It must be party week here on Inspired by Charm! Earlier this week I showed you how to host an album release party (Don’t forget to enter the giveaway.); today I’m going to share some fun tips for hosting a beer tasting party. For the first few years of my adult life, beer was not my thing. In fact, I hated it. However, now that I’m a little older, there are times I actually prefer beer over wine or liquor. With so many fabulous craft breweries popping up around the country, drinking and experiencing beer has become quite the delicious adventure. It’s also a great theme for a party

Since eating and drinking are a few of my specialties, hosting a tasting party is right up my alley. Throw in some amazing beer and delicious food and you have a recipe for an epic evening. While I haven’t hosted a beer tasting party of my own yet, I am pulling together ideas. To help me look sharp at any party, I turn to my friends at P&G. Each year P&G creates a list of some of their best products. They sent me a sampling of some including Gillette Razors, Old Spice, and even Tide pods. Not surprisingly, I already use and love so many P&G products that help me put my best food forward. I even created a Pinterest board to help me plan a future beer tasting party and any guys’ night out. You can check out the board here.

Now it’s back to beer! To plan your own Epic Beer Tasting Party, here’s what to do:

Invite some friends. Even though you may want to invite all of your friends and family, a smaller group is recommend for a tasting party. I’d say a maximum of 10 people. Create a memorable way to invite your guests. If you’re planning a guys’ night, you might send them a basket filled with a couple beers, glasses, and some manly essentials to prepare themselves for the party.


Select three to five different specialty beers. You can try completely different beers or sample multiple brews from one brewery. I recommend a nice mix of lagers, ales, and specialty beers.

Epic Beer Tasting Party | Inspired by Charm #PGBestforME

Beer Tasting Set via Red Envelope

Get yourself some tasting glasses. I think these are adorable. However, you could even use something as simple as half-pint mason jars or get extra fancy with some personalized bar ware. You can even whip up a fun beer tasting board. (If you decide to get extra fancy, you should also check out this guide for pairing beer with the correct glassware!)

Epic Beer Tasting Party | Inspired by Charm #PGBestforME

Add a little decor. Go wild or keep it simple. Whatever works for you. However, some nice and appropriate elements for your decor could be a chalkboard table runner or sheets of craft paper. This helps for making notes on the table. Gingham or plaid table linens work great for this style of party. You could even use cardboard six-pack holders as containers for utensils or snacks.

Epic Beer Tasting Party | Inspired by Charm #PGBestforME

Beer Tasting via Marta Stewart

A place to take some notes. Whether it is a custom tasting sheet (Create your own or check out this free download from BHG.) or a small notebook, give your guests a place to write down what beers they like and why they like them.

Epic Beer Tasting Party | Inspired by Charm #PGBestforME

Beer Tasting Party via Cooking Channel

Bite-sized eats. For any tasting party, lots of finger foods and bite-sized treats are a must. You obviously want things that go well with beer. Peanuts and popcorn are great fillers. Beef Sliders, soft pretzels, Lit’l Smokies, and even cheese and pepperoni are simple and delicious snacks to complement beer. You can also check out this great beer and food paring guide from BHG. And, if you’re feeling extra creative in the kitchen, why not wash everything down with Chocolate Guinness Cake with Irish Cream Frosting. Yes, mama!

Buffalo and Blue Cheese Lit'l Smokies | Inspired by Charm

Buffalo and Blue Cheese Lit’l Smokies via Inspired by Charm 

Drink responsibly. Have a designated driver for the group, limit your sample sizes, or tell your guests to bring their sleeping bags.

Beyond that, just have fun with it. It’s hard to have a party centered around beer and not have a good time, right? Turn on some great tunes and enjoy the evening with your friends. And, just in case you’re looking for one more person to add to the invite list – you know I love a party!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Margot at

    I want to use this idea for our group of friends but there are a couple of the women who don’t drink anything and I don’t want to totally exclude them. Any suggestions?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      You could do different flavored sparkling waters. Most come in cans or bottles, just like beer. They’d even have fun figuring out the flavors if you do a blind tasting.

      xo Michael

  • Cindy at

    LOVE LOVE all of your ideas and suggestions Michael for a beer tasting party!! Great tips and ideas! I’ll be having a beer tasting party over the summer~looking forward to it!! Love all and everything about your blog!

  • Angelina at

    Hi Michael,
    What a cool post and such awesome accompanying photos. Love, how you divided everything into balded sections for easy navigation. Charming party indeed! I would love to try doing it sometime. Thanks for sharing. Angelina

  • Porterschatswood at

    I will also try Beer Tasting Set with my friend in this weekend. Thanks for sharing your interesting idea for a party.

  • Mel at

    It has been awhile since I made the Guinness cake… I think I need to go to the store.

  • Anjie Behunin at

    This looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love the idea of using the cardboard beer boxes as utensil holders, or condiment holders or such. This post gets my mind thinking…….

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