Loving My Cats for 16 Years and Beyond!

A special thank you to Hill’s Pet Nutrition for sponsoring this post. All opinions and ideas are my own.

I’ve been a cat owner for 16+ years. Today I’m talking about senior pets (specifically, cats) and what you can do to make sure they are living their best lives.

As you might know, this year I’ve partnered with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to provide tips and ideas for keeping our pets healthy, happy, and safe. In case you missed my previous posts, I’ve shared information on pet adoption as well as how to create an emergency kit for your pet.

Today I wanted to talk about senior pets, give you ideas for keeping your cats’ minds sharp and bodies active, and post a few cute photos of my kitties. (I know that many of you enjoy the photos and antics of my two fur babies.)

Loving My Cats for 16 Years and Beyond! #senoircats #catnutrition #cats #catdad

Loving My Cats for 16 Years and Beyond! #senoircats #catnutrition #cats #catdad

Signs of Aging in Cats:

Often we pet parents don’t view our pet as “old,” but by the age of 7 years, a pet is technically considered a senior. This is when you may start to notice signs of aging. You can read more about that here, but some of these signs are:

  • Sleeping all the time or not at all
  • Confusion
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Behavioral changes
  • Matted or oily fur

Both of my cats are considered seniors. Jax is 14, and Frankie will be 8 in December. So far, besides sleeping a lot, neither seems to be showing signs of age. However, I’m always on the lookout for changes in their behavior and what I can do to keep them healthy and happy.

Ideas to Keep Your Cat’s Mind Sharp And Body Active:


Hill’s provides a variety of nutritious options designed for senior pets. The special food contains a powerful combination of antioxidants, fish oil, and other essential nutrients that work to fight changes in behavior, lessen mobility issues, and improve dull coats. – Plus, it tastes amazing! (I don’t have any personal experience with it, but my cats sure do gobble it up. Ha!)

I’m feeding Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Adult 7+ dry cat food to my kitties. They also love the Adult 7+ Tender Tuna Dinner as a treat. I split a pouch between the two of them once or twice a week.

Loving My Cats for 16 Years and Beyond! #senoircats #catnutrition #cats #catdad

Loving My Cats for 16 Years and Beyond! #senoircats #catnutrition #cats #catdad


I have lots of cat toys that Jax and Frankie are always playing with. Some of their favorites:

  • Da Bird – They love this classic toy. I also enjoy that I get to play directly with them.
  • Laser Pointer – This is a fun one, too. It gets them running and even jumping up the walls.
  • Cat Nip Filled Toys – I often find both of my cats playing with these types of toys on their own.

A Companion:

Jax and Frankie play with each other constantly. They scamper up and down the stairs, race around in circles downstairs, and run back and forth in the hall upstairs.

This is one of the many reasons I love having two cats. Although Jax is Frankie’s senior by seven years, he’s able to keep up with Frankie as if they were the same age.

Loving My Cats for 16 Years and Beyond! #senoircats #catnutrition #cats #catdad

Loving My Cats for 16 Years and Beyond! #senoircats #catnutrition #cats #catdad

Other things you can do for your senior cats:

  • Make sure they have a warm place to sleep that’s free from drafts.
  • Provide easy access (without lots of climbing and stairs) to food, water, and the litter box.
  • Assist them with grooming by brushing them.
  • Give them lots of love and attention.

Loving My Cats for 16 Years and Beyond! #senoircats #catnutrition #cats #catdad

Whether you are a new cat owner or have a senior cat yourself, I hope you found this information helpful.

No matter how old your pet is, Hill’s has an option for you. You can get information on their full line of cat foods here.

Did I miss anything? What tips do you have for keeping your feline friend happy and healthy?

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  • Mary Ann at

    Great advice, and Hills makes great products.

  • Linda Grigsby at

    Michael, your kitties are beautiful. Most of the ones I have had are feral that just appear. I always have a catnip plant growing in my garden for them and they LOVE to accompany me there because of it. One can dry snippets of it and stuff it into baby socks, etc. for toys…….really fun to watch them play with it!

  • Heidi L. McCuddin at

    I’ve been thinking about Frankie and hope he is home. I know you’ve been sad and heartsick about his disappearance.

  • Tami from SD at

    Yes, did Frankie come home? It sounds like he did…They’re sweet cats, and don’t they just “make” a home?!

  • Anne WF at

    Did your kitty come home yet? Gosh I hope so.

  • Brenda Nicholson at

    I confess. I didn’t read the article because I don’t own cats. But I did have to scroll through for all of the cuteness! Frankie and Jax are just adorable!

  • Colleen at

    I love that the pie shelf doubles as a cat shelf! Such a warm and homey touch you made to your house with that.

  • Reenie at

    So cute. Love the way Frankie is sitting on the door. 🙂

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