It’s time to wrap all those gifts you’ve bought. Today I’m sharing some Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas! Welcome to Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas!

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

I couldn’t let this series go by without talking about holiday gift wrapping, right? (You can check out previous gift wrapping posts here and here.) That’s why today I have some Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas for you.

Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas:

1. Stick with a Color Scheme
Although I’ll be showing you wrapping with a variety of colors, I often find it helpful to have sort of a color scheme when it comes to gift wrapping.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to be tempted by all of the pretty papers and ribbons. Having a color scheme gives you a focus and eliminates a lot of decision making when you’re selecting paper, ribbon, etc. This will save you time and stress.

2. Add Personalization
Did you know you can personalize wrapping paper with your name!? Tiny Prints sells fabulous gift wrap that you can customize with your very own holiday greeting.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

While all of your paper doesn’t need to be personalized, it’s one way to add a unique touch to your gift giving.

3. Layer Ribbons
As I’ve said in years past, my go-to ribbon for gift wrapping is satin. Nowadays, you can find it online in almost any color and width. To get the best buy, I recommend purchasing a spool of 50 yards. (If there is extra, you can use it year round for gift giving. I do!) A single satin ribbon looks classy, but also try layering a couple ribbons for depth and contrast.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

I’m clearly not the only person obsessed with ribbon. The array of ribbons at home stores and super stores today is crazy. I’ve been buying them up all season. (My mom thinks I have a problem. There might be an intervention soon.)

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

Again, work within your color palette, and you can’t go wrong. Pick a ribbon with a touch of metallic, and you’re likely to get the “this -is-too-pretty-to-open” response. (Congratulations, you just won Christmas.)

One more thing about ribbon: When trimming the ends, take a few extra seconds to make a V cut. Just fold the end of the ribbon in half lengthwise and make a diagonal cut from the folded edge out. It’s that simple, and it gives a finished look to the entire presentation.

4. Gifts on Gifts
What’s better than one gift? A gift on that gift. Last week I shared festive ideas for creating holiday gifts in clear glass ornaments. Why not add one of those to the top of your gift? Not only does it make the package look amazing, but the recipient will be super excited to receive a bonus gift.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

More Creative Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas:

5. Add an Ornament
This year my sister-in-law decided to change up her tree. As she was contemplating donating / tossing the outdated ornaments, I suggested that she keep them for embellishing presents.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

Adding an ornament to a wrapped gift is probably one of my favorite ways to personalize it and make it extra special. Not only does the ornament make your gift stand out, but it’s something the recipient can hang on his or her tree and remember you by throughout the season and for years to come. (Or, they can do what my mom does and save it for next year to tie onto someone else’s package. Ha!)

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

Recycle ornaments that no longer suit your decor or, if time permits, DIY a few. Check out my Concrete Ornaments, Wood Slice Photo Ornaments, or Painted Scallop Ornaments for inspiration.

6. Don’t Wrap
I get that many of you might not be as excited as I am about wrapping. That’s okay. Thanks to fabulous boxes and stickers, you don’t have to be.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

Here, I used a plain black box tied with ribbon, and embellished with a personalized sticker from Tiny Pints. That’s it. No wrapping required. How easy is that? Thanks to the sticker, you get that personalized touch sans paper.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

And yes, you can still get creative. Here I used a kraft paper Chinese take-out container to achieve the same look. With a simple ribbon, the adorable gift tag becomes the star of the show. (You can find the stickers I used here and here.)

7. Bring on the Twine
For years, I’ve been using baker’s twine as the piéce de résistance when wrapping gifts. Although it does take a bit more time, wrapping a simple piece of twine around a package is a beautiful finishing detail. The twine can double as a way to tie on an ornament, gift tag, piece of pine, etc.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

I’m especially loving the twine with metallic thread, but with the huge variety of options available, you’re sure to find something to suit your style.

8. Gift a Card
Sometimes the right gift during the holidays is just a card. That works for me. Whether your sending this festive greeting by mail or handing it to someone in person, Tiny Prints has hundreds of options to make it special and personal.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

For the past several years, I’ve tried to keep my cards personal, and this year was no exception. Since I don’t have a family to feature on my card, I opted for several of my favorite holiday images from last year.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

A picture of my dining room worked well with this letterpress design. I paired it with printed envelopes for the perfect combination.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

My marshmallow wreath is the star of my second holiday card. I wanted a card to go with these “special delivery” envelopes, and this looked great. The red foiled “Merry Christmas” was the perfect greeting.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

As you know, I like to embellish my cards, too. Holiday stamps are a must. And a simple strip of washi tape seals the deal (envelope).

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

Whether you have a picture of your dining room to share, an image of your pets, or dozens of family photos, Tiny prints will have a card option to suit your taste.

Personalized Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

And that’s it! Another round of fabulous, festive, and personalized ways to gift holiday cheer.

The 12 Days of Christmas continues through the entire week, so be sure to stop back every day for more inspiration. If there’s something you’ve missed, catch up on all the posts linked up below.


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  • Derick Gisselle at

    Gift wrapping is not an easy task. When giving a gift to someone, we tend to wrap the gift properly so that the gift likes it. There are also very good ways of wrapping the gift. I am searching on google for uniqueness gift wrapping ideas and i got the your blog. Really i am very impressed with your blog because you share the awesome ideas on this blog. Thanks for sharing great ideas.

  • Kelli at

    I wish you would design stickers for us to purchase. A generic one for Christmas cookie gifting to neighbors, friends and co workers. I love the black personalized ones you created! Stunning!

  • Susan at

    Beautiful and charming ideas! Thank you for the great wrapping inspiration.I love to use ribbon too and maybe will add another layer this year. ?

  • Jamie at

    That personalized paper is everything! I didn’t know you could order something like that. I also love your cards. What a special way to make them personal. Bravo! Off to check out Tiny Prints!

  • Terrie at

    Thank you for all the great wrapping ideas! Your packages look so beautiful 🙂

  • Lori Q at

    Great ideas and beautiful photography! Ribbon and paper products–my little obsessions. Can’t have too many cocktail napkins! Thanks for all of the inspiration–especially during the holidays. I’ve passed along your blog to lots of friends.

  • JoeyfromSC at

    I love these wrapping ideas & card designs!! So classy!! Everyone who ever received a tiny prints card from me, raves about them. Such good quality!

  • samantha ricketts at

    Thank you for card ideas that DONT have a family photo on the front! Its been difficult to find ideas that are as charming and beautiful as yours!
    Love your blog!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Right!? I really struggled with the same thing. I thought about doing photos of my travels, but it felt a bit vain. This was the perfect solution!

      Thanks for the love!

      xo Michael

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