schrute farms


i really hope i haven’t built up my painting skills or projects by showing you pictures of me painting and telling you i was painting.

like i said i’ve painted about six signs and my little kitchen table. i’ll show you a couple signs today and my little table. i show you the rest throughout the week and maybe into next week.

so, first my kitchen table. i found it at my favorite antique shop. the top used to look like this.


Inspired By Charm


which, from this picture, doesn’t look too bad. but it wasn’t good. there was a bunch of deep scratches. the coloring was really poor. it didn’t match my kitchen. etc.


Inspired By Charm


the whole thing got several (like six coats!) of white paint. i kept the legs the original deep burgundy color. love that.


Inspired By Charm


then i painted on the word ‘eat.’


Inspired By Charm


better, right?


Inspired By Charm


the top of this table used to drive me bananas. ba-freakin-nanas. not anymore. i love it!


the first sign is my grocery sign, which if you follow me on twitter, you’ll remember i tweeted about wanting to make one of these a couple weeks ago.


Inspired By Charm



well, i did it!

Inspired By Charm


and i adore it!


Inspired By Charm


this sign is mine to keep. the rest of my signs will end up in my gift shoppe for sale. if i get enough interest i may put some in my etsy shoppe. (which is currently sad and empty) think i should?


Inspired By Charm


the finishing touch to my dining room. don’t ya think?



and this final sign (for today) i just love.


Inspired By Charm


and for those of you who watch the office you’ll know where i got this idea.


dwight kills me. (as you may know from my office facebook status references) ha-freakin-larious. he owns a beet farm. his last name is schrute. hence, schrute farms.


Inspired By Charm


and i just love the little beet graphic! (i acutally may end up keeping this one too.)


Inspired By Charm


so what do you think? love them? hate them?


more to come! and at some point i’ll show you a couple tips for making these signs.


Inspired By Charm


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  • Leanne at

    i’m so glad you found me and then i found you…LOVE the signs. i will make one too!!
    and the office video is crazy…i never saw that episode!

  • judi at

    yes please…a tutorial!

    it’s all good…signs and table…love em.

  • Eva at

    The table = much better! It’s really simple, but just seems perfect.
    I haven’t watched very many episodes of The Office, but the one where Pam and Jim go to Dwight’s farm happens to be one I watched. I really like your signs!

  • pretty pink tulips at

    These are amazing! I love the EAT table the most!!! That’s my kind of script. Really, really well done!!!

    ~ Elizabeth

  • Erica at

    Thanks for the comments on my blog, especially since it let me to yours! LOVING that table.

  • by Teresa at

    Hi Michael, I saw your comment on my blog and followed it to YOUR blog and I’m so glad to meet you! I love your style and how you’re doing your own thing, beautifully! As a calligrapher, I must say your EAT graphic on your table is excellent.

    I’ll be back..

    Teresa from Corbett, Oregon

  • debbie at

    Hi Michael,

    Love your table and the felt? circles. Big Office fan too…the Schrute Farms sign is perfect, as is the yellow on the walls. Can’t wait to spend some time looking through your blog. Loving what I see so far. Thanks for sharing.

    Debbie @ happylittlecottage

  • Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy at

    I LOVE that Eat. table. Absolutely LOVE! You did a fantastic job with the wording! I’m impressed, friend!

    And your signs are totally etsy worthy!! Slap em up there and watch em fly like hotcakes!

  • *claire* at

    omg i love the schrute farms one. dwight is my fave. you could do other ones for irrigation and america and nighttime – and have a complete set!

    that table is beautiful – did you do all of the lettering free hand? fantastic!

  • Gabriela at

    OMG Michael, I just love love LOVE your table, your signs, contrasting color choices and but of course the Schrute Farms clip. So, if I visit your B&B will you put me in the irrigation room? (jk)

  • Sharla at

    Michael – Thanks so much for dropping by my lil’ ol’ site. After looking through your blog – the fact YOU complimented my few little posts made me do a little happy dance! You are very talented – how I wish I could freehand paint like you!!! and I absolutely love the “Dorothy lie… ” at the top of your blog. You’re not only talented – but funny too!!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at


    Esp. the Schrute Farms. I’m obsessed with The Office.

  • Funnelcloud Rachel at

    Love your blog and all your projects, Michael! And I’m totally envious of your B&B – maybe we’ll pay you a visit in the spring. We’ve been to several B&Bs in PA and VA and are long overdue for a weekend away – and your place looks lovely!

    Love the signs – I was actually planning on making something similar for my pantry (which is currently a mudroom, but I hope to transform it into a pantry) over the summer – inspired by those signs you see along the road advertising farm markets, like “Sweet Corn”, “Peaches” etc.

  • Lauren at

    LOVE the Schrute Farms sign! Love the Office!! 🙂

  • Kathy@ Gone North at

    LOVE that table… great transformation & Love the penny rug table runner/placemat…
    I would totally buy that Shrutte Farms sign, would be such a conversation piece. The Office….brilliant writing…love that show, but never saw that episode 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  • classic • casual • home at

    I love your signs. Very creative. My son would totally love the Schrute Farms message…Dwight is hilarious.
    Mary ann

  • Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy at

    PS- I’m going to pin your table on my pinterest board. I have a little addiction to banquettes. 🙂

    Are you on pinterest? Would love to invite you if not!

  • Luisa at

    I absolutely love love the table. The grocery sign is great. I still love the table. I posted on my blog a link to your post with the black globe because it was so coool. The table and the globe and spray painting everything white are brilliant ideas.

  • Julie at

    I love them and The Office! Dwight is hilarious. The table is *fantastic*!!

  • Krista at

    etsy for sure!

    and eventho i don’t watch office, and didnt know anything about this dwight dude…i totally love it!

  • Gloria at

    I love your signs and table (what a unique idea for a table! awesome!). I think you did a fantastic job on all of them! Don’t stop painting!! 🙂

  • High Street Cottage at

    Hi Michael, I have a sign just like your grocery one over my french doors, it doesn’t say grocery but it’s the same type and size. I made it years ago. My Dad and Brothers were in the sign business so I come from a sign family you might say. Yours are t-riffic!

  • Red Stethoscope at

    I just found your blog and I love (LOVE!) the “Eat” Kitchen table, as well as your story about following your dream to start a B&B. Rock on, my friend. Rock on.

  • LP at

    I *love* that table! Wow! And the circles the plant is sitting on? Did you make that? I want that too 🙂 Thanks for dropping by my blog! Following! 🙂

  • Beverly @ at

    I love all of this!! Especially your Schrute Farm sign – I am actually watching the Office as I type!! Your table is so pretty too! Great job!

  • ellie g at

    Your Schrute Farms post = PURE AWESOMENESS! I saw it on Tatertots & Jello, and had to immediately click. Oh Dwight. Love him.

    I really like the table as well. The graphic red font on the white is marvie!

  • LambAround at

    LOL! I love that you have a Schrute Farms sign. We’re watching The Office right now. Your table is also beautiful! You have me wanting to paint our dining room table (though I’m pretty sure my hubby, who just refinished it, would kill me if I did!)

    If you get a chance tomorrow, I’d love for you to link up to my Not “Baaad” blog hop 🙂

  • Beth @ Sand To Pearl at

    I LOVE this! Schrute Farms! So AWESOME. Seriously, we love watching the office, and Dwight has always been my favorite because my dad acts JUST like him. Crazy, but hilarious, especially since I haven’t had to live with him for a long time! Awesome sign, you did great.

  • Andrea at

    LOVE this!!! Completely awesome!

  • Stacey at

    Love! Glad I found our blog on Tater Tots!

    Love the Pottery Barn light too!

  • Alison at

    Schrute Farms…too funny. Gotta love me some beets…or something.

    Love. It.



  • Christine at

    Beets…bears…Battlestar Gallactica…I heart your sign!

  • Amanda M. at

    LOVE the schrute farms sign!

  • Kristi at

    First time visiting your blog. Can’t wait to browse. I LOVE both of those signs. I’ve been wanting to make GROCERIES or EAT sign for my kitchen. Think I might have to go on out to the garage and dig around in the scrap wood pile. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I’d love it if you’d come by and link up to my link party:

  • One in the SAHM at

    Wow – I just stumbled across your blog from I {heart} Naptime and I LOVE LOVE the table and the GROCERY sign. Do you use a stencil? Freehand? LOVE!

  • Paul at

    A stunningly beautiful blog! I’m afraid you’re to blame for my spending an hour drooling over it instead of working yesterday lol. Love the mat under the flowers on your table – is there a post earlier on your website where you explain if you made it? Looks gorgeous. Pxx

  • Erin at

    I jut saw your table at Lindsey’s blog, Better After…and couldn’t pop over here fast enough to see this post!!

    I cannot believe how much of a tranformation something that simple made to the eating area!!

    I love the signs as well! 🙂

  • April at

    It all looks amazing! So glad you linked up! Can’t wait to see more!

  • AJ and Dexter's Mom at

    Love it all.
    For how long have you had the table top painted?
    How is it holding up?
    I’m wanting to paint mine, but I’m worried about durability with two toddlers.

  • Beautiful Habitat at

    Beautiful work on the table – what a transformation! I am writing a blog post “an ode to banquettes” and I’d love to use your photo and link back to your blog.

  • AJ and Dexter's Mom at

    I’m pretty sure that he wrote somewhere on his blog that he’d love for people to use his photos as long as they credit him and link back, so go for it!

  • Ladybird Ln at

    I love your eat table, that is so fun… I also like the farm sign!

  • Beth in MN at

    I’m not sure how I got to your blog – but you are amazing!! You have really inspired me this Saturday morning ! You are gifted – you are a gift. Thank you so much.

  • Anna Galvas at

    Found your blog via Under the Table and Dreaming and must ask details on your banquette/bench? Did you make it/score big at a thrift store or garge sale? Any details would be great. Do you ever post tutorials?

  • opalm at

    Just perfect! The makeover gives a clean, fresh look and the word was such a great touch. Very personalized.

  • SweetMelissa at

    Your signs are fabulous..and your table is divine!

  • Michelle@ A Full Cottage at

    You are very talented! I love the table! The way you arranged everything is just perfect.

    🙂 Michelle

  • Mrs. Limestone at

    So hilarious. How has no one purchased this yet? Love it.

  • Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish at

    Love this!!! I had to let you know that I featured the “eat” table in my latest post on great typography ideas! 🙂

  • Carron at

    I may have commented already, but….I HAVE to tell you 🙂 I made a schrute farms sign a few weeks ago, inspired of course, by yours! Thank you for sharing with all of us 🙂 My dining room wouldn’t be the same without my office sign!

  • Carolyn Akres at

    LOVE the signs – they are all fabulous. I may have to give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

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