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Time for a little update on my “almost” living room. First of all, since this is no longer a bedroom, I was able to finally coordinate the details of getting rid of the bed. Thank goodness. That bed took up a big chunk of the room. It’s nice to have a little breathing space now.

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Secondly, you’ll notice a new addition. My loveseat arrived! For days, maybe even weeks, I searched and searched online for the right sofa, sectional, or loveseat. Initially, I wanted a sectional that would tuck into the corner. Unfortunately, sectionals just don’t exist in that particular size. That lead me to a loveseat. I knew I wanted to have a little room on each side, so I needed a piece that would be around 60 inches long. 

Inspired By Charm

I know what you are thinking, a sofa from Overstock? Yes, I thought the same thing, but it was exactly what I was looking for, plus the price was right. After reading the reviews, I bit the bullet and ordered it. I really didn’t consider how it would be shipped or how it would arrive. I was a bit surprised when two boxes arrived on my back porch. I needed to put it together. This can’t be good, I thought.

Inspired By Charm

Fortunately, and to my surprise, everything arrived in perfect condition and the assembly was pretty simple. 

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So far, I’m loving my loveseat. (Pun intended.) The throw was one of last year’s Christmas gifts from my mom. I never had the perfect spot for it until now. 

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I also need to find a few more pillows. My gold sequined chevron pillow cannot be on my chair and my couch. Maybe I should have bought two?

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I’m still planning to hang my painting above the sofa, but I’m just not quite ready to pound any nails into my freshly painted walls. At least not until I get some more key pieces in place. Details on the light fixture can be found here.

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Next on my to-do list is shelving (along with a million other things). I’m hoping to get started this weekend. Fingers crossed.

Inspired By Charm

What do you think of the  new loveseat?

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

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  • Angie at

    Love the loveseat! I’m enamored with the light fixture…did I miss where you found it? Lovely!

  • Vicki Holdwick at

    I not only love the loveseat, but I love this room. Can’t wait to see it with the art hanging on the wall and the bookshelves. Do I remember correctly that you are putting shelves to the left of the fireplace?

    What a great reading spot this will be,


  • Anonymous at

    Michael I love the love seat. I’ve ordered a loveseat from Overstock before. It was perfect. I’ve ordered chairs, rugs, chandeliers, ceiling fans, all sorts of things and never had any issues. Another question? Is this living room your living room or a room for your guests? It turned out great!


  • Amanda at

    Love it! The gold is wonderful!

  • Kimberly at

    Your room looks beautiful! I never would have thought to get furniture from Overstock, that’s awesome! Have you thought about using the 3M command picture hanger things? Then no nails in your walls! I have some pretty large pieces hanging on them in my home. They are great!!

  • Jeanettebr at

    the room is looking wonderful! The sofa is sweet and love the gold accents your using throughout the room!

  • Kathy Thompson at

    Love the room! I’ve been skeptical about all the gold that seems so popular right now. Different shades and textures of gold can look so cheap, but your touches, combined with the neutrals, look great. One question: is the “shoji white” SW paint a warm white, the way it looks in your photos? On SW’s website it looks more grey or cool.

    Also love the throw – your Mom has great taste!


  • Ali Richardson at

    Awesome choice! It looks perfect in your pretty room. Keep it up!

  • Jane S. at

    Nice loveseat! It looks like it will go with anything, too.

    Obviously us two-legged folks aren’t the only ones who like it. That kitty looks pretty darn comfortable there. 😉

  • Unknown at

    Love the loveseat! Very nice. I really love the picture!! I totally understand not wanting to mar your walls after you worked so hard to get them all perfect! Everything looks very nice.

  • Designs By Pinky at

    Love the loveseat! I love neautal colored sofas, loveseats etc. Makes changing the look so easy. The room looks terrific.

  • Sheila at

    Love the sofa choice. I am drawn to everything turquoise so I was of course drawn to the little turquoise table with the wood top. Love, love, love it.

  • Leslie at

    Wow! At first I thought the (I wrote “lame” but can’t get the accent over the “e” but I’m wishing I could) ottoman was a bit much, but then I realized it goes with the both lighting elements and the pillow. That picture will be *it* – the whole room is really well pulled together!

  • Maria at

    I love it! Will you come decorate my home? 🙂

  • Krista at

    Forget the loveseat, where can I order a kitty like that? 😉

  • Miss Charming at

    I really love the whole look of the room. So many great choices!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    This is looking really nice and is really coming together. I especially love the sofa. Id never thought to look online for furniture.

  • Lil at

    That loveseat sooo works in that space but I’m w/Angie…where did you get the beautiful gold ball ceiling light?? And NO mention of one of the most gorgeous gold accents on the entire page…the eyes of that blue cat? Mmmmmm-wah!

  • at

    I’m in love love love with your room! And your love seat is awesome.

  • Di at

    The love seat is just what I need too. Which one on did you select. They have so many and the detail on yours is hard to fine. Hope to hear from you.

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