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I’m popping in today with a brief update on a few outdoor projects. The space is nowhere near finished and beautiful, but I thought you might like to see how things are progressing.

First off, the roofing project is complete. The guys finished up last week, and I’m super pleased with the work. You’ll notice the garage roofs are looking much better. Obviously, anything new looks crisp and clean, but overall this shingle color just works so much better with everything.


A Look Outside | Inspired by Charm


Progress Outside | Inspired by Charm

I also painted the cement block around the base of my shed.


Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm


Progress Outside | Inspired by Charm

This definitely goes to show how paint can completely change the look of something. I’m still amazed and kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I went back and forth with color choices and ultimately settled on white. It brightens up the area and ties in nicely with the rest of the trim.

On the back of the shed, the white blocks look a little stark. However, once the deck is in place, only a foot or so of the white will show, so it won’t be as intense. Trust me on this. I’m also thinking about painting those doors black, but I’m still deciding. Thoughts?

Progress Outside | Inspired by Charm

Speaking of the deck, I have the contractor booked, and work will start mid-June. I’m kind of bummed it’s so late, but between the crew’s schedule and mine, this was the earliest they could fit me in. Note to self (and you): Book early!

I also updated a couple light fixtures on the rear of the house. These have been bothering me forever, and I spent countless hours looking online for ones I liked. This past weekend I decided I’d spent enough time looking and just opted for these from Lowe’s.

Progress Outside | Inspired by Charm

Not only were they the cheapest of all the fixtures I was looking at, but they were on sale. I think they turned out to be the perfect choice.

Shut the Front Door | Inspired by Charm


 Shut the Front Door | Inspired by Charm

While we are near the backdoor, let’s talk about my DIY wall planter. I completely neglected it this past year, and 90% of the hens and chicks died. It was all my fault.

Progress Outside

So this year I got some new plants, added more soil, and gave it a little love. I’m hoping it will fill back in pretty quickly. I also want to give the wood a refresh, but I haven’t finalized the plans. If you want to know how I made this planter, check out the post here. If you want to see it thriving, check out the post here.

Okay, back to the roofs. While you can’t see the shingles from the street, you can definitely see a difference in the fascia (white trim work). The rusty streaks that plagued me for years are finally gone, and I’m ridiculously giddy about it! What a difference!


A Look Outside | Inspired by Charm



And here’s a view from the top.


Progress Outside | Inspired by Charm


Progress Outside | Inspired by Charm

Looking better, right? I’m totally happy to check that project off my list.

Oh, and before I go, I have to show you my latest thrifting find. I’ve actually been staying away from antique stores and thrift shops in an effort to rid my house of “stuff,” but when I found this bamboo bistro set, it was a total must have. Plus, the set was only $50.

Progress Outside | Inspired by Charm

I actually debated about it for a few days, but what sealed the deal for me was an ad from Terrain.

Progress Outside | Inspired by Charm

Now I know they tend to be overpriced, but when they are selling a similar chair for $350, I knew the price on the set was too good to pass up. The set needs minor work and a coat of paint, I’m certain it will be a showstopper.

That wraps up my progress list for today. What fun projects are you working on around your home?

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  • Margo at

    WOW! Everything looks so wonderful, Michael! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

  • zandra zuraw at

    Looking spiffy! Totally agree that touching up the paint does wonders. I would definitley support black door on the back of the shed!!! And I’m terribly jealous of your thrift find. WOW!

  • Rachel Showers at

    You work fast! Your progress is impressive. Since your “list” post I have been working on the main bathroom. I still have to stain the cabinets. Next i am working on the master bath. Question? I am planning on restaining all of the cabinets in my home the same color, do you recommend doing them all at once or room by room?

    • Elle at

      I don’t know what Michael would do, but I’d tackle the cabinet staining room by room. That way I could enjoy the progress in one space and perfect my technique as I go. I’d save the most important room for last. Also progress always seems to beget progress.

      • Rachel at

        Thank you for the advice. I would feel better having one room 100% complete.

        • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

          Sorry, I’m late to this party, but I would totally agree. Personally I get overwhelmed when I have too many projects running through my brain, then nothing gets done. Haha. If you’re anything like me, take it one room at a time. Plus seeing one done may give you motivation to carry on! 🙂

          xo Michael

  • lisa at

    I love keeping up with the progress of your house! I love your colors and your style. I purchased my first home last year and it’s been a full year now of fun DIY things with a few projects for the pros scattered in there. currently I am upgrading my kitchen. the granite counters are black and yellow with black appliances and ugly black backsplash. I will have that removed, the countertops will now be a white with silver quartz and my appliances are now stainless steel, new SS sink and faucet too. what a relief it will be to have all that dark black gone. and to cross that project off my list. I find myself thinking “hmmmm what would Michael from IBC do”? and I don’t even know you but again, your style is great! have a great day and peace!!

  • Jeanette Bruffett at

    All the updates are wonderful! So excited when I see your updates 😀

  • Guerrina at

    Amazing differences! Love the white at the base of the shed … totally different look. The new shingles make a huge difference and update. The bistro set was a steal and can’t wait to see it painted. Now … back to pruning my roses lol

  • Debra W at

    It all looks so amazing. And definitely inspiring.With a little TLC that bistro set will look like new. I adore the light fixtures. Perfect choice. The white base brightens it up. Good choice for shingle color. Looks so much better. I would paint the doors black. I do like before and afters. 🙂

  • Sheila at

    Small changes make a huge difference (and a little elbow grease). Great job, nice decisions. You were smart to pick up that bistro set now keep that smart going and continue to rid your home of stuff. While you are working on the outside, keep that beautiful home light, airy, uncluttered, and clean on the inside. Thanks for sharing your progress.

  • Leigh at

    Love all these pictures, there was such a big difference! Makes me want to design a house! Thank you

  • beverly e at

    Another yes vote on the black doors! I love the light fixture and as for the bistro set, I am pea green with envy… I never find steal deals! Great job!

  • Emma P. at

    I think the shed would look awesome with black doors!

  • Kay at

    So many improvements! Good for you, Michael. Everything you’ve done has made vast
    improvements to the outside of your buildings. I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish next.

  • Colette at

    Love the improvements so far! I would paint the shed doors black. I think they would look amazing and pop against the red!

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