Today, we are continuing with another update on my bedroom makeover. Recently, I showed you my new ottoman. I also wanted to let you know my decision about that dresser.

For those of you who have been following IBC for a while, you know that after I painted this room, I struggled with what to do about the dresser that has been in the space. While I really like the piece, and it is in pretty good shape, something about it just wasn’t working. I had thought about painting it (or part of it), just refinishing the top, or totally replacing it.

My Bedroom: Paint and a Plan | Inspired by Charm

Well, as you probably guessed based on the pictures, I went with option three and purchased a new dresser. And let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier with the decision. (Now, don’t worry, I’m hanging on to the other dresser and hoping to use it in another room.)

Closet Dresser | Inspired by Charm

First, about this piece – it’s the Delaney Dresser from Birch Lane. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Birch Lane yet, but they are the fabulous new home decor and furnishings company on the block. They have a beautiful collection of traditional furnishings with classic design. They even have a real catalog (which is practically unheard of nowadays) that you can snuggle up with on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of coffee and ooh and awe at all the prettiness.

Closet Dresser | Inspired by CharmCloset Dresser | Inspired by Charm

Anyway, as you can tell, the new dresser is a MUCH better fit for the space. First, the color of the wood is much lighter. It really brightens up this side of the room and eliminates some of the heaviness. Secondly, this piece is larger than my previous dresser, and that is a really good thing. While I am using a whole room for a closet, my concealed storage is still somewhat limited, so having a bigger dresser gives me additional enclosed space. This piece takes up a good chunk of this wall, yet it doesn’t overwhelm the space. It’s just what I wanted.

Closet Dresser | Inspired by Charm

Finally, the style definitely suits the overall feel I was going for in this room so much better. While I’m still moving in the same direction, my vision for these rooms is changing a bit as everything comes together. And this dresser really complements that expanded vision.

Closet Dresser | Inspired by Charm

While shopping at Birch Lane, I also picked up a collection of four baskets for on top of my closet storage. I opted for these woven storage bins. They are extra sturdy and the perfect fit. I also really like how they bring in more texture to this space, plus they give some of those warm wood tones to this side of the room. While they are currently empty, I plan to fill them with out-of-season items like scarves, flip flops, etc. Ideally I want all my clothing and related items to be in one place, so these baskets will help.

Closet Dresser | Inspired by Charm

Now that I have my new dresser and closet storage system, I definitely need to sort through my clothes and get rid of things I don’t wear anymore. I honestly dread that process. However, having a pretty place to put everything in makes it feel a little less burdensome.

So what do you think? Do you agree with my dresser decision?

Inspired By Charm

This post was created as part of my collaboration with Birch Lane. As always, all of the opinions, thoughts, and ideas in this post are my own.

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  • Jessica at

    It’s such a beautiful styling of you’ve done in this room Michael – AND I loved spying Elise’s poster on the dresser. It’s from here…

  • Elise at

    This is gorgeous! And so fun to see my poster in such a great space. 🙂

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks so much for stopping by Elise! LOVE the poster! 🙂

      xo Michael

  • Jana at

    Love your dresser choice! Your whole closet is so dreamy! I’ve never heard of Birch Lane so excited to check them out. X jana

  • Jamie at

    The dresser is awesome! The whole closet/dressing room is awesome and I’m so jealous of the “whole room as a closet” idea! Someday I intend to do this too…I can’t wait.

  • Karen at

    I really like both dressers. Besides you can never have to many places to store things.

  • Arli at

    At first I couldn’t imagine why you wanted to change or get rid of the original dresser, but as soon as I saw the wide shot of the room, I knew you made the right decision. Looks great! Enjoy your beautiful closet/room.

  • Charleen at

    It fits the space perfectly. I love the wood tone and pulls. Great choice. Oh and I love the ottomon as well.

  • Debra White at

    I like the wood color of the dresser. and the baskets do pull it all together. But please don’t forget to tell us all about that rug. (Or did I miss it when you told about it?)

  • Nancy at

    Looks great!!! I’m glad you’re not getting rid of the old dresser though.
    Great work as always!

  • Elle at

    I like it. I like it. It definitely meets your criteria for the space!

  • Melissa in North Carolina at

    I love this space. I looks totally pulled together. The wood tones are nice and warm making your closest an inviting and comfortable place to be. I like how those same wood tones are pulled out in your rug. Tell me please, what the framed quote is leaning against wall setting on top of the dresser. The best is yet to come?

  • Dawn Rene at

    Bee-you-tee-ful decision! It has much more weight and presence to it. The other one is equally as pretty, but in agreement that it needs to be used in another area. Keep up the good work! XO DR

  • 204 Park at

    You definitely made the right decision! The old one was gorgeous but this one just suits the space so well. Not to mention that you’ve made me want to just hang out in this dressing room all day! Xo, Sarah

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