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Hello friends! I’m so glad you all liked my little ‘weekend recap’ yesterday! It was fun putting it together. I’m thrilled it was well received. Look for more of those every week.

Today I have a super easy, healthy, and delicious treat to share with you. I discovered this little gem of a recipe over the weekend from my Aunt Mary who made them as a little snack. Thanks Aunt Mary! I assume some of you have heard about these before. I did a little internet research and its seems the recipe has been around for a while.

But for those of you who are new to these, may I introduce Jazzy Jello Apple Slices.

Inspired By Charm

Basically, these are apple slices sprinkled with Sugar Free Jello Mix. That’s it. But let me tell you, it makes a boring apple really tasty and unique!

Here’s how they come together. Cut up about three medium sized apples. I used Macintosh and I choose to leave the skin on.

Inspired By Charm

Put your apple slices in a baggie.

Inspired By Charm

Sprinkle in an entire pack of Sugar Free Jello Mix. I would assume you can use regular Jello mix, but that would make them a little less healthy.

Inspired By Charm

I made black cherry and strawberry.

Inspired By Charm

After that, shake your apples in the bag until the Jello mix is evenly distributed. Toss them in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes and you are done!

Inspired By Charm

Beautiful and delicious apple slices ready for snacking!

Inspired By Charm

As an added bonus, the Jello mix will prevent the apples from turning brown. Love that!

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

Not only are these delicious, but I think they would also make a very unique cocktail garnish or fruit tray garnish. Totally different and unexpected!

Inspired By Charm

What do you think? Have you seen this done before? Will you give them a try?

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By Charm

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  • MaryMac at

    Only a few years later, lol. This is brilliant!! I’ve never heard of this jello-fruit concoction. I bet it would be great with other fruits like pineapple or peaches, MMMMM (or grapes like Elaine B said)!!! Thank you for this!

  • Rin at

    This is almost a year too late, but I just ran across your post… thank you for writing this! It made me so nostalgic, & I’d totally forgotten about this snack. My mom used to make these & popcorn for movie night munchies. 🙂

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      And thanks for the comment! I actually forgot about these little guys. I may have to make some again.

      xo Michael

  • Anonymous at

    Just tried these and they were simple and amazing! In answer to another person’s question about the fingers….they do not stain the fingers too badly. The gelatin does resemble caviar on the apple and it crumbles off, so make sure the kids eat it over a plate. I used strawberry and it was delicious..I’m curious to try other flavors!

  • Elaine B. at

    Love that idea. We do it with grapes now and then, but have never thought to do it with apples. Will have to try!

  • Elenka at

    What do your fingers look like after touching them?

  • Bea at


    I’ll try the apple receipe. Yummy!!

    Actually I have some easy and helathy snacks receipes, made it with apple in my blog: mysweetenerblog.blogspot.com.ar
    But this one is so original and more easy than mine.

    I`ll recomended this receipe in my blog.

    Thanks for sharing all these beauty things!!!

  • Sam I Am...... at

    I’ve been looking for “healthy” snacks and this one looks like just the ticket! I’ve never seen them before but can’t wait to try it! Thanks, Michael and thanks Aunt Mary!

  • Charlene Austin at

    Hell to the Yeah, I’m going to be trying this! Yum!!!

  • Carrie Rosalind at

    Yum!! I’ve never heard of anything like that, but that is awesome – thanks for sharing!

  • Lynn@ The Vintage Nest at

    nope….never heard of doing this but I am so trying it….soon! Company’s coming with children and I bet they will love this. Thank you for sharing.

  • Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs at

    What a clever snack idea, Michael…please thank your Aunt Mary 🙂 So glad you shared it with us!

  • LeeAnn at

    Michael, they used to serve these to us in the cafeteria at QW when we were younger! I loved them then, and never gave them another thought until I saw your post! Thank you for the reminder…I know what I’ll be picking up at the grocery store this week!

  • Tonya at

    Very interesting! I think I may even have some jello up in the cabinet to try this out tonight! Thanks for sharing Michael!

  • Melissa @ No. 2 Pencil at

    Oh my goodness! LOVE! I am totally doing this with my kiddos. They will love it too! Perfect!!!

  • Sarah Mailloux at

    Something I could easily do with with my kids and they will eat it! Yay for that!

  • Heather H at

    Love the idea of using them as a cocktail garnish!

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