Wow, last week is just one big blur. Time sure flies when you are busy. It seems like I blinked and the entire week and Easter just disappeared. Happy Easter by the way. I hope yours was a ‘hoppy’ one.

The weather has been nothing short of absurd around here. Are you experiencing the same thing in your area? I don’t do well with inconstancy and this weather is just a mess. I mean take a look at next week….

Inspired By Charm

Yes, that’s snow they are forecasting. Then a fews days later it’s forecasted to be 81 degrees. Brother! I seriously think the weather impacts my mood and life much more than I want it too.

Anyway, in between the especially cold temperates and ‘Wizard of Oz’ winds I’ve managed to make some progress outside.

My porch posts are completely painted. I’m honestly loving the white.

Inspired By Charm

Installing the railing will be the next step and that should really finishing things off. Last week my Dad and I also replaced the outdoor carpeting on both of my porches.

Inspired By Charm

Its looking much better than before. As I mentioned before, outdoor carpeting wouldn’t have been my first choice. I’d much rather have a wood surface, but the previous owners really left me know choice with the way they ‘fixed’ the porch previously. It could be fixed and I could have my wood porch, but it wasn’t in the budget. And to be honest this tan color doesn’t look all that bad.

Inspired By Charm

I’m also progressing on my patio furniture painting. Doesn’t the white look great!?  Once the weather is a little more under control, I’ll be able to finish up the chairs, then the cushions can go on, and then I’m hoping its time for flowers!

I also need to make a decision on what to do about the front steps. I had originally planned to replace the boards with that new fancy ‘faux/plastic’ wood, but the current wood is in pretty good shape so I may just paint them.

I haven’t decided yet.  Any thoughts?

Inspired By Charm

This weekend I also picked up four scoops of mulch and scattered that around the house. What a difference! I just wish mulch would stay this deep, rich color forever.

Inspired By Charm

I also picked up a few pansies to brighten up my empty pots. It’s a amazing what a difference a few plants can make.

Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm

And while I don’t go crazy lawn and garden ornaments, I do have a couple strategically placed pieces to add a little interest and whimsy. The creatures above I ordered through one of the companies I work with for my gift shoppe merchandise.

The mushrooms below are from Pier1 last year. Too cute!

Inspired By Charm

Have you had a chance to play in the dirt yet? What projects are you working on?

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  • miss flibbertigibbet at

    Looking good! Hope you get some constant good weather soon!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  • Melanie at

    The white posts look great! Maybe continue the white onto the stairs?

  • Shari @ at

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you live in Oregon with me! We had snow a week ago and then it was 70 degrees and sunny on Easter. Not complaining but I would like a little consistency as well…on the sunny side of course! We live on a 23 acre orchard so “we” (aka my husband”) are always working in the dirt..rain or shine! It is the nature of the beast.

    The white looks fantastic by the way. It is the perfect contrast. Have a great week!


  • Melissa at

    I vote for the white as well! But whatever you do will be fab!!!

    In between Easter craziness, we got our veggie garden planted! Fingers crossed for success!

  • Jodie at

    After all your crazy weather there, you’d feel right at home in Texas.

  • The Chocolate Truffle at

    Looks great! What type of outdoor carpet did you go with? I’ve had a porch built with the plastic/wood, but if I could have wood, I would have preferred that. I’m in an apartment above the store, hoping to be able to find time and money to work on the outside!

  • slip4 at

    I am planting some seeds inside since there is still a chance of frost (although it’s hard to believe it!). I just planted basil and jalapeños, two things I use a lot in the summer. I planted some thyme seeds outside and we will see how those do. Love all your outdoor freshening-up!

  • Melissa at HOUSEography at

    Looks great – especially the porch! I say you should keep the steps until they are really in bad shape and use the money elsewhere. Just painting the riser white and the tread a glossy dark brown or something might be enough to make you want to live with them for a bit longer! And it’s a minimal investment.

  • myfrangipanniis at

    I would repaint them the same colour just to freshen them up. In the future have them remade in the same material as the base of the building and the porch layed with large stone tiles.

  • Pam D at

    Looks so clean and inviting. I would keep the wooden stairs and paint them the same color or a deep gray to match the light fixtures. I really love the landscaping…especially the riverrock…did you design it yourself? I would love to see more pictures to use as inspiration for my front foundation design 🙂

  • Jennifer Watkins-Jones at

    It’s really looking good, Michael, so inviting and pulled together. Nothing like a little facelift to make everything so fresh and new! We have enjoyed working around our new home this spring. Our weather has been crazy, too. Here we thought summer was already moving in with four solid weeks of temps in the 80’s and now all of a sudden it is early spring with the highs in the mid-60’s and freeze warnings at night! We didn’t have much of a winter, so I am glad to have this cool weather before the real heat of summer slips in.

    Looking forward to seeing what you decide about the steps and seeing your finished projects. =)

  • Valerie at

    Your mulch can look great forever if you get undyed hardwood mulch from a nursery by the yard. The dyed stuff does not break down as well to feed your plants.
    Happy spring!

    Valerie’s Flora Scaping

  • Amanda at

    I am a big fan of white… I like how the steps in this pic are two toned. You could have a dark color on top and white for the toe kick?

    Looks great and inviting. Our weather is the same is yours right now… its hard to look outside and *think* it looks warm… then to step outside and feel the artic wind!

    Be blessed!

  • Ellie Maggie at

    Your outdoor carpet looks sooo inviting to guests, lovely. You could rub down the wooden steps and use a coloured wood stain which wouldn’t chip like paint would after all the foot traffic (such a bad look!). Take a peek at how my first-time bulb planting in pots here in the UK has turned out – under the heading ‘Just call me Mrs T’. You see, Alan Titchmarsh is a famous gardener over here!
    Hope you like my suggestions.
    Ellie Maggie x

  • fiberglass columns at

    Amazing work on the landscaping and the putting up of makeshift cobblestones left and right. Looks quite “expensive” to an average joe but I can quite tell it was made by some expert hands who knows how to budget well. Good job!

  • Michael Chapaloney at

    Looks great. I especially love the contrast of the river rock and the brick with white in the middle. 🙂

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