Last year, in the absence of a job and an increasing level of boredom. I decided I would grow my own annual (well…some turned out to be perennial) garden from seed. I went on Ebay and to find out what seeds I could purchase to create my garden. Boy was I surprised! I never realized how many seeds were out there!


I really had no idea what I was doing, I just picked out things that looked nice. I did learn a lot from the process and won’t be growing certain flowers again. The geraniums did the best! They were HUGE. Much nicer than geraniums you can purchase.


Last year, again not knowing what I was doing, I started planting in the beginning of April. This was probably about a month too late. This year I’m planning on starting at the end of February or beginning of March. I already have 90% of my seeds. This is what I used to plant my seeds last year. I will use a couple of these again, but have also upgraded to this, which I can reuse year after year.

Once I get things going at the end of the month I will post some pictures of my little seedlings and perhaps what they will look like. Some of the things I planting this year are geraniums (love them), petunias, an assortment of mint (chocolate, pineapple, apple, orange, hazelnut – these are great for desserts and breakfast parfaits – YUM!), decorative grasses, Lantana … and lots more … I can’t think of them all right now.)

If you are looking for a fun project to start this is great! By the end of February when you are sick of the cold weather it is nice to see something alive and growing. It also saves big bucks!! The cost of flowers is ridiculous! Especially when they are different or unique. Seed packets only cost $3-5 and you get anywhere from 10-20 plants from one packet! What a deal. Happy planting.

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