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The deck is officially open for business. Yes, after several rainy weeks here in Central PA, I’ve finally managed to make progress outside. So, grab a drink and let me show you the changes.

Deck Styling | Inspired by Charm

Initially, I wasn’t sure how this space would function, but when I had my friends over a month or so ago, I learned pretty quickly how I wanted things arranged. Instead of opting for a dining set-up with a table and chairs, I decided to keep it a bit more conversational in style. Based on the furnishings I already had and with the fireplace being nearby, this just made the most sense.

Deck Decorating | Inspired by Charm

After a little research and measuring, this sectional from the Allen + Roth collection at Lowe’s proved to be the perfect fit. I ended up ordering two sets of the chairs, one corner chair, and one ottoman.

Deck Decorating | Inspired by Charm

Deck Styling | Inspired by Charm

Assembled, the set tucks beautifully into the corner of the house and the privacy wall. I think this makes for a very inviting entry onto the deck as well.

Deck Styling | Inspired by Charm

Deck Decorating | Inspired by Charm

To tie in the red color of the fireplace, I also picked up several outdoor pillows. With the help of flowers too, the bold red doesn’t seem so out of place anymore. I also used a few of these Allen + Roth pillows with a black pattern to tie in the black elements of the space.

Deck Decorating | Inspired by Charm

Outdoor Decorating | Inspired by Charm

As I said previously, I wanted to incorporate the thrifted wicker furniture I found. With a coat of black paint (more on that project next week), they have a new lease on life and look great on the deck. Do you agree? I’m especially pleased since they only cost $50. These red pillows add a pop of color and comfort to these madeover beauties.

Deck Styling | Inspired by Charm

Deck Styling | Inspired by Charm

Outdoor Decorating | Inspired by Charm

Since the two sets of furniture are a bit different in style, I swapped the coordinating ottoman / table. As you can see, the wicker table became the coffee table for the sectional and the ottoman (with the help of a tray) became a side table for the wicker set. I think this is a great way to blend different styles for a cohesive eclectic look.

Deck Styling | Inspired by Charm

With the help of some planters, a couple lanterns (you can find them here), and a lot of plants (including my DIY Succulent Wall Planter), my deck is ready to party!

Outdoor Decorating | Inspired by Charm

Deck Styling | Inspired by Charm

Deck Decorating | Inspired by Charm

I’d still like to tweak a few things here and there (because a decorating project is never complete for me), but I’m happy with the way this space came together.

Deck Decorating | Inspired by Charm

Outdoor Decorating | Inspired by Charm

Within the next month or so, I plan to give the wood a coat of stain to protect it. I’ll pop back in then with an update. I’m also considering a rug. What do you think?

Deck Decorating | Inspired by Charm

Outdoor Decorating | Inspired by Charm

Now, drop what you’re doing, and get over here to help me enjoy this space. I’m making s’mores!

This post was created as part of my collaboration with Lowe’s. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Inspired by Charm. As always, all of the opinions, thoughts, and ideas in this post are my own.
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  • Reenie at

    I absolutely LOVE it. I bet you are out there a lot. 🙂

  • Sheila at

    Great sense of style, thrifty stewardship, wise choice of decor, absolutely beautiful! Yes to the rug! It took me a while to go back and find the before picture of this area in comparison to the finished deck area. Seeing the before and after together made this transformation even more impressive. When you get the stain on and if you choose to do a rug, I think this project will be the most amazing yet even taking into consideration the beautiful indoor rooms you have designed and completed. You just keep getting better and better raising the standard and really putting the pressure upon yourself to excel even more in that guest bedroom project. 🙂

  • pam at

    Michael, you are just the most amazing person ever! And I love how you incorporate things you already have with the new! You are so thrifty! The wicker table and chairs are great and switching them was such an innovative idea! The table looks fantastic with the sectional, which is so very striking! You have great taste, and Michael Boy, I must say, you buzz!! Can’t wait to see what is next on your agenda!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!

  • Nicole at

    Your deck looks gorgeous! Great job! I love the wicker furniture too!
    Question – do you leave your string lights out in all weather?

  • Erika at

    Looks fantastic!! Great job!

  • Sandy Young at

    I love the space. I don’t know about a rug because it could get so dirty unless you keep up with keeping it clean…which I wouldn’t because it is outside. However, you are probably better at that than I am.

  • Bev at

    I love how this came out! So inspiring!

  • LYNDA at

    A home run! But wait…the lights! Also from Lowe’s? They are the perfect finishing touch. Any product info?? Thanks ~ enjoy it.

      • lynda at


      • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

        Perfect!! Hope you love them!

        xo Michael

  • Patty at

    Beautiful and very, very welcoming. We are in Connecticut so it has stopped raining but it is so hot you can’t go outside anyway.

  • Vanessa at

    Looks so inviting…which is the goal!! 🙂 We did the exact same thing with our seating last summer and bought a sectional from World Market, this one looks a bit more comfy! I am also interested in you paint and stain choices. Love the summer flowers and pops of red! Happy Summer!!

  • Renee at

    I just love your style! Your house is gorgeous and that sweet little deck is so cozy!
    Thanks for inspiring me! (I just bought a new house and can’t wait to start decorating!)

  • eileen at

    This is beautiful!! I love how you mixed up the furniture. It looks so cozy and I love the colors. Great job.

  • Gabby at

    Do you hire out for a front porch? Hehe I love how this space went from drab to fab! I think a rug would give it that extra “home-y” feel and would make this porch be even more tantalizing to blow an afternoon of work for leisure. Well done!

  • liz n. at

    GREAT makeover on the chairs!

    You’ve created a really cozy spot for entertaining, but I can also envision lounging on that sectional with a glass of sangria and a good book!

  • Mara at

    Yes! Yes! Yes!.This is seriously the best deck makeover I’ve seen in the past two summer’s!!

  • Laura at

    this looks so great! We need to stay our deck soon and I love everything you choose! Anyway you could give some insight on colors and type of stain you are thinking get of? We did a privacy wall also am
    Nod need to stain or paint it and need some ideas!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Laura, I will when I actually start to think about it. Haha. I’m really overwhelmed at the thought. There are just SO many options.

      xo Michael

  • Rachel at

    I really wish I was your neighbor right now. Love the space!

  • Kris at

    Fabulous!!! I absolutely love how your deck turned out, Michael! What a wonderful spot to relax or socialize. The pops of red put the icing on the cake. Well done!!!

  • Kim R at

    Yes to the rug!
    It turned out beautifully – you tied everything together so well. I have really enjoyed watching this transformation.

  • Maria O at

    I love this space so much!! My deck is in dire straits and this makes me want to redo it pronto!!

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