like, for real this time


nothing truly excited here today …


but i wanted to stop by and let you know that i finally, finally started working on my room again! remember the one i was supposed to have finished about a month ago?


no more ‘excuses‘!


last night i stayed up till midnight painting the ceiling. today, with the help of my mom, i got the first coat on all the trim. (i honestly believe white paint is magic!) meanwhile, i’m up cooking breakfast at six in the morning, making several baskets, keeping up the shop and working on my taxes at night.


but, no complaining here … just explaining.


stop back tomorrow and i promise to share some pictures and more information. lots of exciting to things to come as i progress. i just need to remember to take pictures in between. once i get going it’s hard to get me to stop. anyone else have that problem?


oh! and i’ll squeeze in a quick pinterest review since i missed that yesterday! lots of good stuff to share.


you guys are the best! thanks for hanging in there with me. you’ll be glad you did.


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  • Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage at

    I’ve been wondering about that room makeover…. I’m excited to see the outcome after all your hard work

  • { donna } at

    I am so excited about your new room, and am so jealous of your coolness & creativity. cant wait to see pictures of the process!!!

  • Jennifer at

    Phew, Michael!

    I am exhausted just listening to the things you are up to. You must have been exhausetd at breakfast this morning!

    You need to take a break. When do you take a vacation?

    Innkeeping is bunches of fun but it sure is a lot more work than what people realize. We are young innkeepers, too. I know innkeeping is considered a “retiremnt” job but, honestly, I can’t imagine doing this job when I am 70!

    Keep on keepin’ on!


  • The Vintique Object at

    Ooo! Does this mean we get to figure out what you’ll do with those old iron nails?

    Also, “white room” and “magic”? Yes!

  • Stitchfork at

    Love the font in the saying up to no good!

  • Tania at

    I so agree on the white paint 😉 good luck!

  • lisbonlioness at

    It’s strange, but it seems as if spring equinox switched on my need for white. I’m searching the whole house for pretty and decorative things that either already are white or can be MADE white. Throw is a little splash of teal and I’m happy. Ish.
    Downside is that while digging through the house I find so many disaster areas that need organizing, cleaning up or simply covering up that I haven’t even managed to decorate anything yet!
    Can I borrow your Mum for a while?

  • kiki comin at

    sounds so exciting..can’t wait to see it.:)

  • Debbie@ at

    I’ll be back tomorrow, can’t wait to see what you’ve done! You’re not the only one putting things off! Count me in on that!

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