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thank you all for allowing me t take some ‘time off’ and just be. it was much appreciated and i took full advantage of it.

so where have i been? well, let me be the first to say i love the internet, but lately i feel it’s been sucking the life out of me. i spend so much time looking at and talking about all the things i want to do instead of actually doing them. my career as an innkeeper keeps me more than busy. my freetime is i so want to unplug and just live life. sadly the rest of the world isn’t quite ready for that.

so i’m going to be doing things a bit differently around here. i almost decided to give up blogging all together but i really enjoy it and still would like to cronicle or record some of the things i’m doing.

so, instead of ‘quiting’ i’m just going to be limiting … keeping things simple. a couple pictures… a couple sentences.. and that’s it.

i know so of you may not like that or may be disappointed, and i do apologize for that, but i just need to diconnect from the internet a little bit and start living life a bit more. doing more of the things i want to do. and hopefully find buckets of happiness along the way.

so i hope you’ll stay with me on my journey. i promise it will be amazing.

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