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hey all! yes, i’m still alive and well.

i’ve been a bad blogger. and to be honest i can’t even explain how much i miss it. lately is seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? do you know what i mean? i’m going to take some time to look at my schedule, do things differently, rearrange somethings… i really need to find my way back.

in the meantime i wanted to share some photos with you. last week was my birthday and i got an iphone. let me tell you this little piece of technology surpassed my highest expectations. ah-mazing! seriously, drop what you are doing and go get one. you can thank me later.

one of my favorite apps is instagram. and if you are following me on Facebook you’ve probably already noticed my obsession. it the coolest little program that magically edits photos to look, in my opinion, a million times better.

so, enjoy! if you have an iPhone you can follow my instagram feeds at inspiredbycharm. and if you don’t have an iPhone you can see all my pics on Facebook.

Inspired By Charm

apples growing on my espaliered apple tree


Inspired By Charm

ten year class reunion. ‘nuf said.



Inspired By Charm



Inspired By Charm




Inspired By Charm

fresh picked peaches for jam making.



Inspired By Charm

blanket of black-eyed susans


Inspired By Charm




you have my promise. be back soon. thanks to everyone for hanging in with me. you rock.


Inspired By Charm



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  • So...Look What I Made at

    You are so adorable and I really enjoy reading your blog, it makes me happy. Glad you are coming back and I’ll have to like you on fb so I can get my fix. 😀

  • Paul Browning at

    Good to see you back blogging 🙂 Brilliant photos – you’ve got a really good eye – I’m almost tempted to get an iphone myself now haha. Just looking at the freshly picked peaches for Jam making, makes me want to spend the day in the kitchen – if only – like yourself- I was better at managing my time so that I’d have some spare lol. Px

  • Ali Richardson at

    LOVE the pics!! Glad you’re on your way back, I’ve missed you 😉

  • Suzanne@Meridian Road at

    The photo of the apples? That one needs to go on a canvas! It’s amazing!

    I’m impressed that you went to your 10 year reunion. I was not that brave.

  • Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage at

    I was just thinking about you today and wondering where you’ve been. 🙂
    Hope you’re having a great summer. Your photos look amazing! I think I need me an iphone!

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