tgif….oh wait… it’s only thursday. i think i’m about ready for this week to be over. you? the sun is shining. the snow is melting. finally. i’m ready for spring.

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so, you are probably wondering what poop cookies are…. well, here they are!

despite their appearance, that’s how they got their name (keep reading). i don’t know about you, but i like…scratch that… NEED sweets after dinner. i just do. but when one is trying to be mindful about what one is eating it’s hard to fill that need. enter, poop cookies.

they consist of two ingredients. chips (chocolate, peanut butter, butterscotch, white chocolate, whatever you like) and all brand fiber one ‘original’ cereal. for those of you that don’t know, a serving of all brand fiber one contains over 50% of your daily fiber intake…wow…and that’s why these cookies are called poop cookies. ‘nuf said.


so they are more than simple. using a double boiler system (glass boil on top of a pan with boiling water {be sure the water is not touching the bottom of your boil}) melt your chips. You need a standard bag of chips. I mixed peanut butter and chocolate together. do what you like.

once melted, mix in a box of all-bran cereal. you want the original kind that looks like little pine needles (18oz box). then, using a spoon or your kitchen utensil of choice, scoop them out onto wax paper. cool. then consume.

it’s that simple! not only are these cookies tasty, they give you the fiber your body needs. you could jazz these up by adding coconut, dried cherries, nuts, etc. and for those of you familiar with weight watchers you get two cookies for one point.

credit goes to my mom for the recipe even though its probably somewhere on the internet. enjoy your guilt free treat!

***update: the ‘offical’ recipe calls for FiberOne cereal. whoops. but my mom said mine tasted just the same. so… use what works for you.

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  • rachelscottagehouse at

    The name at first sounds unappealing, but when you mentioned the fiber I understood. I think these cookies are a great alternative, and I will try them soon! Thanks for the post!

  • Emily Kate at

    OMG i have the digestive system of a 75 year old lady. FiberOne is part of my daily diet. This would make it SO much more palatable! I’m the type that needs something sweet after dinner too… Fiber cereal can be dry, so adding raisins or cherries would be an interesting idea. Maybe I’ll add prunes too just for kicks. 😉

  • Ginger and Pickle at

    yum! they would look so cute with little mini eggs nestled inside – to look like a nest! I’ll be making these for Easter!

  • eddieross at

    OMG too funny! Bet they’re amazing!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  • Anonymous at

    I just melted the chocolate in the microwave, much easier, then I plopped almonds and pistachios in the middle of the little nest. Yummy! Thanks.

  • Anonymous at

    How many “cookies” does this make for the W.W. 2/1 point value?

  • YerMom33 at

    I’m making them today.

  • Anonymous at

    I’m renaming them “Poodie Piles”…something my grandkids would like!

  • Deanna @ TheChangingHouse at

    I just found this on Pinterest. Wow! I’m making them right now…. but with Raisin Bran. Do you think it’s going to turn out? I’ll keep you updated 😉

  • Anonymous at

    “they would look so cute with little mini eggs nestled inside – to look like a nest! I’ll be making these for Easter!”

    Great idea. And using white “chocolate” and food coloring, you could make nests of different pastel colors.

  • Carmen at

    Dear Michael,
    Thank so much for sharing this recipe! I didn’t have exactly your ingredients and changed them a bit, but they still came out delicious! I even posted them on my blog, mentioning your site, of course. Thank you again.

  • Anonymous at

    Wow, amazing! Super tasty AND filling! I used half a bag of extra dark choc chips and half a bag of Reese’s peanut butter chips, plus a 1/3 cup of chopped almonds, and a 1/3 cup of chopped dates. The batch made 24 cookies.

  • Anonymous at

    In our family we have made cocoa-conuts for years. Same basic thing but instead of the bran we toast coconut and add it to the chocolate, put in the freezer for a bit and wa-la! I don’t even like coconut, but when toasted all it is is crunch! Delish! I may try to adjust the recipie this year and add some bran cereal and see how it goes over! Hey- any bit of health helps! Thanks

  • Shawna Morales at

    I used the whole box of all bran (18oz) and a standard size bag of chocolate chips and it came out really dry and wouldn’t hold together like the picture. So I had to add another bag of chocolate chips in which of course upped the calories. So how did yours come out like in the picture which just one bag of chocolate chips?

  • Jill at

    I want my $10 back… Not nearly enough chocolate… So I now have chocolate flavored rabbit food. I like the concept… But the amounts are way off!

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