Master Bedroom Update

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Bedroom, so I thought I’d pop in today with a little Master Bedroom update. Last night on Instagram I shared a sneak peek and was so excited to see how many of you liked how the room is evolving.

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

Come on in and let me show you around.

I’ve definitely made some progress since you last saw this space, but there is still much to be done. First, we’ll talk about what’s new.

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

Most notably, I got a new bed frame! It’s the Upholstered Wingback Bed in Navy from AllModern. Picking out furniture is so difficult for me sometimes. Buying a whole bed is kind of a big deal. I was immensely pleased when this arrived and I got it set up. It works perfectly in the space. The color, texture, and tufting are exactly what I wanted. The frame is also very sturdy, so the whole bed doesn’t move when I roll over.

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

Next came the bed linens. Shortly after I picked out the bed, I found these Morgan shams and duvet cover at Pottery Barn. I knew I wanted white with a little something. The pop of blue in the piping ended up working so nicely with the bed.

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

The throw was a gift from my mom (from HomeGoods) that I had intended to use in my living room. However, after trying out a few options in this space, I really liked how the throw looked. The color was a match, and it added such great texture to crisp linens.

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

Over the holidays West Elm was having a big sale, and I had some Design Dollars saved up, so on a whim I ended up purchasing two night stands (this one and this one). Again, I loved how they work in the space. I opted for two different designs but in the same style / wood to keep things interesting yet uniform.

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

I also got a big rug. This particular one is the Sibley Jute Rug from Birch Lane. My hardwood floors aren’t in the best shape, so I wanted something that covered most of the floor and added much-needed texture. This did the trick!

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

Finally. I threw around a bunch of accessories. Over the holidays I was frustrated with myself for not making much progress in this room, and I needed it to look somewhat presentable so I didn’t look like an animal lived here when people visited.

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

I got the green lamps from HomeGoods over a year ago. They were actually part of the Jonathan Adler Happy Chic collection that was sold at JCPenney. I bought them for another space, but they look pretty great in here, so for now they will stay.

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

I also have this clear acrylic table chilling in my room so I added a lamp, a chair, and an orchid. I also awkwardly hung this ocean photo on the wall. I’m not sure why I hung it off-center, but at the time it made complete sense. Now, I’m not so sure.

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

Last, but certainly not least, I hung a gold unicorn over my bed. Because, doesn’t every thirty-something man have a gold unicorn bust over his bed? Hello! It was from Pottery Barn Teen. Of course.

Master Bedroom Update | Inspired by Charm

At any rate, the space IS coming together. I just need to get some art on the walls and jazz up the accessories. I’m also thinking about a small cabinet for the wall opposite the bed. I’m toying around with putting a TV in my room, so that’s where it would go. TBD, friends.

Consider yourself updated! What do you think of the progress? What spaces are you working on in your homes?

Inspired By Charm

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  1. The room is light and airy. Makes me think/dream of a ocean front resort with the blues, greens, etc. Love the blue of the bed and linens. You have perfect taste. I agree with another comment-er, please come decorate my house. 🙂

  2. I like what you’ve done. I especially like the clear table how it doesn’t visually take up space. Hanging the seascape to the side like you did works. You don’t need much more in your room to look “finished” and besides you don’t want to be distracted (for lack of a better word) while you’re trying to go to sleep…

      1. I too love the bench. I remember when you were using it for a coffee table. I’m so glad you kept it and are still using it. The picture is perfect where it is and I like the reflective part – it ties it in with the table. The glass door knob makes me swoon. I love the unicorn but living in earthquake country I wouldn’t dare do that over my bed. Wonderful job, Michael, even if you didn’t do another thing to it. Did I mention the bed and linens just take my breath away?

  3. Hi Michael,

    I love the modern, rustic, eclectic vibe! I have the feeling that this room is really a reflection of things that you like best…it seems dreamy, “escapey” (I made that word up!) – almost a little tropical and I LOVE IT! Also, I love how it has a little whimsy-it shows personality-oh and I adore the navy wingback headboard-great choice! I hope you enjoy your bedroom retreat!

  4. I actually like the print being off-center, but I would switch out for non-glare glass. That is a minor thing, though. This room feels very YOU, which I think is the most important thing your space should convey. It’s also both calming and inviting, like walking in after a long day and you can just breathe and feel every bit of stress fall away.

    1. It’s from HomeGoods and the tag says Broyhill. That’s probably not SUPER helpful cause it’s hard to find similar items at HomeGoods, but I hope it helps a little.

      xo Michael

  5. It’s hard to tell 100% without a straight on picture, but I like the placement of the ocean photo. A lot of times I don’t like the asymmetrical look touted on Apartment Therapy and other blogs, but I think with the lamp on that wall this is really pleasing to the eye.

  6. I’m really glad you posted this ~ my bedroom is a mess. I was watching one of those shows on HGTV where the designer was basically like “how many hours a day do you spend in your bedroom and yet do nothing to make it look nice versus how much time and $$ you spend on rooms that you feel as though people actually see. The point being: we spend so much $$ on rooms people see and neglect the bedroom. Mine is a mess, I need to make it a pleasanter space, even if it is just for the cat =)