Work continues on the attic. It’s so amazing to see walls go up! The skeleton of my home is being formed. It may sound odd, but I love the color or new 2X4’s and also the smell of them being cut. There is something about it is almost refreshing, the prospect of something new. It’s so exciting!

To get plumbing up to the bathroom we (when I say we… I mean my Dad – I just assist) had to tear out part of the wall in the closet in order to run a pipe to connect to the previous sewage line. The hot and cold pipes are already pre-existing in the wall. Thank goodness.

See the pipe running across the bottom of the floor. Next we have to cut into this pipe and run a new pipe up to the attic. I have a feeling this should be the most pleasant part….cutting into the sewage line. Yuck.This is the framing for the bathroom. I will post some of my inspiration pictures soon so you can see what I want the final product to look like.This is the bedroom (left) and dining room (right).

More to come! Sooner than later I hope!!

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