do you watch ‘so you think you can dance’? no? neither do i.

so my version of this story my not be exactly correct. but, i guess a pair of dancers wanted to dance to a song from an unknown artist  (christina perri) who was working as a waitress at the time. she agreed. they danced to the song and it became crazy popular. she was even asked to perform it on the show.

success overnight! crazy, right? (i love those kind of stories! … great for her!) she’s doesn’t even have an album, but her song, jar of hearts has been downloaded over 100,000 times (or something crazy like that).

anyway. i’m am super exhausted today from a busy weekend, and the only thing i have energy to do is listen to this song on repeat.  so i thought i would  keep things simple today and share it with you.

what do you think? do you like it? have you heard it? i can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!

(and a  big welcome to all the new readers out there! i was blog hopping and found some wonderfully talented people out there. any who,  i really appreciate all your comments!! thank you! thank you! you make checking my email a little sweeter!)

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  • elizabeth at

    Yes, it is great to get comments, isn’t it! And thank you for yours! :o)

    Off to look around some more…

  • Emily at

    Ooooh….I can hardly wait for you to check your mail box! More fabric on it’t way!

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