i am sorry i’ve been absent from posting on monday and tuesday. i think the craziness finally caught up with me. i barely even turned on my computer. now, it’s time to play catch up. i think i have like 300 posts to go through on google reader. yikes!


anyway, just a couple updates. i made jam last night. from 8 – midnight to be exact. my mom’s friend picked peaches up in new york state and i was the lucky recipent! yay!


Inspired By Charm


so, i made peach jam, blueberry peach jam and champagne ginger peach jam. and there are still more peaches … which may be reserved for a cobbler or something delicious like that.


Inspired By Charm

even though it was midnight when i sealed my last jar all the jams turned out great.

and they look gorgeous! i was so inspired by the color of the peaches as i was peeling them. the pinks and oranges were beautiful.


Inspired By Charm


what colors are inspiring you these days? leave a comment below!

and speaking of beauitufl colors, i got some more fabrics. yay! and thanks.

first up are three super fun pieces from grace at sense and simplicity.  so summer-y and fun. i’m also sooo appreciative of the post on her blog about my project.

Inspired By Charm

love these two pieces from kari in canada. i sorta cut it off in the photo but the one print has a little bird and the other looks like little eggs (to me at least.) these are scraps from an apron she made in a sewing class this winter.

Inspired By Charm

and check out the amazing smorgasbord got from melissa at 100 billion stars. i honestly can’t believe all this amazing-ness. melissa i believe we were separated at fabric birth. i love them all.

Inspired By Charm

did you see those pinks and maroons? beautiful together!
Inspired By Charm

i told you. prettiness. and if you every need more prettiness or creative inspiration you must check out melissa’s blog. endless creativity.

Inspired By Charm

love the aquas and pinks and greens. (my favorites!! shhh … don’t tell the others she sent me.)

Inspired By Charm

these two fun pieces are from shawnna in pa. shawnna is a friend of a friend. i’m very jealous of her bengal cats. i joke with her that i will steal them if i ever meet them. (little does she know i’m not kidding.) love the little kitties in the fabric!

Inspired By Charm

rachel from rachels cottage house sent me these sweet fabrics! so pink and beautiful.

Inspired By Charm

and look at this little tag she included with her fabric! it has her name on it! tooo fudgin’ awesome.

Inspired By Charm

and this last piece is from … well … me! i found it in the clearance bin at wal-mart. it was on sale and i loved it (looks very vintage.) it’s my first addition to the quilt.

Inspired By Charm

alright folks, i’m spent. back again soon.

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  • Rachel's Cottage House at

    Thanks so much for posting my fabrics! I’m glad you liked them!

    I have to try your newest jam collection. The peach champagne sounds so unique and delicious. Where did you come up with that recipe? It sounds terrific! And the photograph you took with your various jam jars looks so classic and pretty — just clean and fresh.

  • Posy Linda at

    Michael, those jams look yummy. I can’t believe the response you’ve been getting about the quilt. Its fantastic to know there are so many great people out there.

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Umm….champagne ginger peach jam….that sounds like a little piece of peach heaven. And the fabric…lovely! My piece is on it’s way soon. I keep telling myself it would look prettier if I pressed it…and you know how that goes!

  • Mary @ RoomPolish at

    mmmm…. looks very yummy! And congrats on your 100 followers, an exciting milestone! just love blogging…!!

  • Melissa P at

    The jams look absolutely mouth watering!

    I’m so glad you love the fabrics. I hope they inspire you to new levels of creativity. There’s something special about colorful fabrics–something unique I hear in their voice. I think maybe you hear it too. Enjoy them all!

  • Kari --- at

    Awww, I am glad my birdie and egg fabrics reached you! Also, I’m in orchard country here, and peaches are selling for 20 lbs for 10 bucks! Could you post your peach champagne jam recipe? It looks deeeeeewe-vine!

  • Angela at

    Beautiful colors all around! Jam-making can be so addicting! I have never heard of peach champagne jam, but anything combining those two has to be delicious. I sencond the request for a recipe post if you can!

  • Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. at

    Those are great new swatches! The jam looks deee-licious and I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!


  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Ok I must admit that even though I don’t sew (yet, your inspiring me) I am totally jealous of those fabric swatches that Melissa sent you… seriouly I want to wear everyone of those fabric :+)

  • mom at

    Believe me when I say Michael can do any thing when he puts his mind to it. I tried his Peach Jam on some
    biscuits, amazingly delicious. The dining room table at the Inn looked so homey when I walked in to visit with all the jars of jam. Oh, and keep those fabric swatchs coming, I cant wait to help with the quilt creation.

  • Grace @ Sense and Simplicity at

    I’m glad you received the squares of fabric and thanks for the shout-out about my post. Happy quilting.

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