Last week, I showed you around the exterior of my home and talked about some projects I want to complete this summer. Since searching the Internet for beautiful images (Thank you, Pinterest.) has become a favorite hobby, today I wanted to talk a little bit about the deck project I’m planning for the back of my house.

As I explained, I have an area in the back of my house that’s just screaming for a little love and attention. With basically no yard, I want to take advantage of this space and turn it into a little outdoor oasis. While I have a side porch which is great for chilling, I need a place to keep a grill, have a little fire, catch some rays, entertain, etc. As you can imagine, a porch isn’t perfect for all of these things.

Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm

So, here’s the plan.

While I could probably manage to build a deck myself with the help of family and friends, it’s just not a project I want to handle. I’ve been stashing away some cash for a few years for this project so I decided to hire out the service. The deck will be made of wood and stained. (Stain color TBD.) It will sit as low to the ground as possible. I may not even need a step. I’m thinking it will look something like this.

Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm

Image Source: Seed Landscapes

Closest to the neighbors, I’m going to have a privacy wall installed. Again, I love my neighbors, but I’m one of those introverts who just wants to be tucked away alone sometimes. I’m going for a more modern looking wall – something like the picture below.

Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm

Image Source: Roundabout Studio

I’m going to wrap a small step around the back of my little shed since the doors sit a bit high and my makeshift step is clearly not cutting it.

2015-05-07 18.09.00

Speaking of the shed, I have this dream to change the siding to black wood. I’ve been seeing it everywhere, and I’m obsessed.

Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm

Image Source: Remodelista 

There is nothing wrong with the siding that I have, so I can’t justify making the switch right now, but I think it would look really great. I may check into it as a possible DIY, but I need to do some research first. What do you think?

Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm

Image Source: Home Life

As you can tell, these doors and trim definitely need to be painted. I’ll paint the cinderblocks at the base of the shed as well.

Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm

I haven’t given furnishing and decor too much thought, but I do have a few things in mind. First, some hanging string lights are a must. I’m really digging this particular style. I like the way they hang and that they are commercial grade. I feel like they would last much longer.

Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm

Image Source: eBay

Secondly, I want to include a fire feature. I’m not sure if it’s the same in other places, but having campfires in the summer is a big deal around these parts. While I can’t have a traditional fire on a wood deck, I’m thinking something similar to this vintage metal fireplace would be perfect. It wouldn’t take up too much space and would keep the fire contained.

Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm

Image Source: Damsel in Dior

Once the deck is in place, I’ll look into patio furniture. I have some pieces that I may want to move around, including a patio table on my porch. I’m thinking about making the porch a little cozier by moving the table and chair set to the deck. We shall see. Obviously, some greenery and flowers are a must as well. Some hanging planter would be awesome for the privacy wall.

So, that’s the plan. What do you think? I’m certainly excited about it.

Oh, and before I go for the day, I wanted to show you one more thing. Do you remember a LONG time ago when I planted an apple tree in the driveway (I literally dug a whole through the blacktop.) and trained it to grow like an espalier? It has done so well over the years. I’m amazed. While I probably need to update the lattice work, the tree is thriving this year and is full of blossoms. Normally, I get two to three apples, but this year with all the blossoms, I’m hoping for a lot more.

Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm


Let's Talk About Decks, Baby | Inspired by Charm

Pretty cool, right? If you are interested in learning a bit more about how this $20 tree from Walmart turned into this amazing tree, please check out the post here.

That’s a wrap for today.

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  • beverly e at

    Since you asked (lol), I’m voting no on the black shed… the color you have now blends with your brick so that the shed looks more like an extension of your house. Black would be great for the doors, all round, and great on your deck wall. I love the idea of hanging planters on the wall and the string lights and fire stove really rock! Boy, are you gonna be busy!

  • Linda at

    I love your ideas. I would paint the shed black (the suggestion above in a soft black sounds nice) and the concrete black as well. This could likely get you pretty close to the look you want. You can always do the wood later if the paint just doesn’t work.

  • Guerrina at

    Hi, Michael! Just catching up on a few of your posts. Love the plans, especially angled wood on deck and the apple tree is amazing! Can the existing shed siding be painted? A dark soft black sounds better to me than a sharp black, but only my opinion. Will definitely look nice.with weathered gray deck. Your ideas always inspire me!

  • Elle at

    The apple blossoms against the red siding are striking! (I think they’d look great against black as well.)

  • Jeanette Bruffett at

    Hi Michael! I am loving your ideas for your outdoor space. I personally am in love with all the black stained/painted buildings I’m seeing lately. We live where its too warm for me to paint my house this way (bummer) but this year I am giving everything (house and several outbuildings) a nice painting with 2 pretty shades of med/dark gray and I couldnt be happier. (well I would be happier with black but hey…) I say GO FOR IT 😀 and oh my gosh that espalier!! I am SO going to do one of those! gorgeous!!

  • SentSue at

    I just wanted to suggest painting the foundation of the shed before the deck is built. It will look cleaner and no chance of getting concrete paint on your new deck. I like the black idea and the angled boards on the deck. Gives the illusion of more space.

  • Sheila at

    Hello Michael. It certainly seems that you have researched well and put a lot of time and energy into planning this area to meet your needs. So happy you have the money to hire this project out. The privacy wall is super cool. I, too, love our neighbors, like people in general but privacy is at the very top of my list of “things I love and have to have within our home area.” I have never had a privacy fence because there are no homes near us. Many, many fields separate us from our next door neighbors although many of us get together for socials throughout the year and all our invited to special family celebrations since we have interacted so closely over the years with one another. But if I had to have a privacy wall, yours would be the one. As we have remodeled, the top idea we keep in mind is to make whatever as maintenance free as possible. This frees us up to “play” more in life and keeps the costs of maintenance to a minimum. One of the big mistakes we made when adding an addition to our home was to remove the concrete covered porch with a deck (husband’s idea not mine). 🙂 Although we buy the most expensive stain that is suppose to last a couple to 5 years, this has never been the case and every year we have to “protect” the deck with more stain or else it looks haggard for the second year. We are saving money for a concrete covered porch. 🙂 The black wood looks amazing! But keep in mind the maintenance upkeep and costs. If you enjoy working outside staining walls and decks I would go for it. It will be beautiful and high quality from the look of the pictures. But as for me motorcycle riding, traveling, biking and water play calls my name much more loudly. Excited to see the finished project especially it you decide on going with the black wall.

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