Last week I did a four-day juice cleanse. I have been hearing about cleanses for a while and was especially interested after reading this blogger’s post. Not long after, a friend of mine mentioned that he really liked the cleanse from Ritual Wellness. All the work is done for you and the juices are delivered right to your door. This means there is no need to buy a juicer. Perfect.

With my cruise just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to try a cleanse. In doing a cleanse, I also had a few goals in mind. First, I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and see what all the talk was about. Second, I wanted to refresh my system and learn how to listen to my body to see what it actually needs. Third, I was hoping a cleanse would help me take off a few extra pounds. 

I decided to try the Seasonal Reset Cleanse for four days. That meant for four days, I would only drink six juices each day, plus some water. No food. No coffee. No alcohol. 

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Three of the juices were your basic green juice consisting of kale, romaine, spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple, and lemon. It tasted pretty much as you’d expect. It wasn’t my favorite of the juices, but it really wasn’t too bad. My second juice, part of the seasonal cleanse, was one of my favorites. It consisted of orange, cranberry, and red apple. Yum! The fourth drink of the day was a spicy lemonade. I liked this one as well. It was basically lemon, water, agave, and red pepper. The final drink was a protein-rich cashew drink made of cashews, water, cinnamon, nutmeg, agave and vanilla. It was a nice hearty treat for the end of the day.

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Overall, I was really pleased with the process of the cleanse. It was wonderful working with Ritual Wellness. Not having to buy a juicer and make all of those drinks was great. The juices were delivered to my door in two separate shipments. Everything arrived in excellent condition and was super fresh. There even was a little reusable freezer bag in case I needed to transport the juice to and from work. Plus, the quality and flavor of the drinks were fabulous. I highly recommend them if you have the extra cash and want to make this an easy process for yourself. While it may seem a bit pricey, I would say it’s totally worth it. As an IBC reader you can also get a discount. The code is at the end of this post.

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The cleanse did leave me feeling lighter and brighter, as weird as that may sound. I didn’t notice a huge difference in my energy levels or how well I slept. Though, my energy level is usually pretty high and I usually don’t sleep very well. I did end up losing those extra pounds over the course of the four days, but since then, I’ve put about one pound back on. 

Here are the top three things that I learned and gained from my cleanse:

1. I don’t need coffee as much as I think I do. It used to be the first thing I put into my body every morning. Usually, it was two to three cups. After going four days without coffee, I really don’t miss it. In fact, I actually didn’t have cup until four more days after I finished my cleanse and then, I only drank about half of it.

2. I’m not as hungry as I think I am. Only twice during the cleanse was I actually hungry. Other than that, I was perfectly fine. I noticed that I tend to eat a lot when I’m being lazy or procrastinating. After the cleanse, I’m doing a much better job of recognizing when my body is hungry as opposed to when my mind tells me it thinks I’m hungry.

3. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables makes my skin and hair look and feel better. 

So that’s my cleanse in a nutshell. If you have questions, please let me know in the comments and I will try my best to answer them. You can also visit Ritual Wellness. Their site may provide answers to some of your questions; if not they have a fabulous team that can help. 

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As I mentioned above, Ritual Wellness is offering a 20% discount to all Inspired by Charm readers. Just enter INSPIRED at check out. This code expires on March 10, 2013.

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A big thanks to the awesome folks at Ritual Wellness for supplying me with my four day Seasonal Reset Cleanse at no cost in exchange for my review. Please note that the opinions, thoughts, and ideas listed in this post are my own. I really do love and recommend this product. 

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  • Designs By Pinky at

    I was all for it til you described the juices. I don’t know if I could get them down!! Pinky

  • Rosie at

    you said ” I have been hearing about cleanses for a while and was especially interested after reading this blogger’s post.”

    what blogger? no link to a post, i’d like to read more. what made you want this?
    because most of us don’t have “extra cash” as you said. holy cow I just looked up 4 days on the reset cleanse with delivery is nearly $400! even with the 20% off that is SPENDY for very little benefits, according to your review.

    thanks so much for this post, I will pass.

  • handmade_mama at

    Very cool. Thanks for posting this. I had really been anxious to read your thoughts! I, too, love the idea that the juices would just come to my door and I wouldn’t have to get a juicer. Maybe if I did a cleanse similar to the one you did, it might help me decide if I then wanted to purchase a juicer and make juicing part of my mojo. It’s super to see the discount, too 🙂 The hubs and I might be giving it a whirl… 🙂

    Enjoy your time away soaking up the Vitamin D. I could really go for some of that about now.

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