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it’s be quite some time since i’ve baked something that wasn’t for breakfast. i can’t even tell you the last thing i baked for ‘fun’.  i sort of missed it.

Inspired By Charm


so, today i baked. and it felt good. really good. the sun was shining. there was a breeze in the air that reminded me of fall. i can’t wait for fall.

Inspired By Charm


everything came together so smoothly. almost easy.

Inspired By Charm

that’s when baking is the most fun. when amongst the mess (yeah, i’m a messy baker) things turn out beautifully … imperfectly perfect. don’t you wish everything worked that way?

Inspired By Charm


there is something about the uniformity of decorated cupcakes that i love. i could take photographs of cupcakes all day.

Inspired By Charm

thanks to beantown baker for the recipe and tutorial. genius and delicious.

Inspired By Charm

i used a plastic baggie to ‘pipe’ the icing. again, imperfectly perfect. i love the look … styled but still loose and fun. as it should be when oreos are involved.

Inspired By Charm

i also made threw together some trail mix.

Inspired By Charm

peanut + cashews + m&ms + raisins = super easy yumminess

Inspired By Charm

done. and happy. i needed that.

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  • hartline22 at

    Where can you get the recipes? I would like to make some of your things!! Please kindly let me know:)

  • Mollie D at

    These would be cute wiht your owl cupcakes since they have the oreo decor on top. I know this post is old, but I stumbled on your site and I just keep reading, and reading and reading. I want to come to your B&B! I make these christmas wreaths, I want to hang one your front door!

  • jek-a-go-go at

    those look amazing and are completely brilliant! i just made a batch of marshmallow somethings from a martha zine and oh my goodness. can summer end all ready. i want to bake and it is sooo hot! thank you for the links!

  • Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs at

    Hi, I’m a fellow pennsylvanian (southwestern pa to be exact)…nice to meet you, Michael.

    Those cupcakes look divine…my dear daughter would absolutely love them 🙂

  • Angela at

    Those cupcakes are beautiful and look delicious and I don’t even like Oreos! 😉 Thanks for sharing.
    Peace, Angela

  • Victory Garden Yarn at

    Oh! I think I just swooned! Oreo cupcakes?!?! Where are my smelling salts…?

  • Knitting with Beer at

    I could use a good cupcake right now. Can you send me one or twelve? They look yummy!

  • slip4 at

    Those cupcakes look amazing and yet do-able! Also, thanks for introducing me to Caitlin Crosby. I love the two songs you featured and am going to add her to my Ipod. Don’t have any new artists to share with you at this time but you will be the first to know if I find one!

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