do you ever dream, plan or envision your forever home? your dream home? or maybe you’re already in your dream/forever home.

well i’m not in my forever home yet, so i still dream. often my dream changes, sometimes daily, but certain things remain the same. i want an old house. something with character … a story. but it should have modern conveniences or the ability to have modern conveniences. the house should be smaller, rather than bigger. cozy. i want land. enough to have a couple gardens and room for chickens, but not too much land that it’s consuming. and nice, friendly neighbors. the kind that share a cup of flour when you need it. that’s not to much to ask for … right?

so i when stumbled across these pictures over at danielle oakey interiors i totally fell in love. especially with this house.

Inspired By Charm

i mean come on! it may not be every one’s cup of tea, but the yellow stripe around the house! adore. seriously. adore. and you see the ceiling on the porch is painted blue. beautiful.

Inspired By Charm

loving the blue and white inside too.

Inspired By Charm

these homes are designed by hatchwork homebuilders in texas.

Inspired By Charm

i could move right in and be as happy as a clam.

Inspired By Charm

and i just love the front porch on this house. and that blue porch ceiling again!

Inspired By Charm

granted the landscaping could use a little work, but what a beautiful little house.

Inspired By Charm

and a great modern interior. totally swooning.

Inspired By Charm

off to add these to pinterest asap!

i’d love to hear about your dream home! let me know in the comments below.

Inspired By Charm

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  • abby jenkins at

    that yellow ribbon wrapped around the house is charming…..and makes me think of those who are overseas giving up everything to keep us safe……

  • { donna } at

    the first house is definitely a dream home! I love its old style, with the fun pop of color. Cutest. Thing. EVER!

  • Shannon at

    That is such a fun, quirky little place. I love the floors and the back deck the most. I’m in my forever house, or at least I think. There are some things I’d change if I could, like the quality of neighbors or lack of big gorgeous privacy fence around my backyard, but mostly my house makes me happy.

  • The Sterling Cherub at

    That first house IS adorable, the orange stripe reminds me of something you’d find on an athletic shoe — how cool is that?

    Just love the blue on the porch ceilings, I think its called Haint Blue and there’s several theories behind why its so popular in certain parts of the country, here’s a great article on that from NPR:

    My dream home is a dreamy shabby chic beach cottage along the coast, where I can hear the waves and smell the salty air. I’d like something comfortably roomy, but not too big. Something retro would be wonderful, but like you, would love it to be amenable to upgrades or modcons as the Brits say! I picture white clapboard siding with aqua shutters, and some pink and pale yellow trimwork thrown in for good measure. And it must have a porch with a haint blue ceiling!



  • ChRiS at

    when can we move in and sit on that porch?!? i just read recently about blue ceiling keep bugs away and also some say keeps evil spirits away.

  • Lori at

    You know Mr. Charming that all the neighbors call this the stripe houses! Can I paint my porch ceiling blue if it is only 4×6 smallish. My fav that wooden rounded door in the kitchen. Yum, I would have coffee with you on that porch.

  • tale of many cities at

    how CHARMING! totally see why you love them! and the yellow stripe.. love the whimsy!! 🙂

  • kpaints at

    Just lovely…the yard has so much potential! I live in an oldie and it will probably be my last….very happy here.

  • Jen at

    These are just too cute. I just love old houses loaded with personality! So much better than modern and cold. Your vision for a dream-home sounds so familiar. It’s what hubby & I have always wanted. We have the chickens and land, but not the house.

    One day…..

  • Gabriela at

    What marvelous photography! I adore your taste Michael.

  • The Vintique Object at

    Now that takes GUTS to paint an orange stripe around the middle of your farmhouse! I admire people with guts, because I don’t have any!

  • Jennifer at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Melissa at HOUSEography at

    So fun! I am in my “forever for now” home – meaning the home we will live in for the rest of our regular working careers most likely. My real forever home will have an ocean nearby 🙂

  • Jordan at

    Just looking at the outside of the first house makes my heart so happy. I love everything about it, the stripe, the porch, the two orange chairs.

  • Susan and Mark at

    Our forever home waits for us patiently in San Diego, probably in the La Mesa area…our right now home in Madras, OR is great( the town , not so much)- it’s too bad we just couldn’t pick it up and move it to California!

    I like to think of every place we live in as a “forever” place-otherwise people tend to let things go/not fix it up as much IMHO.

    The TX houses are great-bet they are in Austin; my BFF lives there and the houses are really funky/fun. Her cottage is called Madview, LOL,b/c she lives on Madison and has a nice view. It has lavender trim, a deep purple door, and purple flower mixes in the yard. Really cute.

  • PotterDale at

    I live in an oldie, my porch ceiling is already blue and the house is white. Now what color stripe should I paint? Love this idea.

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