so, for those of you that are my friend on facebook know that last tuesday my computer set itself on fire. just a little tiny fire, but there was a small flame and smoke. i’ve been computerless (other than the brief moments my mom shared hers) for the past week.

i thought it was going to be a disaster, but besides the aspects where i need a computer for work, it’s been kind of nice. don’t get me wrong i love facebook and pinterest but lately they have been consuming me and it turns out, for the most part, they are just a big waste of time. like seriously.

this past weekend i actually read an entire book …. in one weekend. and it was amazing. i’m embarrassed to say i haven’t read a full book in probably a year. and i loved it!

i think my new computer should be arriving today or tomorrow. so i should be back soon. (though i did make the switch from pc to mac … so it make take some time making the transition.) but i’m hoping to come back with a new perspective. hoping to step away from the computer a bit more and taking some time to enjoy. hoping to read more books (not the electronic kind) and build more campfires.

but i did miss you all. did you miss me too?

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  • Erin at

    It’s like you took a much needed little cyber-vacation. We all need to do that every now and then – especially during summer!

  • Paul Browning at

    Definitely missed ya 🙂 good to see you’re getting a Mac – I made the transition a couple of years back & it was really easy. See ya soon online 🙂 Px

  • Funnelcloud Rachel at

    You will love the Mac – I switched three years ago and there’s no going back! (Though the shiny new toy may make it harder to step away from the computer!)

  • Ali Richardson at

    Crazy! Computer on fire!? YIKES! Hope your new computer is awesome!!!

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    Ohhhh, good move to the mac! You will be STUNNED at the new clarity for photos you are about to gain. Have a blast! And yes, sometimes getting kicked off the net is not a bad thing. 🙂


  • Carrie Rosalind at

    Bummer about the computer but nice about the technology break! 🙂 What book did you read?

  • Lap Dog Knits at

    Yup…you were missed.
    Congrats on the Mac..I just bought one too and love it. Sorry about the way you came to having to make the change though.
    I’m sending a few new readers your way to your blog
    read a book for me…I’m having too much fun reading your blog and cooking the recipes!

  • kpaints at

    Yep and now I need to go read a book!

  • InMyOwnStyle at

    Hi Michael-
    I know exactly what you mean about time wasters. I have missed reading a book since I started my blog – I used to be an avid reader. About a month ago I told myself no time wasters – I got to enjoy the other non bloggy things in life, too.
    Sorry to hear about your computer, but in your instance it kinda woke you up to the reality of it all. Love to hear your thoughts on a Mac after you get the hang of it.
    My best-Diane

  • OurSoundHome at

    Glad I am not the only one with bad computer luck lately! Mine just wouldnt turn on one day, boo. We did make the switch from PC to Mac, and are really happy! Still getting used to it though. Have fun! Glad you’re back!

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