remember last week i showed you how i added some day lilies to my little backgarden project?

so i didn’t really explain. some of you may already know, but daylilies are quite amazing. Probably 8-10 years ago (wow, that’s hard to believe) my mom planted four daylilies. over time the plants got pretty big, along with their roots. why are they so amazing you ask? well, once they are establish you can easily split the daylily to plant somewhere else or to give to a friend! it’s super easy… just grab a shovel and dig (at least that’s what I do) … just make sure you get some roots and you are good to go.

this video will explain it better…



From my mom’s four plants over the past two years i think i ‘stole’ over 20 daylily plants!! amazing. right? they do start small, but grow so quick! and the best part is, they are already acclimated to this climate so their chances of survival are that much better. look a bud is coming already!


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This process works with most perennials too! I have another little flower bed full of perennial from pieces of others plants. in fact, last year my neighbor’s sister gave me a piece of a hosta that was from a plant that was originally on this property some 50 years ago or more! too cool. welcome back hosta!


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I am used to the standard yellow day lily, but i wanted some red/orangish ones to plant along the strip of my side walk that leads to my front door (i’ll show you when the arrived and i get them in the ground). ebay never seems to disappoint, so i did a little search and found exactly what i was looking for! and they were only a dollar a piece. nice!


last year i planted annuals (impatiences, i think) and it cost me around $35 to do so, and they didn’t even look that great. then in the fall, they had to be dug up and thrown away. (i hate that part.) not this year … i’m using daylilies! i only spent $24 on my and i will never have to plant them again. sounds like an amazing deal to me.


how have you made your planting easier and thriftier?

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  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Since moving to our house we’ve tried to be thrifty about planting too….I LOVE dividing things…hostas are my FAVE! It takes patience as they fill in, but oh so worth the cost savings. I start all my garden plants from seed indoors. Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop the “end of the season” ie JUNE sales at all the garden centers. I found two BIG burning bushes for $5 one year!! They’re still going strong. Can’t wait to see your daylilies…they’re so pretty in bloom.

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