Happy Valentine’s Day! Being single, I’m not a huge fan of this holiday, so don’t expect this post to be full of pretty pink hearts and roses. Though, I do wish you and yours a day full of love.

It just about time for another room redesign here at my little inn, the Master Bedroom.  I haven’t fully decided on the exact plan or color scheme for the room, but I do have a couple ideas rolling around in my head.

White walls? Light blue ceiling? Picture molding? A band of color somewhere? Loosely inspired by this color scheme…

Inspired By Charm

via photo card boutique

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted pictures of all my guest rooms here. There is a reason for that. I bought my little inn about four years ago; the end of May will be four years to be exact. Over the course of that time I’ve managed to redo about two rooms/spaces a year. Although I was hoping this process would happen a little faster, I’m pretty happy with my progress. The lack of pictures of all my rooms is because I just don’t feel like they are ‘my spaces’ until I’m able to fully get my hands on them. Make sense?

I have made some minor changes to these space. I have removed cat knick knacks (yes, there were several fake cats lying around).  I’ve changing out artwork,  adding lamps and rearranging furniture. I’m hoping over the course of the next year I’ll have more rooms to share with you.

The next room, currently named The Master Bedroom, will be my next project. I’m hoping to tackle this project in March. And while I’m not 100% ready to share the complete plan (because I really don’t have one), I thought I’d show you a couple things I found this weekend on the trip to my brother’s house.

The first thing I picked up were these lamps. I’m a huge sucker for unique lamps. Especially since I really dislike overhead lighting.


I found them at Home Goods for only $25 a piece. A steal in my book for really unique looking lamps.


I love the tall/skinny shades and the unique almost vintage looking bases. The colors, or lack thereof, are perfect.

I’ve also been on the hunt for a duvet cover. I searched and searched the internet and nothing was quite right. I was thrilled to find this one (and two shams) at TJ Maxx.


Mostly khaki and white, the overall look is very soft and calming.


The pop of chartreuse gives it a little interest and spunk! This set was $50. Again, great price for a king duvet with two shams.

I also found this fabric via fabric.com as a possibliity for curtains or pillows. I’m also hoping to use this to pull wall colors.

Inspired By Charm

Covington Savannah Pasiley Surf via fabric.com

I ordered a sample, so I’ll make those decisions once it arrives.

What do you think of the plan so far? Are you loving my lamps and duvet cover as much as I am?

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  • Sherry at

    I’m loving the direction this room is taking. Looking forward to watching it evolve. Can’t wait to see what sort of special do it yourself ideas you will have to share with us!!!

  • Anonymous at

    Love it! And lusting after those lamps…

  • Jo @ To a Pretty Life at

    Your plans look great! I love the modern/vintage look to the lamps. I’m no good picking out or placing lamps. Gorgeous colour palette too!

  • Mary at

    Those lamps are pretty awesome!

  • {northern cottage} at

    On the verge huh? Well take this as a Little Push … A friendly nudge to keep going down this track. The components you’ve shared are lovely & will contribute to a serene & inviting space ‘mmmmmm’! When can we come over?


  • The Farris Family at

    Love the lamps & duvet cover/shams. So, when can you come & do a little decorating for me? Love your blog! Keep the inspiration coming!

  • Heather at

    Wow, you got some great deals! I love the direction you’re going so far!

  • Miss Ellie at

    Micheal, I just love the colors you’ve chosen for the M-room. My favorite green. Love your blog too. It’s grown so fast these last few months and you’ve really been studious about posting regularly. Thanks for that. Living vicariously through you. I’ve used picture rail in my home. Am now challenged by the ‘hook, chain/cord/ribbon’ hanging thing. Nothing looks quite right yet. I’ll be interested to see what you choose.
    Miss Ellie

  • Anne at

    Love your colour choices!! and that king duvet!!!! omg I’ve been searching & searching and I can’t find anything I like out there.

    Thanks for the inspiration! (I hope you have a nice Valentines anyway – I’m having a lovely one in spite of the fact that for the first time in 28 years, I’m not in a relationship at Valentines…)


  • Lula Dahl at

    I love the colors you’re going with and the lamps and the duvet cover. I’m not sure I’d choose that curtain fabric though. I feel like you could maybe draw in the other colors with accents like throw pillows and maybe a more solid color curtain or an easier pattern? Something about the curtain print and the duvet cover together almost make me feel like it’s too much of the same type of print?? But then again, I’ve been known to change my mind a time or two throughout the decorating process. 😉 I do love those blues and greens together. I really like where this is going for sure. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • slip4 at

    I love your choices for the next guest room colors and the master bedroom pieces. I despise overhead lighting…my husband really doesn’t get it and thinks I am strange about it 🙂 That green in the duvet is one of my favorite colors. I used it in my sunroom on one wall and as accent. The lamps are wonderfully unique. Can’t wait to see the finished rooms.

  • slip4 at

    Maybe the next guest room and the master are the same thing? Just re-read the post and realized that. Great ideas. 🙂

  • Jane S. at

    Those colors are delicious! It is so exciting to see the components of a room redo. The duvet cover and lamps will really look good in there. Thanks for sharing all this with us. 🙂

  • Amanda M. at

    I am loving the lamps/duvet set as well as the color scheme you posted. I think once you’ve got it all together, it’s going to look fantastic. Plus I personally am really in love with those colors right now. 🙂

  • Melissa at

    I’m a new follower, I came accross your blog and I’m totally in love!

    I admired those same sweet lamps at our home goods all the way over in Bakersfield, CA! I love them, and the duvet as well:0)

  • Laura@Elegant Nest at

    Love the lamps…so unique. With the duvet and fabric sample, you have a great start to a fabulous looking space. Cant wait to see the results!

  • Rob Jenkins at

    As a designer(web/print) I am always looking around for inspiration. I love this color palette! Good luck with your design!

  • Maureen Cracknell Handmade at

    I LOVE those lamps! If I wasn’t 2.5 hrs from the nearest Home Goods, I’d be there!! 😉

  • Anonymous at

    wowie, as always!
    would you consider some narrow-in-scale stripes for your curtains/pillows/upholstery? i could see some pillows with button designs picking up some of your brighter colors. can’t wait to see what you come up with.


  • Liz at

    Hi Michael! I am new to your blog and am enjoying it very much! Love the colors you have chosen, the green is one of my favorites. The lamps and duvet are fabulous! Love Home Goods and TJ Maxx. Have a great day!

  • Reenie at

    Love the colors and those funky lamps. 🙂

  • esgfarm at

    You have got to tell me the brand name of that duvet cover….It is a must have. I have been searching for a new duvet cover for over a year and couldn’t find just the right one. I am smitten with this one and am dying to know the brand name so that I can hunt it down!

  • Patti at

    I already know that I would be comfortable staying in this room! Those lamps are lovely, and so unique – comforter is so pretty – and the color scheme is beautiful – can’t wait to see the final results! So go get busy, mister!!

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    Looks to be the start of another Michael masterpiece. LOVE your choices! Hurry up! 🙂


  • Anonymous at

    i have another thought about your room. if you’re looking for quiet and serene, do you think some large hurricanes filled with white/cream shells, starfish, etc. would work well? shell garland ties on your curtains? any nautical elements (whitewashed)…..sisal rugs?


  • MommaSue at

    Gorgeous color palette! Can’t wait to see the end product.

  • Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D at

    I really like the duvet and the sample fabric. The color palette is very pretty and spring-like.

  • Susan and Mark at

    So exciting to have a room to re-do! We are almost finished with what we will be doing in this home…but a move later this year is making me happyhappyhappy 🙂

    I love that dark blue in your palette-maybe an accent wall, or a desk or a painted/stenciled floor with that hue? Can’t wait to see the finished product ( although no room is ever finished,now, is it? )

  • linwood avenue at

    LOVE the lamps!


    Love what you have picked out so far!!! I always love starting a new project!!!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    This is going to look SO GOOD. I love the lamps! I’m in need of at least one more lamp for the nursery, but I’m at a loss of what to choose. The room doesn’t have tons of natural light and I only have one overhead light and a few task-lighting lamps.

    Anyhoo, you don’t care. I’m just rambling. =)

    Can’t wait to see it come together. Love the colors!

  • Amber at

    I love everything Michael! It is going to be so beautiful! Don’t you love the feeling of starting a new room? So exciting! and there is nothing like the feeling when it is all done,the way you feel when you walk into it for months…good luck!

  • Dana at

    You are off to a wonderful start! That color scheme is so pretty. Looking forward to seeing the room come together. Thanks for sharing!

  • Newcastle Inn at

    Michael – You and I bought our inns/B&Bs at the same time – May 2008. I know what you mean about re-doing rooms and making them your own. I am currently re-doing a room now. The wallpaper is off and I am waiting for the drywaller to do his thing repairing plaster walls, etc. Then I get to put the paint up. Today I will be sewing up the shower curtain, and the window treatments for the room. Good luck with your room!

  • Deb Hornick Gotham at

    I love the colors and those lamps are awesome!! Can’t wait to see it all come together!!

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