this morning i stopped at a local craft co-op here in town. and amongst the crocheted toilet paper covers and beanie babies i discover this amazing black wood star. when i looked at the price tag and noticed it was only $15 i quickly paid and ran out of there before someone could stop me.

even though i had an idea i wanted it outside, i wasn’t exactly sure where. i tried it out in a couple different spots and nothing really spook to me. so then i looked at my unadorned back door and thought … what the heck, let’s try it!

well, i think i’m really loving it! it’s totally unexpected, fun, and looks really great on the bright red door. don’t you think?

Inspired By Charm

as an added bonus it also look pretty cool from inside too!  love that!

Inspired By Charm

and i love the paint treatment! it’s black, but you can still see the wood grain. and the whole star is faintly outlined in red! too perfect!

Inspired By Charm

and if you look through the door, on the counter, you’ll see another project i’m working on. but that’s for another day.

so what do you think of my new, slightly unconventional door decor?

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

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  • Reenie at

    Love it….love your red door too….and the 3 pots above the door ~ all soooo cute =)

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    It fits perfectly. You couldn’t have planned that if you tried! It looks great!

  • Lili at

    What a perfect spot for it Michael! It gives a certain charm to add it to such an unexpected place! Love that. ~Lili

  • Leah at

    Cute, but too unadorned. It needs something . . . I love the idea of putting it on your door!

  • Julie at

    I think it looks great and what a steal!

  • ChRiS at

    yep i love it looks great on the door….looks like someone measured it just for there!

  • Suzie at

    love this!

  • slip4 at

    Such a fun, unique star! I love the look.

  • Whytney at

    Michael, that is awesome! What a statement, and so simple.

  • Ali Richardson at

    Looks great! I love the funky shape of the star and the colors are perfect! great find 🙂

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