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sorry i’ve been a little scarce this week. it’s just been ‘one of those weeks.’ ya know?

and for whoever is responsible for these things, i could really used some sunshine… please. no snow! no freezing rain. just sunshine!

anywho, i just came a across this video and really enjoyed it.

i’ve always been fascinated watching a painting or a piece of artwork come together. it’s beautiful.

it’s about the little things that make it all come together. i’m often dumbfounded at the imagination and talent it takes to create one piece. and whether you like the finished piece or not, the journey of its creation is nothing short of magic.

the artist that created this piece is kelly rea. she’s a fellow blogger. i’m also super jealous of her living room, kitchen and dining room. stunning and sweet!

have a great weekend everyone! back with more from my room makeover next week!

“Art is not a part of life, it is not an addition to life, it is the essence of those pieces of us that make us fulfilled. That give us hope. That give us dreams and provide the world a view very different than what it would have been without us.”

– Hasan Davis



Inspired By Charm

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  • poindextr at

    it is wonderful. I haven’t checked in on Kelly Rae in a long while. Long overdue – her creations are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Betsy at

    New to your blog, cant wait to see how your room turns out….

  • tale of many cities at

    oh michael, that was AWESOME!! thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Thanks for sharing, very cool.

    I posted a give-away today, I’d love it if you stopped by :+)

  • Lili at

    Thanks for introducing Kelly Rae, that was awesome! And I wanted you to know that I am enjoying my visits over here so much, you are so creative and I just love all the inspiration you provide on here! ~Lili

  • Lori at

    Thanks Mr. Charming. (that is my new name for you) You have now created another Kellie Rae fan! S0 great to watch the painting be created. Love all her stuff and her home is cozy and just perfect. The ruffled stool in the kitchen to die for. Thanks again!

  • Heather at

    Oh, thank you for sharing this! I’ve been a fan of Kelly’s after I saw her in Where Women Create last year. I’ve tried my hand at her style of painting with limited success. She makes it look so carefree and the results are so lovely.

  • gkgirl at

    Loved that you shared this!

  • Rachel's Cottage House at

    really neat video. i like watching art come together also. really unique painting also.

  • {northern cottage} at

    how’s your quilt coming along…or is it on hiatus during your room revamp? only 24 hours in a day right? Hope this finds you doing well!

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