i keep seeing these ‘paper’ cups lately and everytime i do i reminded how much i want one. but for some reason just haven’t bought one.

looks like a paper cup right? well if you’ve seen these before you won’t be surprised, but they are actually ceramic mugs, designed to look like paper cup. i love this. love it! (oh and you can click on the images for more info or if you want to purchase one.)

i really enjoy a unique coffee cup. my current favorite is one i got from starbucks… that looks like a starbucks paper cup, but it has a handle and no lid, so it’s not quite as cool as these. and check out this one! the characters on law & order: svu are always drinking from these (and probably every other show based in nyc)… well, the paper kind. i was so excited to see this.


i prefer the traditional white ones.. or the ones with the sleeve (saftey first) but if you prefer a little spice in your life, then this one is for you! i think they have a couple other designs too.


maybe i’m making a bigger deal that i should. but i think they’re neat!

and don’t forget to enter our giveaway while you’re here!!

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  • rachelscottagehouse at

    I agree, these are so cute! I originally saw the basic white to-go cup in Elle Magazine. It’s a great investment. By the way, I love your new header!

  • Dee at

    I have the “I’m Not A Paper Cup” one, and I love it! It fits in the cupholder because it doesn’t have a handle. It comes in handy when my son has 5:00am baseball practice!

  • Chandra at

    I work part time at Christmas Tree Shops and we have these all the time…I have not purchased this type because it does not have any closure for the sippy hole, you know?

    Love your pins and your B&B looks adorable! I’m in York County, PA so I checked it out….3 hours away….maybe when I need a change – we are still addicted to the beach when we get a chance to get away….

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