not too shabby


well, i did it!

this week i took my new sewing machine out of the box and sewed something. aren’t you proud? i am!

as i keep saying i need to make curtains, but my i wanted to practice a bit and get to know my machine before i attempted my them. following many other blogs, i see a lot of you lovely ladies out there have some pretty snazzy camera strap covers. i looked all over etsy and couldn’t find one that favored the masculine side. so i decided to search for a tutorial and make my own.

my search lead me to this blog … little girl studio… and this tutorial. after reading through the tutorial and gathering my supplies, off i went. and i apologize, since i was focusing on sewing, i didn’t take pictures of my process. but here’s the finished piece.

Inspired By Charm


not too shabby, right?


all in all it did turn out pretty good for my first official attempt at sewing and on my brand new machine. i can’t be to hard on myself.


Inspired By Charm


i probably should have read the manual/directions to my machine before getting started, but i didn’t. i’m more of a hands on type of guy and will refer to the manual when necessary. i just wanted to get right in there. it may not be the ‘best’ way, but it works for me.


Inspired By Charm


for those of you wondering, the machine works great.  i love it. the process of threading the machine was painless and easy. it seemed to work smooth. no issues. i like the look of it. great purchase .. well gift.


Inspired By Charm


i also really enjoyed the process of making something too. although, as you can see in the picture below, i do need practice. it’s hard to keep the darn thing going straight! but that’s a user issue… not a machine issue. advice?



Inspired By Charm



so my lines are perfect, but i’m okay with that. there’s beauty in imperfection.


Inspired By Charm



i just painted my kitchen table top (more details on that later) so i see a homemade runner in my future. any suggestions? patterns?


Inspired By Charm

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  • missarahlou at

    I need to do this!!! I’ve been wanting a cover for my camera strap… AND I just recently got my hands on my great grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine that I have yet to use! I haven’t figured out how to thread it yet (it intimidates me a bit) but I think I’m going to have to jump in and figure it out so I can make myself a strap cover this weekend! As always, thanks for the inspiration.

  • Annie at

    AHH! It looks so good! Well done you!

  • Lisa at

    I love it when guys sew! Your first sewing project turned out great! Keep at it. 🙂

  • Vanessa at

    wow, you did a fabulous job! love the fabrics you chose. i also like using masking tape as a seam guide and whenever i topstitch, i use the edge of the presser foot as my guide. just move your needle over to the right! really helps give you a nice straight line.

  • Amy at

    this looks awesome for your first time with the machine! I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while and I might just go ahead and try to tackle it! thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Holy crapola! That was your FIRST attempt? I think you’re a sewing savant Michael. I can tell you my first attempt (about twenty five years ago) went so poorly I nearly threw in the towel at the tender age of ten. Can’t wait to see your next creations!

    ps….please please help me figure out how to put one of those snazzy signatures on my page. Mine keeps ending up UNDER my link within thingy. Did you use a tutorial?

  • linwood avenue at

    looks great! in regards to the straight issue, that will really come with practice. but if you do find the guides on your machine are a little too short, you can use a long piece of masking tape to “extend” the guide lines.

  • Itchin' Stitchin' at

    WOW 1st thing you have sewn – that is awesome possum! Your a natural – it came out fantastic.

  • Gabriela at

    Michael – I gotta tell you, I just love, love, LOVE that camera strap. Love it, I tell you!

  • Colleen at

    It looks so good! Sewing is sooo not one of my talents. I wish it was. Can’t wait to see what you sew next.

  • Shelley in SC at

    Ooooh, am loving this camera strap! Especially the black and red fabrics. Very fun! I’m enjoying your blog . . . having a look around.

  • Shannon at

    Dude, I want one. That looks amazing…especially for a first timer. I think you may have given me the push to add a sewing machine to the top of my Want list. I’ve never touched one but I’m dying to learn.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    It looks great. And, I still don’t sew straight lines. At all. 😉 It’s all about character.

  • Modern Country Lady at

    hey Michael, thanks for stopping by on my blog and for the positive feedback.
    Love the camera strap- gorgeous!!
    Let’s keep in touch!! I am your latest follower.
    Take care

  • hoopty doopty at

    sewing gives me a huge rush. nothing like the purr of the machine. lovely people provide amazing tutorials for the rest of us. isn’t that great.

  • Lisa at

    wow! that looks awesome! I too just got a sewing machine for christmas but have yet to take it out of the box….I hope my first attempt at SOMETHING turns out as good as yours!

  • jamie at

    Yay for you! This looks great! Linked to you from Tatertots and Jello and I’ll have to come back now!
    Jamie @ backless shirt

  • Kathy at

    That turned out great! Awesome job!

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