jelly and hot chocolate


this sunday i had a day off what i thought was going to be a day off. i had been putting off making red pepper jelly for quite some time. it’s probably the most time consuming jelly to make. in my opinion.

so, at 12:30pm on sunday i started the process.

Inspired By Charm

five and a half hours and 71 jars later, i finished.

Inspired By Charm

 then last night, i got them all pretty with a piece of polka do fabric and my little labels. finished.

Inspired By Charm

have you ever had red pepper jelly? it’s delicious and really not all that spicy.

there’s two ways to serve it. first, you can mix it with cream cheese to spread on crackers. or (my preferred mentioned) just pour it on top of a block of soften cheese cheese. again, to spread on crackers. let me tell you. it is dynamite! i loosely used this recipe for the jam.

i also, with the help of my mom, whipped up two extra large batches of charming hot chocolate mix. milk and white.

Inspired By Charm

this stuff is delish! so much better than store bought.  makes a perfect little and tasty stocking stuffer!

Inspired By Charm

slowly but surely i’m getting ready for the holidays. how about you?

is next week really thanksgiving!? oh my! better get busy!

Inspired By Charm

and be sure to stop back here tomorrow! i’m having a little giveaway with five winners!!!

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  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I love any kind of pepper jam. And I love cream cheese. So, I would be a happy camper at your inn. 😉

  • Town of Sorrento at

    I love red pepper jelly! I’m going to check out that recipe. I like to pair it with goat cheese on a buttery cracker! Those polka dot toppers are so perfect. It must be so much fun to have your Mom there to spend time with and help out! You two make such a great team…so productive!! ~Lili

  • Katy @ Eat Drink & Decorate at

    That’s one of my favorite easy appitizers!! Oh and I ♥ pepper jelly and salmon cakes great combo!

    I’m super jealous of your productivity – I would love to make pepper jelly but I don’t know about all that work!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  • Brown Eyed Girl at

    I have a question, and maybe this already exists and I missed it. Could you, would you, definitely should you! have an online store where those of us in middle Amerrrrrica can purchase your awesomeness? I personally know lots of things I’d order!!! xoxo Jen

  • StephCreative at

    Michael, I just love your blog! 🙂 It makes me feel happy.

  • Patti at

    Your display of chocolate looks wonderful – cute packaging with those adorable tags! And I can’t believe all the jelly!! You certainly have lots of energy!

  • Tattered & Timeless at

    I just have to say you are amazing. How you get all the things done that you do and still run a shop and have a life – share your secret.
    I love it all – and your personal touches are just the thing.

  • Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic at

    Wow! That’s a lot of jars! My sister-in-law will be giving me some instruction on canning jelly. Can’t wait!

  • Shannon at

    I’ll take a dozen! For years, I thought only Harry & David sold pepper jelly since that’s all my mom ever bought. We love that stuff, especially mixed with the cream cheese. Sounds like dinner…

  • YONKS at

    You are so accomplished Michael, I am in AWE!!!

  • Monica at

    Everything looks so nice and sounds so yummy! But seriously…HOW do you have the time to do all you do?!

  • Ali Richardson at

    I love all the pretty packaging and tags! SO festive and beautiful! well done 🙂

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