have you seen this magazine yet? ah-mazing. i’ve been following their blog recently (before the arrival of their magazine) and was so excited to see it in the store last night. i’ve been sceptical with magazines lately as most are just filled with ads. yuck. not this one people.
as soon as i opened the cover and saw this tower of chartreuse wonderfulness i knew it was going to be good!

check out this too! another blog i’ve been recently following. i haven’t read the article yet, but i’ve been wondering how/where these guys got started. love their look and style. and check out that ’round’ thing on the table…

I HAVE ONE too! about a month ago i found this gem on ebay for $10. awesome… and here it is in a magazine. too cool. too. cool.
another image from BH boys. they just opened an online market. you must check it out.
i love cupcakes. probably too much. so when i saw these next images i was totally swooning. what an amazing idea. (as soon as i post this, i will be searching ebay for one of these guys.) wouldn’t it be exciting to hae one of these at the breakfast table.

and this. wow. a little extreme, but that’s what makes it great.

and what’s better than a magazine? my ‘new’ clock! i say ‘new’ because it’s new to me. it was actually a wedding gift to my mom and dad when they were married back in the day. i love this thing. it hung in my living room as a child for the longest time.


then, at some point these babies ‘went out of style.’ so it was carefully tucked away. i showed my mom a clock that i liked with an image of a cuckoo clock and she offered to let me use the real thing. amazing right?

after a couple weeks at the clock shop it’s cuckoo is as good as new. hey little guy! welcome back.


i love it. more than you know. thanks mom.

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  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I must find that magazine. I am dying over all of the images you pictured.

  • Restyled Home at

    Hi Michael,
    I just wanted to pop over and thank you for sharing about our magazine with your readers! Your blog is lovely and we are so happy you are following along with ours!!


  • Jestine at

    I like this blog a lot, saved to my favorite bookmarks.

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