I get a plethora of magazines and catalogs in the mail…. some I throw away without opening the cover, others I leaf through and toss, a few I look through immediately and save to wonder through again and some are just dreams… today I received Williams Sonoma Home. Usually they are a little to fussy and formal for me, but they are GREAT for inspiration. Out of the entire catalog one page stood out the most. I think it’s the color that did it for me.

That lime green/chartreuse color is one of my favorites. I think there is something about it that’s so alive and fresh….and its a lot of fun. I also love the way they hung the pictures behind the chair. Two large pieces of art hung one on top of the other. It’s so dramatic! The details (you may not be able to see) on the pillows are also amazing. The only change I would make is to add a sense of comfort…or a ‘lived in’ look. A place where you CAN put your feet on the coffee and relax…. a home. Every room of the house should be lived in.

Hope you enjoy the photo as much as I do. Another idea to be filed away for future use.

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