Master Bedroom Painting is Complete

I’m not sure if you can tell, but the paint was still wet when I took these pictures.

At about 7 pm today (Wednesday), I finished painting my bedroom! For whatever reason, this room (unlike my closet) was extra difficult and time consuming to paint. From patching the ceiling to other issues around the room, I thought I’d never get it finished. I persevered, however, and now it’s complete. Yay!

Master Bedroom Painted | Inspired by Charm

I managed to clear everything out of the room and throw a few things on the bed to get some quick pics to share with you. Now that I’m looking at these photos, the space reminds me of a really cheap motel room — complete with a wire hanging from the ceiling. I know it doesn’t look like much at this moment, but this is when the magic and fun start to happen.

Master Bedroom Painted | Inspired by Charm

Thank you so much for all of your help with selecting a light fixture for this space. You left loads of helpful and encouraging comments after Monday’s post. Well, I pulled the trigger and ordered a light fixture. I’m not going to tell you which one I chose, but you can bet I’ll be hanging it as soon as it arrives and sharing lots of snaps here.

Over the past week I’ve also been trying oodles of curtain options. I’m pretty sure I ordered between twelve and fifteen different panels to try. (I’m going to have to set aside a full day to make returns.) Right now I have it narrowed down to two, but a few more are still on the way. Hopefully, they will all be here next week so I can get your opinion. (Speaking of curtains, click here if you are curious as to why there are a bunch of nails above the window.)

Master Bedroom Painted | Inspired by Charm

Other than that, as soon as the paint dries, I’ll be ready to start making this space come alive! And for those who missed it before, this wall color is Rock Candy by Sherwin Williams. (You can reference all of the interior paint colors I’ve used in my house here.)

Because I want to share something delicious with you today, head on over to BHG’s Delish Dish blog to check out my latest post. I took one of their recipes and jazzed it up to create these delicious Arugula, Asparagus, and Pea Bruschetta.

Arugula, Asparagus, and Pea Bruschetta | Inspire by Charm

I kid you not, they are to die for and so easy. Perfect for a party or, if you’re single like me, a weeknight dinner. Check out the recipe here.

That’s it for this Hump Day! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Inspired By Charm


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Master Bedroom Painting is Complete (You are here!)

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Inspired By Charm Paint Colors

  • Amber at

    I LOVE the paint color! I think I will use this color somewhere in my house! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jamie @ Anderson + Grant at

    Congrats on getting your painting done. For me, painting is always the job that seems to take the longest…..especially when painting a light color. I get lost as to where I’ve painted, painted two coats, or not painted at all! 🙂 I can’t wait to see your finished space.

    And if we are looking at this room as a cheap motel room, I’m a little scared at what your “curtain” nails would be used for 🙂

  • Holly at

    Looks beautiful and I love that color! Here’s the thing, and don’t get mad. While I love your blue, I am looking for the perfect yellow. Very similar to what you had before. I need a yellow that doesn’t scream YELLOW, but whispers it. Can you tell me what color that yellow was? And…. now I want asparagus for breakfast.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I’m not mad at all! Haha. We all want / need different colors. The color I painted over was Navajo White from Sherwin Williams. It’s more of a creamy tan / gold. Hope that helps!

      xo Michael

      • holly at

        That is just crazy that you say that. Navajo White continues to be such a popular color. This past week I have purchased samples of Navajo White from B. Moore, Behr, True Value and Glidden and they are all different colors. Very different. I haven’t tried SW’s Navajo White but I will today. There is quite a bit of negative talk on the www about how Navajo White has such a rental home look to it and is such an 80’s color. I think it’s timeless and it just depends on your lighting. I live in a cave so it’s difficult to choose. Thanks so much for your response and I feel good about my Navajo White choice. If YOU had it in your home then how could it possibly be passe?

      • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

        Haha. I guess so! It really worked for my old / design and style. I just wanted something a little more crisp and modern. I hope it works out for you! Keep me posted, okay?

        xo Michael

  • Becky at

    Congrats on getting the painting done and thanks for sharing all of your colors the other day! I am heading over to check out the bruschetta recipe.

  • Kris at

    It’s so light and airy! I can hardly wait for the light fixture and the rest of the magic! Your nail curtain system worked great. I am surprised at how beautifully the fabric hung from your chain and nail creation. Very clever! I’ll admit I have a soft spot for the red print curtains. It seems the older I get the more I love bright spots of color in my home. Thanks!

  • E leen at

    I’m excited to see the finished room and the light fixture reveal. Funny that you mentioned the nails above the windows. I noticed them in your last post and zoomed in on the pic to get a close look. What a clever idea, I fell in love with the look. I may even try it in my son’s room, it’s a really cool, unique system for hanging curtain panels and is so sharp looking.

  • Elle at

    I see the resemblance to a cheap motel, but your room is crisp and clean:)! Have fun decorating!

  • Kris {Driven by Decor} at

    How fun to start with a blank slate! Looking forward to following along and seeing how your room comes together!

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