloween.

Something More Saturday | Inspired by Charm

I’ve been very busy writing Guides over at eBay. (You can check them all out and follow along HERE.) However, I wanted to point out one in particular. In celebration of the Dwell Studios / Homepolish Giveaway (enter to win HERE), I’m giving away all of my secrets for styling the perfect bookcase (or any vignette in your home). If you have ever struggled with styling, this is the guide for you.

Bookcase Styling_

Over on MyColortopia. I’m sharing some fall-inspired paint color combinations. Check all that out HERE.


And finally, with Halloween just around the corner, I have two collections on that are full of ideas for using pumpkins for your seasonal celebrations. To start things off, get a few simple, but totally creative ideas for incorporating pumpkins in your party styling. I love these painted pumpkins via Babble.


Then, take a look at these eight ideas for pumpkins in centerpieces. This is one of my favorite ideas from Your Cozy Home where bittersweet is wrapped around white pumpkins for a simple but beautiful display.

Something More Saturday | Inspired by Charm

That’s it. There are lots more, but I’ll save them for another day. I hope you found some inspiration. Now do something that makes you happy and enjoy your weekend. See you back here next week.

Inspired By Charm

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  • Liz @ Floating Kitchen at

    Oh my gosh, so much cute stuff here. Love those painted pumpkins. And the cheese balls are just amazing!

  • Jenna at Boston Chic Party at

    I can’t wait to read your piece about styling a bookshelf! We have a built in in our apartment so I am always looking for new ways to style it and improve it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Pam Capone at

    Love everything decorated with pumpkins especially the last photo with the white pumpkins. Must try the cheese balls recipe…..and yes I did giggle, sometimes my inner 10 year old boy comes out.

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