so far, so good


first, thanks for all the super sweet encouraging words yesterday! you haven’t lost faith in me and i soooo appreciate it!

things are progressing faster than planned in the painting department. thank goodness. but things are still a bit crazy. lamps don’t have shades. power screwdrivers are on paint cans. tables and chairs are on beds. craziness.

as i mentioned the ceiling is finished. exposed wires await a fixture.



and today i finished up the trim. that’s my least favorite part to paint. so i’m beyond thrilled it’s done. and what an amazing difference.


then, with the help of my amazing mother, we began to cut in the wall color. i’m using two colors. one is antique white.



the other is dover white. my paint treatment is ‘a little different’ so i’ll attempt to explain it when it’s finished. it will be much easier that way … and hopefully make more sense. both colors are from sherwin williams. i swear by their paint.


this is a shot of the antique white … it’s the area in the upper right corner next to the window frame. the molding on the wall will be painted the same color. it’s hung at a weird height and i didn’t want to remove it. so i’m working with it.




more wall color with some of the fabric. (this red and white fabric is actually from wal-mart. they were closing our fabric department and i got it for a steal!)



and a couple more new additions to the fabric for the room.



i’ve been wanting to do a room with primary colors. it reminds me of the country and farm life. the yellow sun, the blue sky and a big red barn. i just love it!



more to come! hopefully painting will be done on friday! *fingers crossed*



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  • High Street Cottage at

    Can’t wait to see how it all turns out, I see the “bones” in there with your little grouping, vintage iron table legs, matlasse’, and wonderful colorful fabric! The start of something incredible, tami

  • Lori at

    The fabrics will make the room just pop.

  • tale of many cities at

    oohhh great fabrics!!! sure have my mind zippin’ cause i can imagine the finished room now!! 🙂

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Oh my goodness I can hardly wait. Hurry Michael!!! The fabrics are amazing…that red and white print…the yellow shamrocks… pretty.

  • Jennifer at

    Sherwin Williams paint is the only paint my husband will use too. looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  • Shannon at

    If I heard primary colored room, I’d probably look at you funny, picturing a pre-school or something. But this? This is how it’s done. Great choices in fabric! I love the walmart red & white. My walmart’s fabric dept closed a couple years ago and there was no sale, no nothing. Just poof, gone! Sads.

  • ancient one at

    Looking good!! I’ll be back to see the finished room.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    This is going to be beautiful. I love the fabrics you chose. the red and white? Perfect.

  • Joyce at

    I am in the planning stages of painting a dining room/kitchen area and need
    color suggestions. Right now I have colonial yellow on the walls but
    I want to go to a complete different color spectrum and I was
    thinking of antique white. How would that look with bisque appliance
    and oak cabinets and laminated hardwood floors? I really want to get
    rid of that dark yellow on the walls.

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