painted acorns

in keeping with all things new this month, and since several of you asked about my little acorns, i decided to share a new tutorial with you. (not that a tutorial is really needed as this process is pretty much self explanatory.)

Inspired By Charm

somewhere on the internet i saw the cutest little painted acorns. i had to try making some for myself. i used these acorns for a very cool christmasy project which, i’m unfortunatley unable to share with you just yet. but don’t worry, i will as soon as i can.

so the first step in the process is to get some acorns. i’m assuming there is a tree around you somewhere. if not, do like i did and buy them on ebay. (sad, but true.)

Inspired By Charm

about 75% of the acorns i got were already topless (oh my!). so those are the ones i choose to paint. the others with their tops in tact, i just left alone.

choose a spray paint color, i used burgundy and red, and get to spraying.

Inspired By Charm

I found it best to place the acorn upside down where their little hats would normally be. this way, they aren’t rolling around and you are able to cover the entire acorn with paint. it doesn’t matter if the tops are not painted, since you won’t see them once you reattach their little hats.

Inspired By Charm

next, match up your painted acorns bottoms to hats that seem to fit and look appropriate.

Inspired By Charm

then add a small amount of hot glue to the hats and attach to the bottom. pretty simple.

Inspired By Charm

and that’s it! painted acorns! too freakin’ cute, right?

Inspired By Charm

and the uses for these are endless! use them as vase fillers, tie them onto a package as decoration, hang them as ornaments on a mini christmas tree, photograph them and use the picture as a button for a ‘31 days series‘ ….

Inspired By Charm

… or scatter some around a buffet table like i did! it’s all in the details.

Inspired By Charm

what do you think? will you be making some painted acorns?

and be sure to check back sometime in november to see my ‘secret project’ where i used these lovely little acorns! you won’t be disappointed.

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

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  • MaryEllen Flick at

    Love it! Love it…Great idea! My Sister and I got together and painted some. So adorable. Love the idea of using what God has already provided…His beautiful design of nature. Thank You!

  • Rochelle at

    An important step after gathering them is to kill the creepy-crawlies (weevil larvae.) I put my acorns on a tray in the oven at 175F for an hour. Then I wash them in a metal can to remove soil.

  • Jacqueline Grange at

    I love this! I’m actually in the middle of a project very similar that I want to post on my blog… Have you heard of craft You might want to put some of your arts/crafts on there… good advertisement and inspiring!

  • LoriS at

    Very cute!! Although a LOT more labor intensive, this could be a great way to use up old nail polish too…

  • KarenKT at

    yes, I agree, they ARE “too freakin’ cute!!”
    You’ve given me Pinspiration, Michael!

  • KarenKT at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous at

    So…what did you do about the little weevils? Did you find the little maggot looking creatures creeping about even after you painted them?

  • Amanda @ Burlap and Denim at

    So cool. I love funky nature indoors. The natural mixed with the other two reds looks awesome.

  • Erin at

    LOOOOVE these!!! Definitely adding this to the idea file for Christmas. I wonder how they’d look painted white?

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