Some of you may already know this (thanks to every other form of social media), but yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me. I was featured in ourlocal Sunday paper. Living in a small town, being in the newspaper, especially the Sunday edition, is kind of a big deal. 

Inspired By Charm

Last week a reporter stopped by, interviewed me, and took some photographs. I knew an article was coming, but didn’t know exactly when. In large part, it came about because I participated in the Apartment Guide sweepstakes. I believe their marketing team put out some calls to the local papers. Fortunately, being in a small town, my involvement with the sweepstakes is big news. 

As of right now, the article isn’t available online. Sorry about that. Though, there is really no information included in it that most of you don’t already know. 

Inspired By Charm

The entire morning was pretty exciting. Someone made a comment on Facebook about seeing the article before I even had a chance to pick up a copyof the paper. I even got a phone call from a high school friend who was in town for the holiday weekend. Plus, the hundreds of Facebook and Instagram ‘likes’ and comments really made me overjoyed.

Inspired By Charm

Through all of this joy and happiness there was one disparaging comment that kind of ruined my moment and day. While I realize that negativity exists and is not uncommon in the digital world, this woman really bummed me out. As much as I tried to fight it, her words ate at me the entire day. Some of you may have seen part of the conversation that I posted (and subsequently removed) on my personal Facebook page. I don’t think it’s necessary to repost it here, but this woman was basically beating me up because I take pride in my successes and talk about myself on this blog and on the Inspired by Charm Facebook page. 

I’m still having difficulty wrapping my head around her issues. She didn’t want to hear about my breakfasts, my shoes, or my articles in the paper; she just wanted to be “charmed.” At one point, she also said that “I should get my butt whipped for dancing to my own beat.” She also told me that “God doesn’t like ugly, and that my words and public display of self-love carry venom.” Needless to say, she was immediately blocked, and hopefully is no longer following me. 

Thankfully, after a good night’s sleep, I’m feeling a bit better about the whole situation. Due to some great advice and encouragement from friends and strangers alike, I also realize her opinion doesn’t matter. I must dance to my own beat. I must speak what is in my heart. I must celebrate and shout my accomplishments from the rooftop. I hope and encourage all of you to do the same. I can’t wait to hear your stories and share your successes. You are enough. You are beautiful just the way you are. People who try to tear us down are just not worth our time and have no place in our lives.

I know I’ve said this before, but yesterday was a strong reminder that I can’t say it enough. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart and soul, Thank you. I probably don’t actually “know” 90 percent of you, but I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your support, kind words, and constant encouragement. 

Thank you for letting me be me, flaws and all. 

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

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  • Megan at

    Haters gonna hate. Sorry, I had to. Funny how it just takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. I always find negativity in the blogging world kind of funny. Nobody made you to visit my blog, like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram. If it isn’t for you, don’t come around. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Keep your head up and do your thing :). You cannot possibly make everyone happy so it is best just to focus on what makes you happy.

  • Barbara at

    Good for you and poooo on her. I live in the same area and was thrilled to see the article in our local paper. I follow you faithfully and enjoy every minute. I work with others who have never heard of your blog or little Inn. I shared all I knew and even let them read a few posts. They where very delighted to say the least. I hope you have many more local and loyal followers that love what you do feel inspired as I do.

  • Melody @ at

    I am SO sorry that you had to go through that. That is just petty and selfish and plain rude! I don’t get it at all…jealousy is a venomous thing. I am SO proud of everything you have accomplished and please know that your success, your passion to pursue your dreams, your love for making the world a prettier place is VERY inspiring!! Keep it going and know that the people out there who are jealous of others’ accomplishments will continue to be thorns in people’s sides. I’ve dealt with this on numerous occasions. It hurts. Those people would NEVER tolerate the same behavior pointed toward them. It’s ironic, really.

    So, keep on inspiring us!

    All the best,

  • lisa at

    i agree w/ megan! don’t let it get you down. sometimes people are jealous of other’s happiness. you are a ray of sunshine <3 i love your charm!

  • glenda... at

    She owns that, not you!
    Forget about her….

  • Liz at

    I love everything you post. You have inspired me with an endless parade of creative ideas, and encouraging words, and I look forward each day to seeing what you will be up to.

    Some people are so miserable in their own lives that the only way they seem to be happy is by making everyone else miserable. I would hate to live in their head… it must be a sad & lonely place.

    Keep on keeping on… don’t let others get you down… 🙂

  • J & H Perkins at

    It is so hard not to let the negativity of others get to you, but just remember all those of us out there enjoy what you do, what you write, and all your fantastic ideas. I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with you on facebook and instagram. Keep up the great work!!

  • handmade_mama at

    Yes. You are enough.

    One of my favorites:

    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter, don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss


  • Jeanettebr at

    Michael I am a home schooling stay at home mom to 4…busy..all day. I get these rare moments to myself when I can get online and do what makes me happy….check out decorating and life blogs and get inspired. I say this because I make it a point to start here everyday at Inspired By Charm. Why? Because I dropped in one day and you charmed me Michael. You make me smile and you make me feel at home. I want to come back here and watch you marvel at how your life is changing and how your dreams are coming true. I like that you share your life with us. Thank you for allowing us to come with you on your journey. If your like me..just one mean comment…just one person who isn’t happy with you…can bring you down and make you sad. Don’t let anyone change the beat of your music…its a lovely tune…keep dancing

  • Katie at

    BoomBaBoomBoomBoom! I’m Dancing to my own beat too! Keep dancing:-)

  • notmuchofacook at

    I love your enthusiasm about everything you do. Sadly, there are those who want to bring others down. She’s just an unhappy person and the interweb has a name for folks like that: troll. Fuhgeddaboudit. Carry on with your good self.
    P.S. You have lots to be proud of.

  • Stacey at

    You are the charming part!! How can we be inspired and charmed by just pictures or things, and not by having you and what you share about your life infused throughout the blog?!

    Yep, you’ve had some amazing opportunities lately…because of your blog and who you are in it…why wouldn’t we want to share in your joy over that?! I’ve never, ever once seen you speak of yourself in a bragging or arrogant manner. I’d have to say you are truly one of the most humble bloggers I “know.”

    It’s like the parade ruiners getting onto your grammar and spelling a bit ago…no one has to read or follow you in any way. Those of us who want to will stick around and keep cheering you on. You are why we are here! Keep on sharing the good news!! I was searching all your media pages looking for the article as soon as I saw your FB post! Because I’m happy for you and your success. You deserve it. Others want to be inspired by your charm as well!!!!!

  • Anonymous at

    Some people have no life and crap on others parade in life. ugh! You go kiddo, you inspire and love your site. Hugs, Julie

  • Dead Flowers at

    I love your blog and all the photos you post and projects you do. And all of your pins on Pinterest too! I think hate mail is part of being a successful blogger, unfortunately. But you’re handling it well. Don’t let it get you down!

  • The Pennington Point at

    I’ve been reading for so long but never left a comment. But now I just have to say something. I get hater comments every once in a while and it does hurt. You know in your head that they’re wrong, but it takes a while to get over it. I sure do understand that!

    But I’m still going say that this is not your problem! Darlin’, this is your blog and you can say whatever you want. If someone doesn’t like your fabulous drumbeat they can find another place to go. There are plenty of blogs that are perfect stamps of everyone else for them to enjoy.

    YOU are just so awesome and creative and love every post and I have never thought once that you talk too much about yourself. Good grief! That’s what a personal blog is.

    OK, I’ll stop my rant and crawl back into my hole. But I sure wish I was one of your 10% that knows you in person so I could give you a great big hug then we could move on to more delightful topics. Like decorating, or breakfast, or shoes….oh yes shoes!

    My love, Lisa~

  • Wendi at

    All I can say is just think about the people that you make smile (like me). You are personable and likeable…and let’s pray for the daisy downers so we don’t let them control us and so maybe they will change.

  • Cara Leckenby at

    Congratulations! The article – what a very lovely affirmation for all that you do! In being fabulous, one must run across those who aren’t as fabulous, and who take their joy from trodding on others. Ignore them, love. Or pity them. How can there possibly be love, light, joy, laughter, in a life so filled with vitriol (speaking of your unfortunate nay-sayer)? I’ve been watching your notoriety “explode” over the last several months, and it’s been wonderful! Thank you, Michael, for being joyful, real, accessible, and for living a life full of appreciation – appreciation of EVERYTHING – yourself, your surroundings, the big city, the small town, entertainment, objects and decor… And again, kudos!

  • at

    You are right, they’re out there and it’s her issues not yours. Congratulations on your successes! You are inspired and you inspire us. I just had my barn house featured in Vintage & Victorian magazine and I’m tellin’ everyone!!!!!!Aren’t we supposed to be excited for the happy things in our life? And happy for others as well? I actually feel sorry for those kind of people because they must be very sad:( Congratulations again and much success to you!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  • Jane F at

    I totally agree with the others, just keep your chin up and continue to do what you do best – Inspire and Charm us! For all the nay-sayers – why are you even reading the blog, if it offends you so much?!?!?

  • Laura Ingalls Gunn at

    Congratulations! It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving blogger!

    Haters happen. Just remember, someone must have peed in their wheaties and they really are not forced at gunpoint to read any blog. 🙂

    I read EVERY post you write and am always charmed.

    Bliss can be found everywhere if you seek it. Sadly, some don’t.

  • Joyce G at

    Horrible horrible woman. Please don’t let her affect you anymore. There are more of us who are charmed with your comments but unfortunately keep quiet. Know you have a lot of silent friends here …….

  • Christine In Hilltown PA at

    Michael, I am another fan whom you don’t know. I just arrived home from a long day at the hospital with my 89 year old mom who is declining due to congestive heart failure. I read your blog on my phone while waiting for the cardiologist to show up in the ER. I didn’t have the time then to comment but I do now. Believe me, a day spent with an elderly, close relative who isn’t ready to give up on this life, puts things in perspective.

    There will always be people out there that will never be happy with what we do, no matter how hard we try. You can’t please them all but you must know that for the majority of us, your on-line, unknown friends, you provide a ray of sunshine on an otherwise grey and gloomy day. My question to this woman would be, “if you are so critical, then why do you spend so much time following all that Michael does? Move on to something that doesn’t ruffle your feathers so much!!”

    Keep doing what you’re doing. You bring joy to those who read your blog and you bring some awesome Pins on Pinterest to your followers there. Don’t let the one or two or ten Debbie Downers change who you are. She is the one who needs to do some soul searching and make some changes within herself. You are fabulous just the way you are.

  • HHart at

    No one is making her read your blog. Seriously, shame on her for being so judgmental. Keep up the fun!

  • Harriet at

    Michael, you have such a loving and giving heart and such an abundance of creativity. Please keep dancing to your fabulous beat!
    Sending you big hugs from NC.

  • Dianne at

    Michael, You are right. You don’t know me, but I am a fan. I also do not know this person who wrote all this garbage but, I can tell you she has some serious problems…to go like she did and bring God into it all. She needs help. While I could go on repeating everything the previous comments said (and more)just keep doing what you are doing.

  • Patty at

    Mean people suck ! Great bumper sticker. As soon as I read your post I Googled “what to do with negative people.” This is one of many links that came up:

    I really liked No. 4. It would not let me cut and paste, so you’ll have to go there. But one thing they did was put a sticky note to remind them “OIYLI.” Which stands for Only If You Let It.

    I know you won’t let it get to you any longer than it has. Because you have US to raise you above such ca-ca.

    You have so much to show us…Keep On Keepin’ On, Friend !


  • Kat at

    Congrats on the article and I know it’s easier said then done – but forget about the nay-sayers!

    Have a great week!

  • Marcy at

    Michael, I was delighted to meet you at the BH&G Stylemaker event! Stay strong and true to your goals and dreams, and try not to let the negativity get to you. There are so many other people who are happy with you just as you are!

  • Michelle at

    It sounds as if she may be a little disturbed. Its easier said then done put don’t pay her any attention.I love breakfast and love reading what you make. Keep on being who you are and dancing to your own beat.

    Congrats on the article.

  • Sissi at

    You rock! Never change that!

  • Tonya Diehl at

    Don’t know what more I can say! You can see from all the previous comments that you are LOVED!! You are fabulous & charming just the way you are! Don’t let Miss Crabby pants bring you down! I don’t know if you are an Ellen Degeneres fan or not, but I happen to love her! She always says “My Haters Are My Motivators!” I think that’s a pretty great motto to live by!! There is always gonna be someone out there just waiting to bring you down…instead let them fuel your dreams!

  • Ann from On Sutton Place at

    I agree with Michelle. She sounds a bit off her rocker. There is one lesson in life I have learned the hard way. That is this: no matter how hard we try, we cannot please everyone. It’s human nature to try and that’s really too bad because we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. All we can do when it happens is pick ourselves up and move on. Sounds like you are doing just that.

  • Katy Judy at

    Michael I am inspired by you with every post. I could not even get the pictures to the page, nor the great content that you inspire us with. There are some I might consider authorities in their fields, i.e. Julia Child, Martha Stewart, Emily Post etc. but that comes with a respect of how they handled that. And lastly remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said: People can only make you feel inferior if you let them. Soar with the eagles! You are invaluable. You have style, talent and creativity. Keep sharing! xoxo

  • Ali Richardson at

    UGH! Freaking haters!!! Some people are so pathetic and insecure. Sorry you have to deal with that, glad you aren’t letting it keep you down 🙂

  • Anonymous at

    Michael, if “charm” bit her in the butt, sounds to me she wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway. All of your work, creativity, ideas, your blog, etc…are inspirational! Please keep up the good work! Also, don’t let people get you down, you just keep doing what your doing which is bringing the charm of inspiration to everyone.

  • Sue at

    Michael, Just from the info. you have posted here about the negative comment, it sounds like this person actually may have mental health issues. Please just know that the vast majority of us ARE charmed by you, each and every post! I know I am:)

  • Dana at

    I’m so sorry that she upset you. Just know that there are people in this world who love to spout hate but they are the ones with the problem. You know that there are many, many people who follow your blog and FB page who ARE inspired by your charm and style. I feel like I “know” you too, and appreciate that you open your home and life to bring beauty and inspiration to your fans. Hang in there!

  • scruffie at

    Michael, your posts always bring joy to my day, I respect all that you have accomplished at such a young age,
    your talents know no bounds.

    Thanks for always being sincere, it is
    healthy to feel proud of your achievements so turn up the music and dance to your own drummer.


    margo on Vancouver island.

  • Designs By Pinky at

    What the heck is her problem??? Blogging is all about SHARING: breakfasts, shoes, tablescapes, love, whatever. I would have been upset too, if I were you. Don’t let her get you down though, there are MORE positive people here than meanies. XO, pinky

  • *claire* at

    I’ve followed your blog and ig for a while, but never commented. I had to on this one. I would never have guessed someone would accuse you of being too full of yourself or something like that. You make beautiful things and share them, providing inspiration, ideas, recipes, etc that we can all gain from. You don’t have to, but chose to. I’m glad we get to share it with you!!

  • Heather H at

    Well I’m just going to throw out a great big “ditto” to all of the above commenters loving on your blog. It’s one of my faves!

  • Karalee at

    We love you Michael, you just quite simply make everyone happy! Thank you

  • slip4 at

    Michael, keep celebrating and shouting and following your own beat. Don’t let the crazies get you down (this one seemed particularly mean, but still). You charm us every day. Congrats on the newspaper article – so exciting!

  • Anonymous at

    First of all congratulations you deserved it. Second no one forced her to follow you on facebook, so if she did not like what you say then she should have simply unfriended you. I have discovered that some people are so unhappy that they are constantly trying to fault others in what they say and do.
    Please keep doing what you are doing you are bring happiness to a lot of people.
    Thank you.

  • Eppie Doodle at

    Good Morning, Michael;
    First, I want to say congratulations on your achievements. You certainly have talent! Your blog was the first blog I subscribed to. I look forward to hearing and seeing what you are doing. The woman who sent you the ugly message needed to read her post before she sent it. Indeed, God does not like ugly. You did the right thing in deleting her post and her from your list. Unfortunately, our world is full of those types of people. Keep on holding your head high and doing what you are doing. I am one of the 90% who will be there smiling at your accomplishments as you climb your mountain. And, I value the relationship. Take care, Emily

  • Susan @ at

    I hope she isn’t following me too! Michael you are talented and you are making a success out of your talent…. you are awesome! Some people have nothing else in their lives but their computers. They sit behind a wall and type… they post negative comments everywhere. They envy you and are full of self hate. Please don’t let them bother you (though I’m sure it would bother me too). Just feel sorry for them because making negative comments is all they know.

  • Michele at

    It’s unfortunate that there are such negative people in life that have to spew hate. No one made this person like your facebook page nor read your blog so if she doesn’t like it then unlike your page don’t go spewing hate just to try and bring someone down. Michael you are fabulous, inspiring and charming! Don’t let anyone make you think other wise!

  • Anonymous at

    Unfortunately, you received misdirected anger from an unhappy person.

    She is probably unhappy because she has not created a popular blog that touches people and inspires them.

    She might be unhappy because she can not make beautiful quilts.

    She is probably angry because she can not nurture plants to bloom and grow.

    She is probably is peeved because her breakfast scones never turn out right.

    She is probably unhappy because she can not define charm and clearly does not possess it herself.

    They are her issues. Don’t let them stop you or cause you a moment of pain.

    You just need to Shine. Charm. and be kind enough to share it with all who appreciate your efforts.

  • Kiki at

    It’s always the ugliest people who seem to know everything and feel the most comfortable sharing their seemingly endless opinions with everyone around them. And the best thing to do is ignore people like that, but that advice is so much more easily given than acted upon.

    I’m always taken aback by the capacity for cruelty that some people have. They wouldn’t plunge a knife into your heart because that would be illegal and wrong, yet what they don’t realize is that they’ve done the same thing with their words.

  • Leslie at

    Michael, please don’t let that sour apple ruin your day or even your minute. You are so very creative and not afraid to let your humanity show; reading your blog and seeing all the lovely pins brings so many smiles to me and others. I apologize for speaking out about grammar a couple of weeks ago. I’m imperfect and, like that woman who rained on you, need to realize that more than I do.

  • Ellie Maggie at

    What on earth possessed that woman to even THINK that she had the right to tell you her own revolting negative opinions in the first place??!!! Before quoting what God likes and dislikes to other people, she should seriously take a long look in the mirror at herself before spouting off to others. Michael, that was only one post in a whole day full of positive posts – don’t zoom in on these negative people because that’s exactly what they want you to do. We love you just as you are.
    Ellie Maggie x

  • Jane S. at

    I don’t understand people like that woman, sure she is entitled to her own opinion, but is she such a miserable human being that she has to make everyone else feel bad too? She really isn’t worth your time.

    I really enjoy your blog, love seeing all the interesting things you’re making and doing, plus you just sound like such a nice person. 🙂

  • Dancing About Architecture at

    Jealous .. petty .. small-minded .. ignore! But, i know when it’s directed at you, that is difficult. Your light is shining and that bothers her because she can’t or won’t let hers shine. Her bad. Solution? Not to dim yours, that’s for damn sure!

  • Jan Murp at

    There are some people who put you down in life, mock your dreams, and challenge your personality; they look like winners. But in actual fact, they are only voicing out their insecurities and jealousy. Do not let them pull you down. Believe and accept yourself and hold onto what you believe in!

  • Linda C at

    Geez-o-peet!! I’ve spent the last 14 years of my life telling my daughters to dance to their own beat and yell their accomplishments from the rooftops! Be proud of what you’ve done. I look forward to your posts each and every day. I think it’s funny that she said God doesn’t like ugly, but yet posted some really ugly stuff. Don’t let it pull you down. Too many people get enjoyment out of reading your stuff. No one made her sign up to YOUR blog. 🙂 Love you, love your work… please keep it up.

  • TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic at

    Isn’t it a pain that the one mean comment amongst so many positive ones has such an affect on us? Well, as everyone here knows, she’s one unhappy sour pickle. I hope she thinks again before saying such mean things… what she said says much more about her than it does about you.

    Congrats on your article (I bet your mamma’s proud) and keep on doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  • Shellie L at

    We innkeepers are super proud of you Michael, you ARE an innspiration to everyone you meet. Thank you for that, and letting us share a part of your world. InnkeeperVA

  • Kimberley Wilson at

    Honey I was introduced to your blog by friends online who love your blog – that one woman? the problem is clearly with her not you. Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous at

    Michael, keep being who you are and doing what you do. You make MANY happy. Those like that woman do not understand the meaning and try as you say rain on your parade. When that happens where a wet suit and let it drip right off where it will evaporate quickly.

    I say this as much for you as for me, dealing with some of the same issues. It is amazing what jealousy and hate does to the human soul and how instead of trying to be happy they want everyone else to feel like them. It is a sickness that you can not cure other than to be the happy person you are. Nothing spreads faster than a smile and laughter – it is contagious and worth passing on.

  • Andrea Miyata at

    One person out of the THOUSANDS of people following made a nasty comment–I think it’s pretty clear by now that the rest of us agree that she’s out of line. You are a highly skilled, successful, intelligent, and kind person. I cannot intellectually understand what it is that makes some people feel the need to hurt others, but clearly the problem is not you.

    Anyway, the headline on the article is incorrect. It should read, “Blog brings Wurm INTERnational attention”!!!

    Keep being fabulous!

  • Kelly at

    I wish I could see what her comments were, but based on what you said she sounds pretty crazy. Just ignore comments like that.

    I read several design blogs a day and I check on yours a few times a week. This is the second time that I saw recently in which you voiced how upset someone’s comment made you. The first time was during the convention you went to in NYC and someone actually gave you some constructive criticism on proofing your posts/media before sending them out. It got your really flustered.

    Basically Michael, you need to take a chill pill. If someone is saying crazy stuff about God not liking ugly, ignore that crap. If someone is giving you advice on how to improve your blog, read it, and act on it if you want or move along. Stop complaining. This is the internet. Everyone has an opinion about something. You are offering up your life in your blog, expect to get negative feedback sometime or don’t do this kind of stuff. I hope you don’t take this comment the wrong way.

  • Nikki Fabrizi at

    I found your blog as I was looking for information about Bed and Breakfast Inns. Interesting that someone (one) would be ugly toward you for singing your own song, tooting your own horn…however we put it. I recently moved to a new city and just after meeting a business owner, they asked what I “did”. Since I am not currently employed, I shared that I had my own interior design business prior to moving but was looking for where I fit into the community. He then asked something (which I can’t remember) but my response was, “I’m very good, very good at what I do.” I think I then must have blushed and apologized for being so forward. He immediately said, “Hey, you must be your own advocate. If you can’t be your own then who will?” I was pleased and also reminded that in my much younger days I was very shy about accepting compliments about my singing voice. A very wise woman told me that it was a disservice to ignore or downplay their compliment and that I should always accept with a sincere “thank you” instead of a denial of the gift. Thanks for allowing me to share.
    Best wishes,

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