Progress on the Porch


Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on getting my porch all dolled up for summer. I know some of you are saying, “It’s about time, Michael. We’re already halfway through June!” Yes, I’ve been taking things slowly and enjoying the process. If you follow me on Snapchat (@inspiredbycharm), you’ve gotten a sneak peek and seen me lounging several times.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

At this point, I thought it’d be fun to share more of my progress. Before we get to the after photos, here’s a reminder of where things started this spring.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Yikes, right? If you’ve been following along, you also know that I had a new roof put on this porch (and my front porch). You really can’t see the roof from the porch, but there were issues with rust from the old roof. The rust had run down on the molding around the roof, and it just didn’t help with Operation Porch Beautification.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

For the past seven years, an old metal table (that came with my purchase of this house) occupied the space. It totally served its purpose, but wasn’t ideal for this porch. Plus, I wanted something a bit more lounge-worthy and comfortable. You can only sit on a metal chair for so long; yet for the past seven years I just dealt with it. Why buy something new when you have something that works?

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

That all changed when the summer Birch Lane catalog came and I saw their Summerton Teak Wood collection. Immediately, I thought: “Omg. This is beautiful and perfect, and it’s totally what this porch (and I) need!”

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

So, with a click on my computer, it was in my shopping cart and soon delivered to my door. When it arrived all I had to do was assemble it (It was super easy.), and I was ready to go!

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

While there are many outdoor furniture collections to choose from, I opted for the Summerton Collection for a couple reasons. First, I wanted something light and neutral in color. For some reason, this porch is a bit hard to work with, and I always struggle styling and photographing it. (Hence, the reason for the word “progress in the title of this post.) Secondly, I wanted something super cozy and comfortable. Whenever my schedule allows, I like to sit for hours or have a spot to chill with friends.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Goals achieved, right? I decided on the loveseat, chair, and ottoman.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Once I had the main pieces in place. I was ready to add accessories. I opted for corals, pinks, and oranges. After many attempts at finding colors that work with this house, I feel these are best.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

I’ve tried every color under the sun – blues, purples, greens, etc. and nothing is quite right. I seem to find that a lot with this house, both on the outside and inside. For an inanimate object, it’s very opinionated about which colors it will wear. So I’ve learned to work with it, rather than against it. (Even though Emily Henderson has me dreaming of a blue and white color palette.)

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Okay, I’m totally getting off topic.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

I did purchase a few new throw pillows and a side table. Other than that, I used things I already owned.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

A few colorful and quirky details were added, including these DIY clay herb markers that I showed you how to make yesterday.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

As you can see from the picture below, there is one corner of the porch that’s still bare. I’m actually waiting for the Summerton Rocking Chair to arrive. (It’s currently on backorder.) I’m also hoping to DIY some art for the wall.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Beyond that, I want to make a few tweaks here and there. I’m thinking about painting both the bench / coffee table and the wall shelf. Maybe white. Maybe black. I’m still undecided. I think the addition of some black in the space will help tie in the light fixture. Or maybe I’ll just get a new light? Or paint the light?

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

I know. I know. Too many options. Too many decisions. Not enough lounging time.

Progress on the Porch | Inspired by Charm

Well, that’s the progress report on the porch. I’m happy it’s moving along. Now, grab a bottle of wine and meet me over here ASAP. I have snacks.

This post was created as part of my collaboration with Birch Lane. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Inspired by Charm. As always, all of the opinions, thoughts, and ideas in this post are my own.

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  • TidyMom at

    I love it Michael. I’m on the hunt for some new pieces for our deck, which gets full blazing sun all day. Last year I bought a cheap set and the red cushions and wood are all faded. So I know I need to go with something of better quality and neutral cushions so they wont show the sun damage as much.

  • Sheila at

    Very, very nice!

  • Whitney at

    I love it! It is so cozy and the red/oranges make it to so warm and inviting. I would love sitting there! I really like your light too and vote for bringing more of the black in to tie it together. Great work!

  • Brad W. at

    Michael – the place looks great. All the time and effort have paid off and now you get to enjoy it all. DO!

  • Andjelina at

    Really beautiful! What is that climbing plant on both coner pillars? Looking for something that grows fast and covers well for our privacy screen. Thanks!

    • Andjelina at


  • Jeanette Bruffett at

    gorgeous! I’d love to bring snacks and hang out on that pretty porch 😀

  • Lisa at

    Where on earth did you find your mermaid bottle opener?! It is fabulous!

  • liz n. at

    That porch is made for lazy reading and even lazier napping. Very inviting!

  • Vanessa at

    Awesome Michael! It looks very summery and lounge worthy. I have an idea for the wall space. A cool wood piece of art would be amazing; using different woods. My husband made something for a neighbor that was just scraps, but various woods and we oiled it- so it is natural-I think a BIG piece like it would be amazing. I’m sure you could DIY something-and post? Happy Summering!

  • Jen at

    I’ll be right over!

  • Alison at

    Very inviting – absloutely beautiful!

  • KC1 at

    OMG!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  • Jasie at

    I have a question about outdoor furniture. What do you do with the cushions when it rains? Do you take them inside? Cover them? What about the rug? How often do you clean it, shake it out? I want to make my back porch more inviting, but I don’t know what I’m getting myself into.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Jasie – Well, my porch is covered, so when it does rain, the cushions don’t get THAT wet. They are designed to be outside, so the water just wicks away. However, if these were exposed more directly to the rain, I’d just bring them inside when not in use. For the rug, it’s actually an outdoor rug that’s glued to the floor. Ideally I’d have a wood floor, but it’s something the previous owners did so I went with it. Again water doesn’t damage it. I just vacuum it when it’s dirty. Hope that helps!

      xo Michael

      • Jasie at

        Thanks! Half of my deck is covered. I’m thinking about moving the table to the exposed half, and putting seating in the covered half. I’m undecided. First thing’s first, I have to restain the deck. I’d love a rug, but with three dogs, it might not be the best idea. I appreciate your response. I’ll keep it in mind when it’s time for an update! xo

  • Summer at

    It looks awesome Michael!! I love the pendant and the herbs are too cute!

  • beverly e at

    I love that rustic wall shelf just like it is… and I must. have. that. PIGGY! Great job!

  • Anne at

    Love it! The furniture is gorgeous and I love the coral/red. Everything looks so comfortable and homey.

  • Vikki at

    Your porch looks fabulous! I love the colors and I love all the plants. You have thought of everything. Bravo! Vikki in VA

  • Connie wallace at

    Fabulous! I want to come and site for hours in this lovely space! Hope you love whit wine, it’s what I’m bringing to the party!

  • Nancy p at

    Your porch looks so cozy and I love the colors! Blue is great, however, I feel like I see it everywhere.

  • Denise at

    Wow! What a beautiful transformation. I could see myself sitting there for hours reading a good book or chatting with friends. I would adore rocking in that rocker when it arrives. I’ll be right over with the wine.

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