wow. what a week! i’m really happy the weekend is here. next week is a busy one too. which i’m actually particularly happy about. this time of year things are typically quite slow around the bed & breakfast and shoppe so i’m welcoming the activity with open arms.

i have a lot of randomness to share today lets dive right in shall we?

as i’ve mentioned before, i love linking up other blogs and introducing you all to some of the people out there that i love and am inspired by.

keswick and country is another new-to-me blog. and i’m absolutely loving it. i do adore her glamours/country/neutral/yet colorful look that fills the pages of her blog. and i was super excited to see this morning that she’s having a giveaway dreamy giveaway.

Inspired By Charm

and it’s quite the giveaway people. it includes a french canning jar, an antique german grain sack, french ticking lavender filled pillow and dried lavender bundle. can you even believe this!? so excited!


so even though by having you enter will limit my chances of wining i wanted to share it with you anyway! head on over and enter, and while your their, due check out some of her other posts. i know you’ll be inspired!


next up, i want to share my latest goodwill find.


Inspired By Charm



antique suitcases! aren’t they great?


Inspired By Charm


they need a little cleaning here and there … and their not in perfect shape (nor should they be) … but all the little locks work so well.


Inspired By Charm


and it still has a key! and the best part … hold on to your seats! both pieces were only $2. that’s right. two bucks! i’m not sure where they’ll go but that kind of deal was too good to past.


i’m also prepping to hang my curtains (once i sew them of course!).


Inspired By Charm


so i hung the curtain rod  yesterday in order to get proper measurements for curtain length.


Inspired By Charm


which surprising i found at walmart. i actually really like it! and i have this, this and this chandelier in my downstairs/common areas (and yes i do realize i have a slight obsession with pottery barn light fixtures … but can you blame me?)


Inspired By Charm


so i feels it ties in quite perfectly with the whole glass ball ‘theme’.



i also got goosebumps today. there i was, minding my own business, scrolling through my google reader checkin’ all my favorite blogs, and their it was … one of my hand painted signs. can you believe it!? so honored. while i was there, i feel head over slippers for this camera display.


Inspired By Charm


i adore this! beautiful, right? i’ve always wanted a vintage camera collection. if you didn’t already know that. and the wall color is perfect. they just pop!

and finally i don’t know if i ever introduced you to vivian. she’s the keeper of the gift shoppe. vivian, who was named by my sister-in-law,  arrived when i first opened my shop. originally i intended to sell her, but never had the heart too. so now she’s here to stay.

she’d been moved around here and there but has had the same ‘hair’ (a fern) for about two years.

Inspired By Charm

well, this winter vivian was kind of neglected. (shame on me) and her hair ‘died’ … literally. so with spring around the corner (please hurry) i felt she needed a new do for 2011.

Inspired By Charm


what do you think?

Inspired By Charm


a little more sleek and modern i’d say. very 2011.

i hope you enjoyed my randomness. have make an amazing weekend!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Kerry at

    what a beautiful collection of things and I love those curtain rods. I’m lucky enough to be heading to Washington and NY (from waterlogged Australia!) for work in March and I’m sure my excess baggage will be ridiculous with all these wonderful shopping opportunities! I have a friend called Vivian with a hairstyle a bit like that, only shorter!

  • Leanne at

    i love glass balls too…and vivian’s “do” is fabulous…
    happy weekend. p.s. i’ll be making a sign soon…something for our new “home gym”…got any ideas? and did you find sarah 101?

  • Stacey at

    Hi Michael..thanks so much for popping by and leaving me such a kind message : ) of course I had to come and check out your blog too. Wow what a score on the vintage cases, really 2 bucks??? smokin. and I adore the chandeliers you have especially the Bellora! can you have too much pottery barn though? oh yes vivian looks great, kinda medusa like. will visit again soon. ~Stacey

  • Laurel at

    Love your suitcases…what a find! And Vivians hair looks fabulous! Take care, Laurel

  • Suzanne@Meridian Road at

    Those suitcases are amazing! You give me hope~I always look for vintage luggage but never find it. And now I know it can be found!

    Your sign is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Caroline at

    Michael I’m really enjoying your blog. So nice that you became a follower, now I can follow yours. The camera display is a great idea, I have been wanting to do this for my hubby. He inherited some vintage cameras from his aunt and they would look great on a shelf. By the way Vivian is gorgeous with her new ‘do’.

  • Jessica at

    I love Vivian’s new ‘do…and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who fell in love with those curtain rods from Wal-Mart. I had to do a double take when I saw them!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Sarah B at

    Hi Michael, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have been browsing through yours and I really like your signs – especially the Eat table. What a great idea.
    Have a great weekend, Sarah

  • slip4 at

    Love Vivian’s new ‘do! And the curtain rod is great, and you STOLE those suitcases, you lucky guy! Always good to hear a bargain thrifting story.

  • Robyn at

    I’m LOVIN’ Viv’s new DO! It’s so loose and organic feeling like large, sleek curls! Stop on by if you have a moment, I’m having a giveaway! OH and BTW, those suitcases are FLIPPAN FABULOUS!

  • Karena at

    Michael a wonderful post and I am so happy to find you!!

    I hope you will come and join my Giveaway from Blydesign!

    Art by Karena

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I (heart) Vivian. She’s got quite the look going.

    And, I figured you should know so you can prepare yourself for the craziness that is Kim. We’re thinking of driving back to Illinois from Montreal as sort of a east coast roadtrip and very well may need to make a detour to your B&B in the shop. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    We’ll be in Montreal in September. I know it’s a long way off, but still exciting.

  • svelteSTUFF at

    I WANT, no, my porch is going to ‘NEED’ a VIVIAN come this Spring… you must find out where your S-I-L found that one for you!! I am in CNY, not ‘that’ far away… Puhlease find out !!!!

  • The Boston Lady at

    Michael, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! It’s always so wonderful to have a comment from someone new. Of course that led me to come over and look at your lovely blog and I’m hooked! So I’m your newest follower. I love Vivian’s new hairdo, she looks somehow more refined with it. Congrats on the score with the suitcases – they are in such terrific shape, not to mention the price made them irresistable as well. I’ll be back to look through your blog and learn about your B & B. Congratulations for living your dream. Ann

  • Scrappy Creations at

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who grabs up a GREAT deal even though you’re not quite sure where/how you’re gonna use it. With your talent, I’m sure it will find the perfect spot among your wonderful decor!!

  • judi at

    i have an identical suitcase! don’tcha just love a bargain..woo hoo for $2! i heart vintage suitcases and they make wonderful storage in any room.
    look forward to seeing your curtains on that amazing rod…walmart…woulda thunk?
    enjoy your weekend.

  • Patti at

    I LOVE Vivian’s new “do”…we all need to change our hairstyle now and then…and I think she looks quite pleased with herself! But what really caught my eye were the beautiful green bowls in the photo!

  • ChRiS at

    Viv’s new do takes her to a new level of style!! loving the rod from walmart i am sitting here thinking where i need some of them at…

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