My room is officially painted!

Inspired By Charm

I’m so glad I pushed myself and got it finished as quickly as possible. I’m totally loving the results, too! Let’s take a quick look at the before. 

Inspired By Charm

As I noted in my design plan, the main wall color is Shoji White from Sherwin Williams and the fireplace wall color is Slate Teal from Benjamin Moore. In case I neglected to mention it previously, the trim is Extra White from Sherwin Williams. It’s their ProClassic trim paint in semi-glass. All the trim in my house is the same.

Inspired By Charm

I’m also not sure if I told you, but after painting so much of this house, I’ve come to learn that it looks best with a neutral wall color. I love color, and I think having this neutral base really allows me to play around with things. Other than my yellow dining room, color on the walls just doesn’t seem to work.

Though, I will admit, I’m loving the pop of teal on the fireplace. I couldn’t be more pleased with it! 

Inspired By Charm

Doesn’t the chandelier look perfect in the space!? I got the dimmer switch installed last night. It’s pure magic! 

Inspired By Charm

Even though I’ve finished with the painting, my to-do list for this space is still pretty long. 

Oh, and I know what you’re thinking: “Cute chevron lamp, Michael!” It was a birthday present from my mom (found by my sister-in-law). I just love it! She found it at HomeGoods.

Inspired By Charm

Next, I’m going to tackle the shelving to the left of the fireplace. I’m currently saving for a large flat screen tv that will go on the wall above the fireplace. Since this is an older house, I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to run the cable and electricity. Maybe the shelves will help hide some of the wires.

I also need to replace the tile on the fireplace. You can’t tell from theses pictures, but it’s in terrible shape, especially the tile on the floor in front of the fireplace. I have no experience with tiling, so this project has me a little nervous. 

My plan is to get this fireplace, and the one directly below it in my gift shoppe, functioning again. When I bought this house, both fireplaces were closed up. Since, such a project involves fire and natural gas, I will be bringing in the professionals at some point. I’m not in a huge rush, but I’d like to squeeze it into my budget this winter if possible. 

Inspired By Charm

Because of the placement of the windows, I cannot do drapes, so I’m thinking about a DIY Roman shade made with some cool fabric. 

Also, after hunting for the right couch / sectional / loveseat for weeks, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the cutest loveseat from last night. I’m actually pretty nervous about the fact that I just ordered a couch off the Internet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The bed will be leaving the space within the next couple weeks. 

At this point, depending on how the loveseat looks, the tree painting from my design board will go above it. 

This painting…

Inspired By Charm

It’s beautiful, right? I’m hoping to pull a lot of color inspiration from this piece to give my room some life and pizazz! Oh, and the yellow sequined chevron pillow is from T.J. Maxx. I picked it up when I was in New York City.

Inspired By Charm

Check out the detail on this painting. It was actually done by hand. The chunks of paint give it so much texture and dimension. Love that!

Inspired By Charm

And, since all of my other posts about this room have been “kittybombed,” this one should be no exception.

This is Jax. He’s my little scaredy-cat. Today he was distracted by the neighbor’s dog so the sound of my camera’s shutter did not send him flying out of the room. 

Inspired By Charm

Surprisingly, for being such a nervous wreck, he’s my cuddler. He loves being warm, so he will sit on my lap for hours if I let him.Of course, I don’t dare sneeze or breathe deeply. That would immediately send him into panic mode.

Inspired By Charm

I also decided to snap a little picture of myself. I got my hair cut today, so I figured why not. Yes, it’s goodbye shorts and flip flops and hello jeans and hoodies. Which, I’m surprisingly okay with. 

Inspired By Charm

Hope you all are having a lovely day! I’d love to know what you think of my room’s progress.

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

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  • Amy Anderson at

    I LOVE this blue – it’s my favorite shade. EVER. 😀

  • kristi tarnowski at

    Love it! Love the pop of color and the painting! Reminds me of fall back home in MN

  • Lori Young at

    I love love that teal!! It is the perfect amount of that color in that room!! beautiful!! ~ Lori

  • DecorandtheDog at

    Looks lovely!! Love the accent on the fireplace and I’m drooling over that light!

  • Nicole at

    it looks great! the teal on the fireplace wall is awesome and the love the pops of yellow. can’t wait to see what you do with the curtains and the wall art!

  • cherished bliss at

    I love the wall! But seriously… that chair is AMAZING!! Can’t wait to see what all you do with the room : )

  • Jeremy F at

    So clean, rich, and modern! Looks great. Thought I may recommend The Tile Shop, if there’s one nearby. They helped me and even have Saturday morning tile classes that teach you everything you need to know. It’s not as initimidating as it looks! Keep up the inspirations!

  • adriana at

    I love the blue! And that chair you’re in – it looks so comfy. Thanks for these posts, I love following along with your renovation of the room!

  • DIY Show Off at

    Love the slate teal fireplace wall! The entire room/plans are coming together and looking gorgeous! I find that neutral walls look best in our old house too. Gives me more flexibility as well with me always changing things around. I love to rearrange. Jax is adorable and great haircut! Have a great week!

  • Susan at

    Michael,I love that blue/teal. Stunning!Will have to keep that color in mind when we move ( we are officially up for sale- woohoo!)

    Only two words about putting the TV over the FP…please don’t!

    We got a new FS TV this year and it’s amazing-but it’s not over the FP b/c it would be way to high an angle to watch comfortably.

    Could it go next to the FP?
    You may want to wait until it’s in the room to decide where it should actually go. Then you could put that pretty artwork there instead!

    Can’t wait to see how this room evolves after this pretty start 🙂

  • Tonya Diehl at

    LOVING the new room!! The pop of teal on the fireplace is GORGEOUS and so is that light fixture!! Can’t wait to see what else you do in this space!!

  • Jeanettebr at

    It’s looking so amazing. That pop of teal and that painting really liven up the space! I can’t wait to see more!

  • Chris at

    Hi Michael,
    I just discovered your blog yesterday and have had a wonderful time exploring your world. Nice plans for your room…is this a sitting room or bedroom? You have such creativity! You mentioned removing the bed and ordering a sofa. Pat Jax for me. We live with Bryn (yellow lab), Dolly (black lab) & Maui (the feline reigning queen of the trio).

  • Vicki Holdwick at

    Hi Michael,

    I just discovered you yesterday, too. I’m sorry but I don’t remember which of the many blogs I subscribe to was responsible for sending me to yours.

    Love what you are doing with this room. I am very much in love with color, so am really loving the teal and the painting.


  • slip4 at

    Wow! Love it.

  • Angela at

    I am so in love with the tree painting, do you have any more info on it? The room is coming together beautifully!

  • Holly @ Life as a Thrifter at

    Love it, Michael. The blue accent wall is beyond perfect. Pinning for inspiration in our upcoming nursery!

  • Rachael @ Determined Darling at

    I love it!! I just adore the blue accent wall love the color. I can’t wait to see the rest of the room come together. O and the painting is fabulous!

  • Mrs. Handyverger at

    The teal on your fireplace wall is fantastic! Love it, especially with the artwork you’ve chosen.

    Regarding drapes, have you considered running a curtain rod across the entirety of that wall? The wall might look fantastic with a rich, shimmery fabric covering it. (Especially with the teal accent and that stunning chandelier.) Just a thought!

    Also, your Jax is adorable! Love seeing kitties in people’s decorating photos, since mine adorn so very many of my own!

  • Jeannie Clemens at

    That painting is to die for. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the room.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I love love love the accent wall. It just slays with its cool. And that light? I love it in this space. I wouldn’t have ever thought tO choose it, but it’s awesome. You’ve got an eye.

  • Syvil at

    I totally agree with you on neutral walls. I lived in my home for 4 years with primered walls I couldn’t wait to paint the firs chance I got I picked a very neutral Irish Mist by Behr & can’t wait to decorate with colors. I get it! Love your blog! Saw your pouf on facebook & it made me smile 🙂

  • Karen at

    I just really really like that light fixture. I’m jealous !

  • Geekwif at

    Looks great! It’s like you took it from Grandma’s spare room to oh-so-chic sitting room. That painting is beautiful and ties in the colors so nicely. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  • Michele @ Moonfield Lane at

    This room is coming together beautifully! I have the Shoji White in my powder room and I love it as a neutral. The teal is fantastic as a pop of color and I adore the light fixture. I love teal and gold together. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  • Amber at

    Hi Michael, I am new to your blog and I’ve never posted a comment. Your room looks awesome!! I absolutely love that pop of teal and the neutral walls. I love that gold chevron pillow and how the painting ties in the yellows. Can’t wait to see the finished room! Also, we got a great deal on our flat screen the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Lorinda at

    Well done, Michael! It looks so much more modern. I’m really looking forward to seeing the room once you finish working your magic.

  • Chelsea @ two twenty one at

    LOVE it! The blue on the fireplace looks awesome! And I love the new lighting fixture! I can’t wait to see what else you do with it. Now hand over the pillow and no one will get hurt. 😉

  • Leslie at

    The room is lovely, Michael. I agree with you on the diy Roman Shade. Maybe you could find some fabric with white, that blue and gold – it would tie in to the picture and the pillow/lamp. That is, of course, unless that would clash somehow with the loveseat your ordered?

  • kristy at

    “Kitty-bombed” that phrasing totally cracked me up as I have tons of those kind of shots of my own.

    Love that turquoise!!

  • Reenie at

    Love it!! I LOVE that print above the fireplace. I’m just not a fan of a TV above a fireplace ~ I think it takes away from the fireplace.

    Jax is a handsome boy =)

  • Carra at

    I love Overstock and can’t wait to see what you ordered!

  • Barbara (WA) at

    Just discovered your blog from the blogroll at Simply Klassic Home and love this room! It will be fun to watch it unfold. But we need to know where to get a tree painting like that (really. . . I’ve been all over the internet on the hunt). Any info?

  • Melanie at

    This room is gorgeous! I am loving that teal fireplace wall. I’m also crushing on Jax…I’m such a cat lover; have 3 myself. I just showed the pictures of Jax to my husband and we both agreed he is a *beautiful* cat – wow!

  • Anonymous at

    I love your room! The pop of Teal is amazing! I love the chair with the yellow pillow and the white fireplace. Your hair looks great and I would let the kittie curl up anytime in my lap! Love that chandleriar!! Great job!!

  • iheartorganizing at

    I was oohing and ahhing all the way through the post, and then the painting came in and it was BAM! Amazing! Great color sections and that light fixture is swoon worthy!


  • Jane @ The Borrowed Abode at

    Stopping by on recommendation of my friend Rachel/Funnelcloud Studio, who mentioned you and your blog at our small business meetup last night. I’m so glad she did! That room is gorgeous with the neutral and I love the pop of color on the fire place. But what I love most is the fact that you included the kitty bomb 🙂

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