you. must. make. this. tomorrow. (or right now)

i love monkey bread and this is one of the best recipes. to die for people! (oh and i don’t have an angel food cake pan, so I just used mini loaf pans… use what you have… just adjust the cooking time.)


oh, and this woman is amazing. check out the rest of her recipes. ya-mmy!

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  • objectsofwhimsy at

    Looks delicious!!!! might have to try it

  • objectsofwhimsy at

    me again
    any suggestions for buttermilk cookies substitutions?

  • Michael - Innkeeper at

    you mean the buttermilk biscuits?

    I think any biscuit will work. I actually used the flakey ones ( I think they were honey flavor) … amazing. you should be able to get them at most grocery stores.

    if not… you could also use bread dough. I’m sure that would work just as fine.

    that’s a recipe for monkey bread muffins and she used bread dough.

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