our life is what our thoughts make it


so, no irish proverbs here today, but happy st. patrick’s day at any rate.

my name is michael and i’m a worrier.

a friend recommended this book to me, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie and i’ve been reading it for a couple months now. (yes, i know, it takes me a while… i’m about half way through three books!… i’m not a big reader)

anyway, as i was reading last night before bed i came across a passage i liked. it required some thought, but it really made sense to me. and if i can remember ‘it’, i think it could be helpful. image from here.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it. … If we think happy thoughts, we will be happy. If we think miserable thoughts, we will be miserable. If we think fear thoughts we will be fearful. If we think failure, we will certainly fail. … you are not what you think you are, but what you THINK, you are.”

make sense right? it seems overly simple but I think we forget this. at least i do.

image from here.

immediately following that was another part i found very interesting. ‘people’ always say, “don’t worry, don’t worry.” and I never understood it. it seems some things simply required a person to worry…. or worry is almost necessary. you know? you need to be worried about your budget so you have enough money to pay your bills…. or you need to worry about your families medical history to keep yourself healthy. right?

wrong. now, i know this is going to seem really basic to some, but i never looked at it this way… here’s what the book said..

“…i am advocating that we assume a positive attitude instead of a negative attitude. In other words, we need to be CONCERNED about our problems, not worried. … Concern means realizing what the problems are and calmly taking steps to meet them. Worrying means going around in maddening, futile circles. A man can be concerned about his serious problems and still walk with his chin up and a carnation in his buttonhole.”

image from here.

i know this is pretty basic. and deep down we probably all know this. but a little reminder is always helpful. and refreshing. its a nice thought to take me to bed… or to wake me up in the morning.

i hope you, or at least one of you, found this somewhat informative or helpful.

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Go out and have yourself a green beer! and watch out for those leprechauns running around today. they’re sneaky little buggers.

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    I like your way of thinking!

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