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i thought i’d share some photos of one of my favorite trees in the gift shoppe this year. it’s a ten foot tall tree, but the top three feet is made of a bendable rod allowing it to ‘lean’. sorta looks like a whoville tree. you can call me michael-loo-who!

Inspired By Charm

i was inspired by the colors of a peacock and these beautiful sequin peacock ornaments below.

Inspired By Charm

90% of the time i wrap my tree with ribbon. i didn’t have anything in the shop to match, so i used a glittery green ribbon i found at wal-mart. i love ribbon on a tree. it fills that empty space so nicely. it also helps to hide cords from lights.

Inspired By Charm

and of course i had to have real peacock feathers. found these guys on ebay for a steal!

Inspired By Charm

 an elves view of the tree. magical, right?

Inspired By Charm

even sequin butterflies!

Inspired By Charm

and any good tree needs a little glitter! i love the colors of glitter used on these teal glass ornaments.

Inspired By Charm

some jewels for added sparkle!

Inspired By Charm

the most amazing glittery green ferns i’ve ever seen. these really make the tree extra special.

Inspired By Charm

and a disco ball inspired ornament. i love how they reflect the lights.

what do you think of my tree? i will share pictures of MY actually tree sometime next week. have you put your tree up yet?

Dare to DIY

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

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  • *claire* at

    that is amazing! great job! not only are the colors and sequins perfect, the fact that’s it’s leaning is a great touch.

  • KatiePerk at

    Stunning tree! 2 years ago we bent 2 of those types of trees together to make an arch. I love the lean!
    The peacock tree is gorgeous!

  • courtneyoutloud at

    Honestly, that tree is amaze-balls! If I had the room and the ‘nads to put it up in my house, I would!

  • Maya @ Completely Coastal at

    Pretty awesome!! And I love what you did with those oars…, I’ll be featuring them on my blog (too) next year!!!!

    Glad you stop by…, even though your not by the sea!

  • Chrissie at

    I love thus tree! I think it is my favorite I have seen in blogland!Love the peacock theme and the fact that the tree is leaning over just makes it!

  • Cindy at

    ahhhhhhhhh! your peacock-inspired Whoville tree made my heart skip a beat Michael!! wish I could have one of my own. love love love it!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    This is gorgeous! I love the vibrant, rich colors and the fabulous tree. I think I totally need a tree like this. I actually used peacock feathers in one of my trees, but it’s totally different.

  • Sherry at

    I love this tree. The colors, sparkle, and ferns fronds evoke a magical Christmas jungle…in Asia. And, then when you least expect it…it bends! LOL I love something different. This is different, but extremely pretty and exciting. Very nice tree!:)

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Okay, so seriously Michael-Who-Loo…you’d better lock your door. I’m coming to steal that tree….RIGHT.NOW.

  • Lindy at

    Beautiful, beautiful tree. Love the colors and all the glittered fern. Great job! I’m following.

  • Krista at

    So gorgeous, seriously takes my breath away!

  • Jerri at

    What a wonderful tree! So unique!

    Thanks so much for visiting me! Hope you can come to my Christmas Recipe Party next Thursday!

  • Life with L at

    A beautiful showpiece. I have seen similar trees in some of my favorite stores. They make a stunning foal piece. Congrats on living your dream! I am your newest follower too. Stop by my blog too! Happy holidays! Linda

  • Haverford House at

    I love all the peacock colors! The who-ville bend is magical! You have the best tree this year! Merry Christmas! ~Marcy

  • Beth @ Free Stylin' at

    Michael, your tree is AMAZING! Love the colors, the peacock, the shape! And I LOVE your blog! It’s my dream to own a B&B, too!! You have great ideas and beautiful style! Thanks for checking out Free Stylin’ – I will definately be blog stalking you now. 😉

  • Seven Sisters at

    *gasp!! I am in LOVE. I have a peacock themed tree too, but yours for sure blows mine away! beautiful! ~*S*~

  • missarahlou at

    Just… WOW! I love it! I especially love the ferns… they almost look like feathers themselves!

  • Ellie at

    Your tree puts elegance in Whoville for sure! It’s beautiful. New follower!

  • Life in Rehab at

    OMG, my post today is a peacock wreath! THIS is just breathtaking! I can’t wait to show this to the gang at home. Thank you so much for popping by my blog so I could discover yours.

  • Shannon at

    Shut up. I cannot take how awesome this tree is. First of all, I’m kinda obsessed with peacocks lately. but you, my friend, have taken it to an all new level. The curviness, the shininess, the glitteryness….please feel free to box this baby up, mark it Fragile and send it across the state when you tire of it. B

  • Julie Smith at

    This is absolutely beautiful! Playful yet sophisticated. My kids would love this and so would I.

    We decorated our tree this weekend, though I’m afraid your tree puts ours to shame 🙂

  • Oonafey at

    The peacocks are gorgeous, they tree is fantastic, and you are genius. I am going to be on the lookout for green and teal ornaments in the sales this year!

    I love the idea of wrapping the tree with ribbon, but I am too stinkin’ lazy to take all the ornaments off, wrap it, and re-decorate it. Maybe next year!

  • cassi at

    where do I find one to buyyy?????

  • brianna at

    I love this tree. I’m looking to do a who-ville/seuss tree for a fund raiser event and I need some advice on how to bend the top of the tree. Any ideas that you can share? Or where did you purchase this crazy tree that has a bendable rod on the top?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I got this tree from a wholesale company about 5 years ago. It’s specially designed to bend like that. I’m so sorry but at this point, I’m not sure where to direct you to get one. Best of luck.

      xo Michael

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