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i love sarah richardson. i know, i’ve mentioned this before … okay a couple times before. yep, i even have a  pinterest board just for her.

last night i had one of those moments where i got sucked in to the internet.  i was checking my pinterest, then pinning like crazy, chatting with my FOLK friends via facebook, constantly checking my facebook notifications. scanning google reader ever minute for new posts. i guess i was nervous i was going to miss something groundbreaking. hot. mess.

this was me, like seriously.

does this happen to you? (i love portlandia by the way.)

anyway, through my ‘technology loop’ i did pull something productive out of it. amazingly.

so back to my original thought: sarah richardson. i love everything she does. seriously. but last night i got hung up on this particular image.

Inspired By Charm


love the brass bed, the pillow, the duvet cover (which is from here … and is currently on sale … and i have a 15% off coupon … so i may be buying this [for one of my guest rooms i’m planning on redoing in pinks and oranges] if i can scrap up some change. i have until january 27th to decided. don’t you love it!?), and i especially love the quilt on the wall (and how it’s hung).

i’ve been quite quilt obsessed lately. i hope you don’t mind. i promise this isn’t’going to become a quilting/sewing blog… not that that’s a bad thing. anyway, the quilt on the wall. i really like it. so i spent some time searching the web for a pattern with no luck. i even asked my pinterest followers for help. still no luck.

so i printed off some graph paper. and, after a couple failed attempts i discovered and drew the pattern!

Inspired By Charm

i’m actually super proud of myself. i’m sure there is ‘quilt talk’ explaining the pattern, but i don’t speak quilt. so this drawing is perfect for me! it’s basically a combination of different 9 blocks. see?

this is obviously a great quilt to use up scraps. but, since i’m new to this quilting think, i don’t really have scraps. my mom and i are going to hit up a couple quilt shops on saturday, so i’d slowing like to start picking up a couple pieces here and there. i’m going for mostly pinks and oranges but may throw in a couple blues and greens.

after my technology loop ended and i nestled into bed with some satisfaction from my creation, i decided to add ‘create an original quilt pattern’ to my bucket list. which reminds me, i need to start a bucket list.

have you ever created your own pattern for a project?

Inspired By Charm

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  • Micki at

    I love the whole look of this room. The duvet is perfect, the quilt is wonderful(I might try using up some of my scraps on this one) and the overall feel of the room is exactly what I want for my bedroom. The colors are bright and beautiful, and it is light and warm. Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to seeing your quilt when you get it finished.

  • Autum at

    Michael, that quilt looks like it could be variation of a disappearing nine patch. You basically make a square containing nine blocks, then cut it into fourths and reassemble it. Depending on how you choose to reassemble the pieces you get different effects.

  • April was in CT now CA at

    That clip was hilarious!

    That picture is where I got the inspiration to hang a quilt my grandmother made. I used a black towel bar from Ikea that I had as an extra and it worked great in our guest room. Love, love that picture.

    Good luck with your quilting, I’m envious!

  • Anonymous at

    That quilt is called a double nine patch. At least that’s what it is called in the Elm Creek Quilts novels.

  • Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants at

    I’ve totally done a technology loop, didn’t know it was called that but it fits! Yes I LOVE SR and I saw that show, I think it was on her actual island beach house, she built a very tiny cottage, 1 room, no potty for guest. Wouldn’t it be fun if she invited us! 😉 I have dvr’d many of her shows and just watch them over and over! sick I know

  • Melissa P at

    Let me know if you would like some “instant scraps” to add to your stash. I’m ready to send you some. Just say the word. Seriously.

    (Graph paper is a quilter’s best friend.) Yes, I create my own patterns. So much more freedom since I usually just start cutting and sewing, letting the fabric tell me what it wants.

  • Virginia Lindsay at

    Great Job Michael! I sew a lot but quilting intimidates me. I hope you have a big success here. I have created lots of patterns for small projects and the satisfaction of perfecting something feels really good. Your quilt design is really fun! Hope to see more of this 🙂

  • LindaB at

    I am late to this post, but found you through The Lettered Cottage and I bet you have tons of new followers! I, too, Love Love Sarah. And quilting. And your blog. Thank you for the lovely inspiration!

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