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one unfortunate thing about the weather changing from summer to fall is that all the spiders outside think it’s a good idea to move inside. and i don’t do well with bugs, especially the eight legged kind that leave cobwebs around.

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last year someone told me about this fruit, know as osage balls (aka – hedgeballs, hedge apples, monkey balls, osage orange, mock oranges, horse apples, brainfruit, and green brain), that you place around your house to naturally help keep spiders away. sign me up! last year my brother’s wife got me three of them that i placed in my basement and they worked like a charm!

Inspired By Charm

so this year i decide i needed more! so i did some searching and easily found them all over the internet. i ordered mine from ebay but you can find them on other sites too, like this one.

you also may have noticed that not only are these balls effective in keeping spiders away, they are also quite attractive.

Inspired By Charm

so, i went a little overboard and bought like forty of them. but i found a home for all of them in and outside of my house. i love them mixed with pumpkins!

Inspired By Charm

and i’m slowly noticing less and less cobwebs. success!

they eventually dry up and look less attractive and green as time progresses. but, at the point, winter has set in and there aren’t many spiders left anyway.

Inspired By Charm

so, i’m curious, have you heard of these? do you use them? do you have the trees that grow these in your area? any other fun uses for these fruits? fill me in!

and have a great weekend!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Jenni at

    I love these and am glad to know of their use for spider control. I bought some decorative ones and am looking for a pretty bowl to display them in. I love the wire basket you used in one of your photos. Would you mind sharing the source? Love how you decorate with them.

  • Ruth L at

    I used these last year (2014) and I will forever be using them. I was getting the little spiders inside the house, I was talking the owner of a greenhouse when she told me about these. So I tried them…amazing !!!! They are cheap , all natural and can look nice around your home,

  • Cat at

    What kind of tree has these fruits on them ??

  • JaneAnn at

    I have to laugh that anyone can make money selling these! We have them everywhere here in Kansas! We collect them on walks and the kids throw them in the “creek”. You never know if they will sink or float. Otherwise, no one I know wants them in their yard. 🙂 I guess though I’ll put a couple in my basement as we do have lots of spiders and centipedes!!

  • Andrew at

    Love the shape and texture of these little guys. As a kid, we used to collect them and throw them at each other on the family farm.

    If anyone is looking to get some, my family sells them straight from the tree at http://www.kansashedgeballs.com

    Happy crafting!

  • Anonymous at

    I’ve heard they also keep roaches away.

  • Anonymous at

    We called them monkey balls when I was little. Unfortunately, they don’t grow where I live now, but they look beautiful in your displays. May have to find some next fall!

  • Anonymous at

    I heard they were very poisonous. but when i get a house i will be covering my house with these. KILL ALLLL THE SPIDERS!

  • Mia G at

    Michael, they also keep ants away. They are a natural insect repellent. I line the back of my house foundation with them and it really works.

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Around here we call them hedge apples…and there is a guy just down the highway that sells them EVERY fall. I’ve always wanted to stop and buy some just because they’re so pretty!! I think you’ve inspired me!

  • Junky Jen at

    In the south we call them hedge appples, too. However, I did not realize they would help keep out spiders!! good to know!! Thanks! (now for all the stinkin’ tree frogs around my front door!!)

  • Beth at

    I HAVE heard of them and every year I forget to get some. I sooo need to get many since our house is in the woods and we have tons of woodwork and stonework that spiders loooove. Thx for the reminder!

  • Ali Richardson at

    I have never heard of these but they sound and look awesome! NOT a fan of spiders AT ALL!!!!!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I seriously need these. Like, yesterday. Thanks for the info. For some reason, the new house attracts spiders like crazy.

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