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First, I want to say thank you for all the love on yesterday’s birthday recap post. You are the best!

Secondly, I want to share this space with you today. I’m not apologizing for it, but I am warning you – it’s not completely styled or looking its best yet. However, I did want to give you a quick update because I was excited about the change. (Please don’t judge me too harshly and I’m totally okay if you don’t pin anything. Ha!)

Are we cool? Good! Let’s do it!

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I decided to paint the wall surrounding the fireplace in my guest bedroom. In case you don’t remember, this is what it looked like.

Love Triangle | Inspired by Charm

Now it looks like this.

Love Triangle | Inspired by Charm

As much as I liked that deep blue / teal color, something about it was preventing me from bringing this room together. It just wasn’t right. I’d been trying to work with it for months, and last week I gave up and opted for something new and different. A triangle!

Love Triangle | Inspired by Charm

I actually got this idea from a catalog. I threw the catalog away, but I’m pretty sure it was The Land of Nod.

Love Triangle | Inspired by Charm

The wall color in this room is Shoji White from Sherwin Williams. So, I decide to make the triangle Shoji White and the rest of the wall one shade deeper which is Worldly Gray.

Though I’m sure you can figure it out, I painted the Worldy Gray first, then with painter’s tape, taped off the triangle and filled it with Shoji White. Painfully simple.

Love Triangle | Inspired by Charm

While I just threw things on the mantel and neighboring shelves to make it look somewhat finished, I’m already finding this space much easier to decorate. I think I’m going to stick mostly with neutrals and pops of my accent colors: coral, teal, green. (And yes, I did buy all the gold frames I could fit in my cart at T.J. Maxx and have yet to remove the prices tags.)

Fun fact: if all the colors of your book covers are throwing of your styling, just turn them around for a splash of neutral and bonus texture! (More bookshelf styling tips HERE.)

Love Triangle | Inspired by Charm

I really need to do something with that big black hole of a fireplace. It drives me bananas! I have a few ideas I’m tossing around in my head.

Love Triangle | Inspired by Charm


Well, that’s a little IBC Headquarters update for you.

Love Triangle | Inspired by Charm

What do you think of the change? Are you digging my Love Triangle or missing the teal?

Inspired By Charm

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  • Lori H at

    Brilliant! The triangle is simple and so beautiful!

  • Addie at

    Love the triangle! What about putting a big beautiful fern in the fireplace?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I thought about that, but I go back and forth with plants in the fireplace. And my cats may eat it. Haha! It’s worth a try though. Thanks for the thought!

      xo Michael

  • Elle at

    I like the monochromatic look. So zen!

  • Janet at

    I love the triangle!

  • Susan at

    I loved the teal! But I’m totally digging the Love Triangle! I love your eclectic style and the positive energy your home exudes.

  • nayeli at

    I liked the blue but this triangle is great, love the color too- it gives tons of light to your room. I wish I had the money to syle my house like yours… it’s just stunning!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  • liz n. at

    Just goes to show that sometimes the simplest thing can have the biggest impact. Great move for that room!

  • Elisa at

    I love that you mention how easy the room is coming along now that you made the change. It’s hard to put your finger on a roadblock sometimes and I think you tackled it brilliantly with the triangle. Way to give your guests an engaging design that none of them will have in their own home!

  • Jack Powers at

    While I loved the teal, nice job on the triangle. Very creative. I’ll admit that the accent wall in a dark color is becoming a bit overdone. So you made a “forward thinking” change. As for that teal though, I’m not afraid to paint a whole room such a dark color…and that is a good one!

  • pam at

    Hey, hey, hey, Michael!! Your ever–whirling decorating brain is always going, eh? I’ve been there……when your thoughts are just frozen and stumped as to what to do with a room…..I like the triangle——-and also thinking it “needs something”… about closing in the fireplace and covering the fireplace front with marbleized-looking mirror tiles? With the marble streaks being gold?. Or something like subway tile? I also love the soft blue color of the pillow in the basket on the floor——that would be a beautiful accent color to.the room……perhaps as in a comfortable sitting chair. Maybe a neutral on the bed with the soft blue as acccent or even another color…….love the window treatments!! Are they macrame? Love the soft hue!!
    Just rambling thoughts through my head…….as always, will love to see the finished room decorated with your flair!!
    A total fan of IBC!!

  • girlfromwva at

    love how the triangle stands out without being overbearing!
    i have seen images on Pinterest of filling the empty fireplace using books, candles, stack of vintage suitcases, one person even had their tv in the empty space. can’t wait to see what you do!

  • Nancy Carr at

    The triangle is a great idea. Hopefully I will remember to use that somewhere someday. I like the tip about the books, too. You are the best, Michael!!!

  • Nancy Carr at

    Michael, I see I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday a day or so late. Always know that no matter how old you get that I will always be a lot older. Love you!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Aww! Thanks Nancy. It was actually my Mom’s Birthday, not mine. 🙂

      xo Michael

  • Vikki at

    Hey Michael,
    I love your blog and your decorating savvy. The triangle was the answer! Regarding your fireplace opening ~ did you see the Wood Slice Doormat over at Adventures in Renovating? You could make something similar and stain it or paint it or whatever. Here’s the link
    Vikki in VA

    • Vikki at

      Michael – Did you send me an e-mail? I thought I glanced something from IBC as I was hitting the delete button. The e-mail was in my Spam folder and once I delete those they are gone forever. If that was you please send again. Thanks, Vikki in VA

      • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

        If you’re signed up for the IBC newsletter then you’ll get an email every time there is a new post. Other than that I don’t think I emailed you. Unless you emailed me first. 🙂

        xo Michael

  • debi at

    I’m totally digging your love triangle Michael. The whole room looks amazing! I love the colors and patterns, looks like a great place to spend some time.

  • Diana at

    Michael, I am totally loving your blog! My DH, Michael, is now accustomed to my squeal of ” come here Honey and see this! How can we adapt this to our house? Your guest room looks petite and narrow, as is ours. We don’t have a fireplace, but I want to work the triangle accent into the room.
    Belated happy birthday to your Mom. The party looks casual, but so very elegant.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Lauren Allen at

    The triangle and the paint color use used totally brings the space together! The room even looks bigger! Well done, I love it!

  • Claire @ A Little Claireification at

    I LOVE it. Nester posted a few months ago about “arrows” – decorating to draw one’s attention to a certain focal point. This reminded me of that post – the triangle just draws the attention.

    And I’ll take your “not styled” room any day. 😉

  • Sue at

    Hi Michael – wonderful job on this room! I did love the teal – but not on that wall. I do love the triangle though. It’s like ‘quiet strength’. Very well done – thank you for sharing, and I look forward to your next project. *cheers*

  • Poppy at

    I think it looks great, Michael! The triangle is cool and funky but understated and soft, too. Love it!

  • Terri at

    The triangle is fantastic!

  • Janet Zaritsky at

    Michael, I love the triangle! I think birch logs would look fabulous in your fireplace. Fill it up! They would go with your new found neutral palette!

  • Sue at

    Love the new look and that you were brave to try something different!

  • Krista at

    I love this! Actually, I love everything about this room, and your entire home too! Everything is so well done, you have an amazing eye for design and detail.

  • Mary Ann at

    Michael the triangle you painted is a perfect zen touch, especially in the colors you chose. I don’t know if that is a functioning fireplace, but I would love to see the zen theme continued with beautiful flat stones filling part of your fireplace…think about it.

  • Krystal at

    Loving this! It is so bright and fresh looking and I love how the triangle adds a little something something without being in your face. As for the fireplace ( depending on if it is functioning or not ) line it with mirror or just paint the brick white to freshen it up. Then add some pillar candles or twinkle lights.

  • Angela Boone at

    I’m loving the subway tile on your fireplace. We have a modern ranch house, which we decorate like a farmhouse. We are installing a gas log fireplace and I want some subway tile! Did you install the subway tile, or hire out the job? If you did, how difficult was it? Thanks so much!

  • Jeanette Bruffett at

    I loved the blue accent wall but once I saw your room with the new triangle I went…YES…THIS! This lets your other accessories shine and take the spotlight while the triangle still gives texture and dimension to the room. bravo! Oh and I just saw your post about your mom’s party. Holy wow that was gorgeous! all of it. The cake was beautiful! I thought you bought it some where! The decorations…everything was so pretty. (love those gold candles!) I bet your mom loved every minute of it!

  • Diana at

    I love, love, love the triangle, and the grey paint…what a difference! For the empty space in your fireplace, Monica at East Coast Creative spray painted a stack of firewood. Maybe you could do that in grey or white?

  • Helen Montfort at


    Much prefer the new colors over the teal. Pulls the room together and goes with new area rug.
    But, what about stripes instead of the triangle. Stripes would tie together with the great window mouldings that you have and with the border on the curtains you have within the windows. The triangle
    becomes the center of attention.


  • Kassie at

    I love the triangle and all the colors of this space. Looks incredible! Where is the “love never fails” art from? Love it!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It was from TJ Maxx a few months ago.

      xo Michael

  • Brenda at

    Absolutely beautiful! My living and dining rooms are getting a whole new look this Spring and Summer, and you have inspired me to try something new along the same lines. Thank You! 🙂

  • Beckie at

    So enjoy your blog! How about a fish tank in the fireplace…entertainment for the cats and nightlight for guests!

  • Ashley Nakayama at

    love it! Where did you buy the brackets and shelves? Love!

  • Emily at

    This rooms looks fantastic! I love the color choices and the triangle is a nice touch. I’ve recently discovered your blog and am a huge fan of your decorating style.

  • Judy Garden at

    For some reason I like the teal better, although it did not seem pulled together. It looks nicer now. (How’s that for help?)

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Haha. I hear you. I’m having troubles with this room, so I know exactly how you feel. 🙂

      xo Michael

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