remember when i said i wanted to create this look in my ‘backyard’?


Inspired By Charm

well, i did! almost… i started the process… anyway, i started with this….


Inspired By Charm


not so nice right? minus the trees in the pots it was a muddy area that collected water and leaves and eventually grew the biggest, scariest weeds i have ever seen. it was a mess people. and the fence made of railroad ties… HAD TO GO.


after removing the fence, moving some dirt, planting the trees (which are river birch – the same as featured in my inspiration photo above [mine are just a bit smaller at the moment]), putting down landscaping plastic (to prevent weeds from growing – take that weeds!) laying a brick boarder and finally putting down lots, and lots of mulch….

here’s what i came up with!


Inspired By Charm


better right? i’m told these trees grow pretty quick. these were the largest i could find and i enjoy seeing things grow and trimming them to my desired shape/style.


now it’s time to accessorize! i’m planning on getting a new bench (the one i have is a pretty old hand-me-down). i’d like to find a red one to match my door (which i still need to show you – please remind me). if not maybe i can paint this one? i think i may have some extra paint.


Inspired By Charm

i think it needs a little green, so i may do a row of daylilys behind the trees, or some ground cover. i haven’t decided.

and in case you were wondering, i would have planting the trees further back, but my property line stops right where the edge of the brick is, so i don’t think my neighbor would like if i planted trees in his yard. i think he’ll appreciate the mulch, but i need to know my boundaries.


i think a bird bath is also neccessary and maybe a couple of really big stones. who knows. i’ll be sure to let you know what i come up with.


oh! and remember i was telling/showing you my espalier? well… there are some leaves coming and hopefully some new rows of banches.


Inspired By Charm

looks cool right? i love it, i really do.

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